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  • Horrible app

    By Aeolus.am
    1. Doesn’t let you delete your data 2. Need to download app to do things but no way to link account with hoyo account in the app 3. Forces you to use app
  • Good app but laggy interface in IOS

    By Tristan01.08
    Im using ipad pro and 56mbps internet connection, this app loads and lags so much specially if you are loading your posts.
  • App not optimized for iPads

    By SanCorpsAi
    Don’t get me wrong this is a great app and I’ve been using it on my main iOS account for quite some time but on my phone. I recently got an iPad and tried to use it to use the teyvat interactive map. I was very disappointed as the app displays as if it’s a mobile app and not taking up even half the screen in size so everything is small and looks as though this is truly only an app designed for phones. This breaks my heart as when I try to use chrome or safari to run the teyvat interactive map it has this annoying popup that can’t be disabled telling you to open the hoyolab app which as I described doesn’t work. If you request desktop site then when you tap icons they don’t display the information like marking the pins to remove them and the general description, there’s just a little x that can’t be pressed. This is in landscape mode which obviously would make sense as a laptop/phone replacement. In portrait mode it works fine but is there really any point in using a map in portrait mode as opposed to landscape? I personally don’t think so. Fix the app for iPad users or fix the fact that we can’t close the hoyolab popup that appears when you use a browser. I don’t know what y’all expect with this very very poor attention to detail. Will remove negative rating once addressed because this truly is a phenomenal app.
  • Arlecchino’s Voice Lines

    By Anime Nerd Minecart yes
    Whenever I try to listen to her voice lines it doesn’t work. I even tried the website and they won’t play. It’s been like this for weeks and it never worked. Please i’m desperate, I NEED to hear her voice, PLEASE fix this!! I <3 Arlecchino. 😩
  • People these days

    By HeadYeti
    I tried using this app. At first it was only to get the daily check in rewards. Then I figured “Why not see some cosplay stuff”. Then “Oh alright, I will comment here & there.”. It seemed some people liked what I had to say, but then I started to notice how people will negatively comment to others & started noticing more & more younger people sexualizing game characters. I understand that not everything is meant to be commented on. If you do not like something just pass it on by, it is not meant for me. But when I CONSTANTLY keep seeing these younger people complaining of “These perverted people keep saying inappropriate things “. YOUR EXPOSING YOUR BODY ON A PUBLIC PLATFORM!!! YOU ARE SEXUALIZING GAMES!!! I am done with it. I like the games but I WILL NOT BE A PART OF THAT! I respect myself to much for that. I do not have Facebook, instagram or any public platform other than YouTube that I use to stay somewhat stay informed about politics, comedy, movies, music & nature. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED & KEEP IT!!! I am out
  • ???

    By mangocock
    Glitchy piece of trash app
  • iPad support required!

    By kxxoling
    iPad!Even basic fullscreen support
  • Help

    By Callistorea
    The check in on the app isn’t working I have the app on both of the devices it keeps showing me the error message when I am trying to check in for genshin impact and honkai star rail its not working Help
  • Not a Safe App for its Userbase

    By chocoalchemie
    This application has no clear and meaningful moderation, leading to users of color being exposed to constant racist harassment and minors constantly exposed to sexual content. Users of color cannot, for example, post pictures of themselves in cosplay without receiving dehumanizing comments full of racist slurs and insults. In addition, minor users constantly are exposed to sexual comments. There is no good way to report these situations and they never appear resolved. You can only report comments for being “offensive” or “inappropriate” rather than hateful and discriminatory or putting children at risk of harm. Offending users and comments do not appear to get removed or banned. As a result, HoYoLab has become near impossible for me and many others to use safely. I have made very few posts, and do not look at the notifications from them. I have no desire to interact with other users. On the daily, I really only use this app for the daily log in rewards for Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. However, that is becoming increasingly not worth it, and I am considering deleting the app entirely.
  • Overall bad

    By Bodyarik
    Filled with the worst community on the internet. They explode with excitement over the smallest things possible, most of the community posts about how they love Hoover’s wife giving them a temporary avatar frame in a useless app.🤮🤮🤮🤮