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  • worst game ever

    By TikTok is getting bad
    BAD GAME DONT DOWNLOAD ITS A BAD GAME I hate this game so much it doesn’t let me do anything I wan5 to do this game is so bad everyone should delete it pls it’s lame this game is so bad
  • Backbone

    By ForSaKenMiSeRy
    Let the controls work on backbone please
  • Trouble

    By jrklink
    I’ve enjoyed playing this game for several years now without any issues, troubles, or concerns; BUT I downloaded the most recent update 2 weeks ago and now the game won’t even Open 😡 I throughly enjoy this game. Why won’t it Open?
  • Very fun racing game with great graphics!

    By ThatTrapBender
    I’ve been playing this since I was 14 back in 2016. Now I’m 21 with a brand new 23 gr86. I was wondering if the game company please add my car the gr86 pleeeaase I’m begging!! Again very fun game!
  • Cheat You Out of Wins

    By Chet Freeway
    Been playing this game for a while and have paid to advance, I’m a VIP 10 with over 100 cars in my stable (bc paying is really the only way to get anywhere in this game), which at first had given me some enjoyment out of playing only for my pleasure to be selfishly killed by getting cheated out of wins, (by the game and not by individual players), I’ve gotten quite tired of beating my head up against a wall trying. Their Player vs Player mode is absolutely ridiculous and couldn’t be more lopsided with the odds nowhere near your favor or even close to even. Even with maxed out cars you’re still going to get outrun by competitors having the same vehicle attributes as you. I wish I could post video here of it. (Getting passed by cars that aren’t anywhere near nitro strips when I’m all over them…someone please explain the fairness in that to me). Special Events like Proving Grounds where I’m in the lead going down a straightaway, full speed, only to be rammed off the road sideways by 2 cars that magically caught up to me. Not to mention, the massive amounts of parts needed on some vehicles to reach PR walls. (if you don’t have nine races in your queue to work with on these events and don’t want to spend any money, don’t even think about playing and winning because it’s not gonna happen). I burned 9 extra fuel on getting 1 PR on the Camaro SS event! 9!! by the time I got parts because of the mystery reward garbage, my fuel was spent and I wasn’t dumping another 90 gold to have it happen again. That’s just too much to cover when you have 10 PR to make up in order to advance beyond the PR wall. (And yes I ran the repeat races for cash and parts between days…all I was rewarded with, bc of Mystery Rewards was cash and a few parts that I didn’t need). I could keep going but I I think I have made my point. If you don’t mind wasting some money then this is probably a pretty good place to do it, because they’ll take it and not give you anything for it… Other than a lot of aggravation and wasted time. Edit: Two more events tried and not won unless I dump ANOTHER $10 into playing. You know if you are going to charge us to collect these cars or win races you need to disclose it. These devs and the company that owns them are pathetic. Takers, like basically everyone else in your profession, takers….right up there with snitches in my opinion.
  • One of the best mobile games ive played but..

    By crack box one
    I would like it if there way a way to end vault event early as like an easy way out of it to re open the spot because at times your just not ready for that event or fall behind due to life things but other than that i highly recommend this game to anyone that like racing/competitive games the underground rivals/pvp can become very intense
  • Dope

    By burgerking$07
  • Tzvi

    By torahyid
    This game is amazing I’m just a beginner and I am the best go download the game right away and you’ll become a pro gamer
  • Controller Support

    By Lothatnga
    Needs Controller Capabilities
  • Great game but need something

    By I want iOS 7
    I mean this is the good game it’s the perfect need for speed game for mobile but I really wish there was a free roam mode and would you please change the left and right steering controls down and then add a way to stop the car in the free Roam mode? If yes I will give 5 star if no then 4 star.Also to get five-star In free roam add mini map and map to set routes. also, add races with hot wheels tracks and also add hot wheels tracks and make it so you can build hot wheels tracks in free room and add hot wheels tracks in free room.