MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

By Scopely

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-28
  • Current Version: 5.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 711.30 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.56405
From 172,210 Ratings


In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your iPhone or iPad. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth! ASSEMBLE YOUR SQUAD Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Venom, Dr. Strange and more. STRENGTH THROUGH EVOLUTION Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. STRATEGIC DOMINATION Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. EPIC COMBAT Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap. STUNNING VISUALS Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone! MARVEL Strike Force also offers a paid subscription service to keep the epic fights going even longer! Subscribers receive additional Campaign Energy every day for as long as they're subscribed, even if they miss a day! When you sign up, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at which point your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours. After purchase, you can manage your subscriptions in your account settings. By downloading this app, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, available at and



  • Screwup after screwup

    By Vhati-il Dahl
    This company has absolutely no Quality Control and doesn’t care about it player base. Every single DAY, yes DAY, there is a screwup. And guess what? Scopely doesn’t care! That’s right! All they care about is your money! Screw the interview of the game. They knowingly let whales cheat and exploit their own game and then banned the WRONG people! Everytime a new event appears there is a bug. EVERYTIME! You won’t be getting any more money from me until you fix your game
  • Feeling ripped off

    By stonecold07
    I Bought the $29.99 Back in black spider man bundle. Still didn’t end up getting to recruit the black suit spidy like I thought I would. Even tho It was $29.99. If you’re going to charge people that kind of money it should come with a guaranteed character recruit. You would have to buy 2 of these bundles in order to get black suit spidy. You expect me to pay $60 for 1 character recruit? With $60 I can practically buy a whole brand new game on console.
  • Too many bugs

    By Dingerman2
    My rating for the game to due to the fact that they cannot keep up with the CONSTANT BUGS that ruin what could be a fun game. I would not recommend this game to anyone nor will i spend one more cent on a game where the developer is incompetent.
  • So sad...

    By Frostnewt
    The amount of bugs in this game.... it’s almost every other day something is broken or “fixed - kind of” or “being looked into” or “actually that’s not the right date”... so disappointing.
  • This would’ve died a year ago if it wasn’t Marvel.

    By Jrzh718
    Every patch and update there’s bugs. Every event has bugs. There is a website dedicated to show how many days it’s been since the game has had issues. It never gets past a week. Be warned before you go in.
  • Bugs are a feature

    By Fauxrenier
    This game has no QA team. There are consistently, every week, near game breaking issues. We’ve been locked out of raids. Alliance war shut off inexplicably. Orbs missing. Wrong rewards given. Players are using cheats to get more offers than the limits allow. Some players have been banned for dong nothing wrong. Those are just in the last two weeks of this writing. Then the company sells you the compensation. Some players bought more of an offer so they re-upped the offer as the answer. Not banning the cheaters because they paid money for the offers. This is a fun game, if you can find the right alliance and when it works.
  • Overall Decent Game

    By nuclearz
    Dear Developers of Marvel Strike Force, I would like to start off by saying that overall Marvel Strike Force is a decent game with stunning graphics, a wide variety of characters to collect in your roster, and an intricate story that all connects together. But while it has a lot of great things about the game, it has some major issues. One of the issues is that there are a lot of things to purchase in the game, and now a subscription. I do appreciate the fact that there are not random ads from non-related things and/or businesses, but there are a lot of pop up ads. Along side the fact that the Silver Surfer purchase glitch helped players with the ability to purchase double the amount of shards allowed. And the prices for the majority of the deals are $20.00- $50.00 and that is considered a “Decent” Deal. The players that put little to no effort into the game reap the rewards. It is not a pay-to-win game, but slowly it is becoming pay-to-win. My point is that even though you are still a business trying to make money, which I respect, do not make it unbearable. My second issue is that all of the so called, “Bells and Whistles” in the game is making gameplay confusing. Such as when I play Arena Battles and Blitz they have the same rules, but when I play Raids or Alliance Wars, they both have different rules. And I am currently on level 63 so I do not even know the stipulations for the All Time Arena, or Dark Dimension, but I assume they are different as well. This is less of an issue and more of a request, although you are still growing and expanding every month, maybe try putting some classic characters in the mix like, Rogue, Agent Hill, Odin, Quick Silver, Gambit, Gwen Stacy, Wonder Man, Tigra, Professor X, Black Cat, Kang the Conqueror, Night Crawler, and Spider Woman. Another issue is following the last request, although you release updates for Marvel Strike Force monthly, which I appreciate considering a lot of other apps do not. Maybe consider not releasing updates that hold characters, or at least try having the characters obtainable for low leveled players. Because I wish that I could get certain characters obtainable via events or orbs, but I do not have the proper items in order to obtain them. And I totally get the fact that they can not all be easy to get, but possibly in the future you should release some updates geared more towards lower or middle leveled players. The final issue is that when you announce an event, please stay true to it, I prepare for an event all week only to find it has been canceled the day before. I would really appreciate it, and I know other players would as well, if you resolved all of these issues. And I know Marvel Strike Force will become an even greater game because you resolved them. I believe that this game is an excellent game with a minor amount of bugs, it has real potential, but the business model is poor considering what a respected company you are, and should be handled. I play this game every day, and every day the fact that these issues are not being handled is quite bothersome. Thank you for your time.
  • Bugs and bugs and bugs...and finding ways to get even more money from the player

    By Knoske16
    I’ve had it with this game. Every update, every event, nearly every character release, there is a bug. The only reason the player base puts up with it is because of the marvel characters. If this were any generic hero collector game, people would not be playing. On top of it all, they create multiple battle passes for people to pay for to earn extra items, meaning you need to spend $40 a month just on passes to try to keep up with the game. Pressure from alliances and pressure to get “the next best team” leads to people spending way too much money on a game that can’t even get buff icons to work correctly (which was supposedly fixed last patch).
  • Bugs on bugs

    By Ichibuls
    Every update this game releases has a bug. There is no quality assurance in anything that is released. Scopely will take your money and put it directly in their pocket, not into improvement of the game. It’s sad that something carrying the Marvel tag is so poorly operated.
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs and bottlenecks

    By pick'emup
    I have played this game for 1,085 days, so I know this game well. This game is so bugged!!! Its now an almost daily occurrence. They do not QA or test anything before releasing new content. This steady stream of bugs fall into two categories. The bugs that help players (by making things easier or giving out good rewards) are fixed almost immediately. Those that hurt players (making things more difficult for the player base or not working as intended based on the game update news) will continue for weeks, months sometimes years. Also, as new content is put out and level & gear caps are raised, the devs maintain every bottleneck ever created. So, bottlenecks that should go away as new ones are created - never happens! The frustrations this causes are beyond ridiculous. Save yourself a lot of anger and frustration and please don’t play this game!