Kingdom Maker

Kingdom Maker

By Global Worldwide, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-01-13
  • Current Version: 37.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 326.18 MB
  • Developer: Global Worldwide, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 13.0
Score: 4.77287
From 9,206 Ratings


Ah, the traditional four X’s of strategy: Explore, Expand . . . Exploit? Exterminate? Who wrote these? Yes, yes, there are many X’s to choose from, but we must demand only the finest X's. Introducing the world’s first ever 5X strategy game [insert trumpet fanfare] Kingdom Maker! Explore an enormous, medieval fantasy world of might and magic. Embark on heroic quests that deliver adventure, thrills, and laughs in equal measure. Engage with a royal cast of nobles, orcs, trolls, and more. Excel at the command of troops, cavalry, and war machines in spectacular RTS battles with unique tactics and strategies. Research new technologies. Forge and find powerful equipment. Raise huge armies and then collect mighty champions to lead them. Expand an ever-growing, ever-evolving noble family, and build your kingdom from humble origins into a dynasty worthy of legend. Spread your dominion across the world and guide the fate of the realm. Experience vast multiplayer alliances and engage in vital diplomacy, spy on enemies, or just hang out in chat and talk to friends all day–it’s your kingdom! Express yourself with unprecedented freedom. Customize your nobles’ appearance in every way, architect a unique layout for your fortress, and design an epic banner for your house. Kingdom Maker, the game with only one rule…yours!



  • Don’t waste your money.

    By UseOfForce
    The game is indeed fun to play. I really do enjoy it. I enjoyed it enough I supported the developers’ hard work and spent money on in game items for rewards. This is where it goes downhill. There was an in game event that gives rewards based off points. The rules clearly stated you get one point for every one dollar spent. It then listed what types of purchases qualify for points. The event would give a maximum of 50 points (so $50 would max your rewards in that event). Well I bought three qualifying items for $19.99, $19.99, and $9.99. A total of $49.97. Based off the stated rules I should have received 49 points at least or 50 if rounded to the nearest whole dollar. The event gave me 15 points total. Only 5 per purchase. Clearly this was a mistake, a bug or glitch. I reached out to support multiple times and they would not satisfactorily resolve the issue. They first told me my purchases didn’t qualify, which is wrong because they were clearly listed as qualifying and the game recognized them qualifying because it gave me points but just the wrong amount. The next time support just replied I got five points per purchase and closed the ticket with an extra 200 gold (in game currency) credited to me. Well what kind of solution is that? I knew I got five points per purchase already. That’s what the issue was. I know bugs happen in games. That’s cool. I just wanted the event rewards that I paid for. Support didn’t seem to think it was an issue. So if you play the game, enjoy it. I would strongly discourage you from spending actual money in it though. You may not get what you paid for.
  • Best MMORPG Strategy City Builder EVER!!

    By PlayerSpooky
    I have been playing games like this on mobile for almost a decade now and nothing comes close to the shear amazement and exciting gameplay Kingdom Maker has to offer. There is so much content to explore you’ll easily find yourself playing over 500 hours in Kingdom maker without even knowing! Also unlike most other mobile games out there the developers are always willing to help out with any issue you might have day or night. The community is top tier and will always have your back when you’re in trouble! Especially that Dave guy… <3
  • Predatory, caters to whales

    By PrincessPeachesJM
    I really enjoyed this game at first, felt like there was always something to do and so much excitement with battles and character customization. However, this game is tailored to paying players and is quite irritating playing for free. The developers group shards (servers) together with absolute disproportional power, I’m talking 2x your power and 3-4 months ahead of you. Resources are limited, even when you farm for a few hours you still come up absurdly short, forcing you to buy $100 packs. Example: You need ~ 2,900 ‘service honors’ to train your armies and you get maybe 4-5 every enemy you kill. Not to mention the constant crashing every click you make during some hours. You can be mining all day with 6 armies and only get 2-4 of the rare materials you need, from what I heard it didn’t used to be like that, just another example of how they tailored the game to get you to buy packs. The people I’ve met in this game lack authority and power in their own life and climb leadership boards with their credit cards and bully passive players, they are as addicted to this game as they are a drug or substance. You’ll either lose interest in a few months or get suckered into spending your rent money. Please don’t respond “we value your feedback”
  • This game is awesome

    By Hecate 1
    The game is really fun. Very unreactive and customer support as wonderful Dave is very kind and wonderful
  • Refinery

    By Daddy Lando
    Awesome game and super addicting. My only complaint is that the refinery takes 10 hours to cool off and even if it’s 3x it still ain’t enough to build something making it take days to advance levels on buildings. Other than that the game is awesome!
  • We shall see

    By AlphaSnaill
    I originally gave this game a terrible review for its IAP practices. Yes you can obtain everything for free BUT with a huge caveat the rate at which you earn free stuff does not compare to paying players which is inherently bad for competition and bad for the “fun” or “strategy” this game could have. It has a nice art style and isn’t an exact carbon copy of similar titles so it has that going for it. I will hang around and see what they actually change or if they just say they will. 0star ~> 2 star
  • Great game so far

    By Spectator001
    I’m loving this game so far
  • Frost dawn of godhill

    By Jack Frost :)
    Amazing game just probably the best medieval game I played
  • You’ll get banned

    By 🌴🌴This is BOSS🌴🌴
    Literally was banned for no apparent reason with no explanation.. thanks global.
  • It’s awesome, but..

    By Fuc¥ yov big piece of $h!t
    Listen the game is awesome! Played it for awhile and got to around 2 million power. Thing is after the recent update, I can’t load the game anymore.!! Even on my android account it won’t load. Please fix this!!!! (I’m not a bot review)