Phase 10: World Tour

Phase 10: World Tour

By Mattel163 Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-12
  • Current Version: 1.0.25
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 341.68 MB
  • Developer: Mattel163 Limited
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4.80232
From 112,817 Ratings


Finish a Phase in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of the UNO! Mobile app. It’s the competition which has brought friends and families together for over 30 years. Now, it takes you around the world! RUMMY WITH A TWIST Race to complete each “Phase” and stay ahead. Every Phase has its own sets of cards to collect. When you have your sets, throw them down for everyone to see. The Phase is finished! HIT IT Leave your opponents in the dust! The round ends when one player gets rid of all their cards. Players who can’t finish the Phase start over and try again. Everyone else tackles the next challenge. SMARTER EVERY DAY Train your brain with new challenges on every level. Watch carefully for patterns and outwit the game. Unlock new rules to explore and solve. BLAZE A TRAIL Travel the world in Journey mode! Play offline and blaze a trail through increasing challenges. Use Power-Ups to get an edge and win rewards! AROUND THE WORLD Explore faraway places! Phase 10 tours from the comfort of a Pacific paradise to the chilling extremes of the North Pole. Compete with others online and be part of the international community. PICK YOUR PLAY STYLE Keep things fresh by playing in a new arena every game. Take a trip to the London Walk or the Arctic Cabin. Every arena has its own number of online opponents and phases.



  • Unfair and set for computer to win

    By Super-swede
    Played 9 journeys and they are all the same. Computer wins the first tries very quick with all the “right” cards directly. Second try it’s your turn to win and the computer easily let you win. Example: Played 1 on 1 against the computer and I had to have 4 same color and 4 even, the computer 8 odd. I managed yo get my cards correct directly and confirmed. Gave the computer an odd card and as guessed, computer picks card and throws back... Tried this with several cards in a row until I ended up with two even and had to win. I have also played a level twice with the exact same cards played both times! Not very random....
  • Stacked odds

    By =•+¥*£^€%>#<}~{|]\[_
    Fun to start but after you run out of the extra energy they give you to start it takes for ever to gain the 5 per hand. The hands are not even I have been stuck on one level for three days because every hand I have to build what’s need from scratch and the game players are given all but one or two cards and get them right away. Everything needed to play is expensive if you don’t want to wait. Biggest problem I have with this app is that out of one level you have 3 or more hands and each hand cost 5 energy regardless if you win or loose.
  • Fun at first

    By NikitaChiquita72
    My family loves this card game. It is one of our favorites for game night. This app is rigged for pay to play. You get frustrated so you pay for perks or advantages. Then you still lose when the game doesn’t even give you a chance to play even though you spent money on perks. You’ve wasted your money. I like the idea of this game as an app, but this app is the worst kind of game fraud.
  • Too pricey

    By MillerShea
    The computer bots are dealt way better hands. I have no idea how this is a 4.7 rated app when all of the reviews I have read are NEGATIVE. I have played for the last 20 minutes and every single time the computer bots get their sets on their first hand they are dealt. So rigged. I will be deleting and not re-downloading.
  • Too weirdly monetized

    By Jackson012
    Costs for forming games with friends is too high! Needs to be easier way to make coins or ads after a games or something.
  • They just want your money

    By kerriemow
    There are a lot of hands where the computer will go out before you even get a chance to play! Energy is expensive. Unless you have power ups plan on playing each level 5-10 times before you can win!
  • Great game!

    By shetha1
    This is an great game to play just needs to lose the ads.
  • Has potential

    By Swords XD
    Has potential but needs a lot of work the. The energy thing is annoying but not as annoying as the way the tournament is set up. I was on the second phase and when it went to the next round and I was the only one on the harder and last phase I lost because all you have to do to win is Finnish what ever phase your on even if it’s not the last one. I was very frustrated that there wasn’t another round for them to complete the second phase instead they won and I gave myself the disadvantage by advancing ahead which makes no sense. Please fix the tournament and make the entertaining either less or faster to get. It’s a good game but definitely needs improvement
  • Fun for a bit...

    By thesouthernmother
    Was fun at first, but you quickly run out energy. Some rounds last all of 30 seconds before the computer lays down and goes out. So you waste 5 points of energy in a small amount of time. Would be better if you got to keep your energy points if you are able to lay down during a round. I think you should only lose them if you don’t lay down and advance to the next phase.
  • Phased out of winning

    By B Butcher
    This game manipulates you into thinking that you will eventually win if you play enough. It is fun and addicting the first 11 levels or so. Then you hit a wall. You hit it hard. You have energy that lets you move up levels, but that is only good until you get to about level 12. Then you play it a few times and the computer is cheater hard. The game expects you to buy wilds and skips for real currency. There is no in game currency to spend unless you want to gamble it away against strangers with no real goal in mind and no where to spend it. It has avatars, but again to buy with real currency. It has gems, to buy with real currency. This is a greedy game that fails to draw customers in with real currency because of the difficulty of the NPC’s who get super lucky draws. Don’t spend you money here. There is no advances unless you rip the bottom out of your purse... just say no. P.S. Apple(your math is off). There is no way this app is getting 4.8 stars from reviews. I’ve scrolled down quite a ways and the majority of them are below three. Someone must be paying you to fudge the numbers...