Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast

By Rovio Entertainment Oyj

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-12
  • Current Version: 1.21.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 146.06 MB
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4.71723
From 109,618 Ratings


Play Angry Birds Dream Blast by Rovio in 2020 Life is a bubble-popping dream in Angry Birds Dream Blast, a challenging new casual puzzle game with fun gameplay and content from The Angry Birds Movie 2! Join the movie celebrations and solve puzzles and have plenty of laughs and fun. With so many unique puzzles to solve — and more added every week — you’ll be living the bubble puzzle dream! Play Angry Birds Dream Blast now at home or on the go, beat the challenge, pop, blast & crush all bubbles to solve every puzzle in different levels and win. Show your skills at this game to all of your friends and fall in love with the Angry Birds and the puzzles. Easy and Fun to Play Bubble Bird Puzzle Game with Toon Look Angry Birds Dream Blast is a breeze to pick up and play at home or on the go in 2020. Pop, blast & crush groups of similarly colored dream bubbles with a simple tap — pop enough bubbles at once and you’ll earn a Red booster! In Angry Birds Dream Blast, the casual fun bubble shooter puzzle game by Rovio, one Red can take out a row of bubbles, and two Reds combine to make a Chuck, which pops bubbles in four directions. Combine two Chucks to make the extra powerful Bomb booster to blast & pop many bubbles at once in different levels of the puzzle game! Baby Bomb may look funny and cute, but his explosive energy can even clear an entire screen of bubbles in each of the puzzles to win! Combine more bubbles at once to create more powerful boosters in Angry Birds Dream Blast, the fun bird bubble shooter puzzle game by Rovio. Download the fun bird casual puzzle game, start to play, pop, blast & crush as many bubbles as you can and win in each level with the help of your classic angry birds friends. It’s a blast. Different Levels of Puzzles to Solve Play Angry Birds Dream Blast with all its countless different levels of classic bubble puzzles. Each level of the fun bubble puzzle game holds a new challenge with different color combinations of bubbles. Use your skills and all classic Angry Birds friends to make your way through the puzzles in the levels of the game and win. Can you beat the challenge and pop, blast & crush all every bubble in each level? Prove your skills to your friends and start to play Angry Birds Dream Blast, the fun casual bubble shooter puzzle game by Rovio! Amazing looking toon designs and animations Angry Birds Dream Blast is not just fun to play, it also has amazing toon designs and animations that will catch your eye. Angry Birds Dream Blast, one of the best puzzle bird games to play is available with classic toon looks. All levels, puzzles, bubbles, or classic Angry Birds friends are ready for you to play in high quality. Angry Birds Dream Blast comes with amazing features in 2020: – A great time killer bubble shooter puzzle game that’s easy to pick up and play at home or on the go in 2020! – Tap to pop, blast, & crush groups of dream bubbles in a flash to beat the challenge, solve fun puzzles and win. – Pop & crush many bubbles at once in each of the levels to unleash special powers of your favorite classic Angry Birds friends to solve all puzzles! – Countless classic levels for never ending fun and challenge in Angry Birds Dream Blasts, one of the best bubble shooter bird puzzle games. ----------------------------- Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message! Like us on Facebook: ----------------------------- Angry Birds Dream Blast, one of the best bubble shooter bird puzzle games, is completely free to play at home or on the go, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Mini birds now?

    By Neoneo001
    So before the last upgrade, the birds were normal sized and exploded normally. Now they have turned into these “mini” birds that barely do any damage. Maybe this is a gimmick to get people to stuck in levels so they can make $$$? If so, that’s just unfortunate. This WAS a fun game until this happened. It’s called ANGRY birds, not MINI birds!
  • Inane Ads!

    By CA-Reviewer
    How many times do you need to show ads for Lily’s Garden?
  • Alexare is 6

    By Elsa.r30
    Alexare was your time to get your time and get to work with me
  • Fun game could be better

    By Ejkcmt
    As many people say, the physics are inconsistent and sometimes impossibly difficult, so some levels require power ups to beat. However, I’ve completed over 2000 levels and have spent less than $10 total of my actual money. I utilize the daily freebies, level bonuses, and win streaks. I’ve just noticed - since yesterday - the birds are MUCH smaller and less powerful than before. A red bird made with four balls doesn’t even clear a whole row. A black bomb bird of any size used to clear the whole screen and now it’s just a tiny *poof*. CHANGE IT BACK and I’ll increase your rating. Thanks! Update: They’ve ruined this game and made it entirely unplayable.
  • Total scam

    By hrs12345
    Set up to require extra moves or coins or special icons. Not a skill driven game at all. They just want you to spend money. Don’t be fooled. There are many better options that actually involve skill. This is not one. A total rip off!
  • Wweesss

    By ottertothepop
    I hate it so much because I’m so tired 😴 it is a bad day issue!!,

    By Racing lover
    Classic Angry Birds apps undergoing testing... - Angry Birds Classic (10th Anniversary / Birthday had come; Add Restore Purchases button) - Angry Birds Seasons (Update Winter Wonderham with Original Purple Background & Theme Song from Seasons version 3.1.0) - Angry Birds Space - Angry Birds Go! (My favorite; & update game to Turbo Edition build) - Angry Birds Epic (Arena Mode gets stuck due to no more Class Upgrades, by the way) Please return the above classic Angry Birds apps back to the App Store soon. Classic Apps that HAVE returned: 8D - Bad Piggies Apps discontinuing (but I hope they could return some other way, via compromise with Walt Disney Company):
  • 🙄

    By TLT9191
    It’s funny that you’re running a special on a bundle but for the last week I haven’t been able to make a purchase at all
  • What you expect from a game

    By Treborcoin
    I haven’t ever written a review of a game. I have read others from people who say how awful it is that Rovio starts the game easy to hook you in then makes it tougher to win without spending real money. My answer is of course they do you idiots it’s how every game works. You should know this going in. If you didn’t before now you do. I have played many versions of Angry Birds and it is the same every time. It’s how they make money to pay the guys to think up new levels and pay other games so that you can get power ups in those games. I am on level 250 as I write this. Yes, I have bought coins, power ups etc. Yes, probably more than I care to admit. But I have also used the daily free power ups and the prize egg that shows up to average out ‘some what’ the money I put in. Have I put in more than I get back in freebies? Of course. The house always wins. What I have found is that when you make a purchase of say the tornado power up to get the same colored balls grouped together they give you a better chance of winning. Nobody is forcing you to spend however much money to continue on. All levels are beat able sooner or later for free. What you need to remember is that you are paying them to entertain you for that time. This is not to say that they are not greedy. Like I said I am on level 250 and I have noticed the balls that make the birds are grouping higher up and the birds are smaller thus more worthless. Plus they are using heavier chains and other obstacles to absorb the smaller birds energies. Again they decide the outcome. My part is do I want to continue to play for fun or not be patient and buy their helpers. I am not sure where I will go from here. My point is stop complaining. 10 dollars here or there isn’t going to break you up in business. You now know what to expect from the game so no more complaints. Use the game to forget for a while life and have fun.