Last Fortress: Underground

Last Fortress: Underground

By IM30

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-09-30
  • Current Version: 1.328.001
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.50 GB
  • Developer: IM30
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.56612
From 47,393 Ratings


Castle, the largest community of survivors, has fallen. Once a beacon of hope in the post-apocalypse, it now shares the same fate as the rest. Amidst the chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape into the barren wilderness. You are the Commander of these survivors. While escaping the zombie horde that utterly destroyed your last sanctuary, you come across a strange building jutting out from the ground. Low on supplies and left with little options, you decide to take refuge in this building. So begins your campaign of survival in this zombie-infested world. 【BUILD & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHELTER】 Expand your shelter with numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control, etc. Design the shelter’s layout whichever way you like! 【HEROES AND SURVIVORS】 Every hero and survivor possesses special life skills that helped them survive in the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills! 【TEAM COMPOSITION AND SYNERGY】 Assemble a diverse team of heroes, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Formulate your favorite team combination to help you conquer even the most daunting of situations. 【VENTURE INTO THE WILD】 Journey outside the shelter and scavenge for valuable resources in the wastelands. Set up camps to act as forward operating bases and resource points. But be on guard! Zombies could attack at any moment! 【ESTABLISH ALLIANCES WITH FRIENDS】 Fighting alone is hard, so why not fight alongside friends? Join or create an Alliance and exterminate those pesky zombies with allies! Assist allies by accelerating each other’s constructions and tech researches. It’s a win-win situation either way! It's all or nothing now! Go forth, Commander, and embark on your adventure!



  • Deduct money without authorization

    By 店内的内设
    Be careful
  • Repetitive and unbalanced

    By ChaseL17
    Through S3, and the game is very repetitive. Same thing each season, minimal variation of gameplay. Each server is dominated by a few players who spend thousands of dollars. This is not hyperbole as I am in an alliance with some who have. If you don’t pay, you’ll quickly fall by the wayside. Even if you do pay, you’ll still not be able to stand against those that pay so much. Combining forces with others doesn’t help as the power is so unbalanced. Game could be decent but it is just a cash grab right now.
  • Fun game but…

    By nutwacker
    You can have fun until people start quitting. The limits on the server transfers means you either sit with a dying alliance or you pay big $$ to move a few servers over. You are still limited if you move and as the seasons go on, the game loses its luster because the restrictions prevent you from being connected to more active players. It would he nice if the developers considered all those people that played long term and even paid and just combined several servers as one. As people quit, you are stuck with a dead server and there is no point in playing anymore. Then you have people that pay to grow and they make it so people quit from constant attacks. The game should reduce points and resources if attacking someone lower than their level. That would help tremendously.
  • Multi player game

    By Lvira
    For those who want to play but do not under the write up.. think multiplayer.. think joining an alliance.. think bully play.. stand alone game this would be great
  • Quality

    By Bighomie.twon
    It’s fun and different
  • Point system for fights

    By BTE17
    I am not sure what the point system is for the fights. The levels for the fights seem like they don’t add up to the strengths of the zombies they are fighting. For example level 15. Vs level 11 does. Level 11 is beating level 15 which does not make it fair. Can someone explain the point system to me? But overall I am enjoying the game
  • Stay away.

    By halfbreedmedic
    Devs give the same answer to all bad reviews. Basically join active alliance and game is free to play. Never mind the toxic culture of bullying in the game by people spend way more than you. If you play free you will be 10+ levels lower than paid players and they will attack you mercilessly until you’re beaten into submission or quit the game. Asking the devs to intervene is about as useful as an empty fire extinguisher at a fully involved house fire. Avoid this dumpster fire of a game
  • Gettin old

    By Ocel
    Same thing every week. The big guys bully the small guys, the whales eat the big guys. Now even those who are in big groups stop playing because of this. It gets boring. Bully, rinse, repeat. Messaging gets wonky. Alliance chat sometimes turn blank.
  • Great Game, Room for Improvements

    By page moss
    First off I’d like to state how awesome and welcoming the community of this game is. I’ve been playing similar games for years and I haven’t ever been involved in chat and interactions on the level that I have with this game. This game is sadly much easier to play if you’re willing to bankrupt yourself. I really wish the creator of the game would open a website where they can sell game packs directly to the player to bypass Apples outrageous App Store fees. Also I wish there was a way to add a clock that matches the time zone you’re in, maybe put it in the same place as the game clock but have it switch between displaying the different times every few seconds. Lastly, a lot of players use Discord with this game because some players will gang report other players that they don’t like, making it incapable of communicating to other allies. My friend was ban from chat for over 38,000 hours. That just ridiculous considering she was one of the top players and invested heavily into this game and now she’s struck out because of this crap. We’ve been trying to contact the mod team for weeks but we haven’t seen any progress.
  • Consumption Rate

    By Pychorobot
    They game is good, but the rate at which we run out of food is ridiculous. Can’t be offline for more then an hour or the people are starving, I get it you want us to buy the N.AT.E and kind of forcing our hands and it’s that kind of game play that doesn’t make me want to play. I don’t mind paying for a good game but when paying is the only way to succeed it takes the fun away.