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VeVe Collectibles

By ECOMI Technology PTE Ltd

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VeVe: The Next Evolution in Collecting! VeVe brings the world of collectibles into the digital realm and right into the palm of your hand. Collect limited edition 3D sculptures of your favorite heroes, characters and icons in premium digital format. DIRECT FROM ARTIST TO PHONE VeVe 3D digital collectibles are crafted by world leading artists including legendary sculptors Jim Lee, Todd MacFarlane and Scott Snyder, who sculpt directly in 3D instead of clay, and with VeVe you can now own limited editions of these exclusive digital collectibles. NO MATTER YOUR FANDOM, VE-VE HAS YOU COVERED! Whether you love pop culture, gaming, sports, film and TV, or anime and animation, VeVe offers digital collectibles from your favorite brands including Batman, Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, NFL, DC Collectibles, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, Back to the Future, Ultraman, Superman, and SO MUCH MORE. VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS Collectors display their collectibles with pride and with VeVe continue this in the digital realm. Create and customize virtual showrooms to showcase your digital collectibles and share this experience with other VeVe collectors around the world. Move through your virtual Showrooms on your phone, FPS game-style, or bring your showrooms to life in Augmented Reality and physically walk through them, all on your phone or tablet! DIGITAL IN THE REAL WORLD! With VeVe's Augmented Reality features you can stand side by side with your favorite hero's, BUY, SELL & SWAP WITH OTHERS FANS In the Market you can buy sell and trade with other VeVe collectors. If you missed out on that digital collectible you need to complete your set, fear not! You can browse the secondary market for the collectibles you need, or you can choose to sell or swap any of the collectibles you own! DROP DAYS VeVe drops new Digital Collectibles on Thursdays! Keep an eye on your phone each Thursday at 8am PST to get the scoop on latest drop and get your hands on rare digital collectibles



  • Game Changer

    By Jdog20202020
    VeVe has amazing IP and has turned me into a collector. I feel like a kid again. I can’t recall one day in the past year when I wasn’t on this app!
  • No Money

    By mmiller0331
    Make sure before you deposit any money you read the terms. You are unable to transfer money from sales back to your bank account.
  • Less that stellar

    By Shelly__D
    5/12/2022 Again and again “Device does not meet security requirements” O_o !!! 4/15/2022 Again “Device does not meet security requirements.” Discord Mods claim it’s because of an auto-clicker or ‘illegal assistive app’ on my device but I have none of that. Temp fix: Uninstall veve, restart device, reinstall veve, sign back in, done … until next time. Ugh!! 4/11/2022 Oh em Gee! Participating in today’s drop and suddenly “your device does not meet security requirements” after months of drops. Nothing has changed on my device, no new apps, no accessibility aids turned on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ ugh!! Can’t wait for cash out. 1/13/2022 Soooo many glitches with iOS. What a goof, I deleted and reinstalled the app as recommended for the latest update and now my entire review history is gone. iPhone SE 2020 iOS 14.4.2 (Delaying update to iOS 15 due to many reported issues from VeVe iOS 15 users.) Beginning in April 2021 through today 1/13/2022 there have been many updates to the app and my rating has never been above 3 stars. I have NEVER been able to interact with the collectibles in my collection. When I open the collectible in AR/VR the moment I tap on it to interact the app crashes. I can drop them in the showroom and that’s it, unable to resize or move the collectible. (On an iPhone SE-OG iOS 13 I logged in and was able to resize and move collectibles in the showroom.) Drop experience, for the past 2 months, if I am able to secure a collectible, the app shows payment error every time, I have no idea what mint # or rarity I purchased until after it is delivered. #nadagang because I haven’t “hit” a drop in weeks.
  • Licensed Digital Collectibles!

    By shuri_1993
    This company is revolutionizing the collectible and toy space by taking it fully digital. You get to grab some really iconic digital pieces and own them in your vault and display them. Truly an amazing app!
  • Great App with minor stability issues

    By RHotch
    Great app for collectors, but still some stability issues that need tweaking (crashes whenever I try to view my showroom).
  • Fun app just don’t make the mistake I did.

    By Jess Sayen
    A friend of mine told me about this app and got me excited so I joined in January 2022 (The worst possible time to join.) I bought countless items thinking these will be worth a fortune someday. Then within a month my collections and comics dropped in price…. by a lot. Things like Bots were buying up the drops and some individuals bought gems with fake credit cards creating problems in the market. VeVe has taken measures and have greatly reduced these issues since then. I blame myself for buying too much in a short amount of time. I was warned… this is a Collector’s App - not an Investment App. I’ve done some research and still believe in the project. Someday I hope to recoup my money. All of that being said, it’s still a fun app. I’ve never collected art before but am really proud of my pieces. I’m looking forward to someday showing it off to my friends in the Metaverse.
  • VeVe for the win and just getting started

    By bBabasn
    I’ve been a user since November 2021, once I read the white paper and see what this app potential in the near future I was on board. The backwards thinking compliments the overall user experience and the potential for the future. I am thankful for finding Veve and the community. Now the best part of collecting comics etc with my kids is priceless. Thank you Veve. The team behind the scenes have 50+ years experience and bringing it to the digital world. Patience is virtue. Veve is just getting started by building exceptional relationships.
  • Best NFT space… hands down!

    By spectac the cool blk...
    This app space is a great way to collect quality NFTs from some of the biggest brands in the business! Marvel, DC, a host of Indy artists, and so much more! I’ve been an active participant since summer/fall 2020 and still can’t get enough! It’s still early so don’t wait!
  • Not Great, but Okay Self-Contained NFT Sandbox

    By T421
    It’s okay to drop $50-$100 on to learn how NFT buying/selling sort of goes. Very tough to actually see any real currency back for selling your items. Seems like a lot of values have crashed backed down to Earth, and it very well could be due to the uneasy process of cashing out when you decide you’ve had enough of the ride.
  • Scam tool

    By AnzioE
    This app is mostly used as a scam tool on task sites. Upwork, task rabbit etc. be weary of anyone giving you money to “test ui/ux”