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Dreame - Read Best Romance


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  • Release Date: 2018-08-13
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
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Read Best Romance Hey story lovers! Come and check this out! We are Dreame (www.dreame.com) – one of the best reading apps ever! Download now to embrace a whole new world of gripping stories and join our Books Carnival! You'll be able to get FREE DAILY REWARDS for 5 days! We promise that you won't regret it! [WHY US] Super Prizes Available on Our App – Prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are waiting for you to claim! – How It Works: Super easy! You’ll be very close to winning just by downloading our app! Highly Addictive Novels by Native Writers – Numerous Genres: Romance, werewolf/vampire, billionaire, marriage, suspense, and even more! – Countless Stories: Best recommendation for you! – Quick Updates: Free stories are updated daily Millions of Like-minded Readers – Reader Groups: Share your ideas with a large community of active book lovers – Reader Benefits: Read and earn free rewards! Get Your Stories Read by More People – Extensive Training: Tutorials, workshops, publishing guides, and more. – Greater Exposure: Access to millions of readers – Frequent Promotional Opportunities [Excerpts] "Don't come near her," Austin warned in a deadly calm tone, the threat evident in his voice. "Or what?" Ermanno asked taking a step further towards Lucy. ** That night in Austin and Lucy’s room ** "Did you have an affair with him?" Austin’s eyes were dark and deadly, staring into Lucy’s. "You are mine!" He roared before crashing his lips to hers. ---------- Isabelle wouldn't win this fight, she could tell. As much as she hated to run away, it was the smartest battle strategy. Three fully grown wolves could easily win against her. She stepped back a little so that she would have more room to angle her attacks and defend herself. It was then that the largest of the three rogues lunged for her. Isabelle growled viciously and was about to lunge back, when a flash of black caught her eye. Gavin. It’s Gavin. Isabelle let out a breath. ---------- The marriage was not based on love. She’s a short-spoken beauty. He’s a cold-hearted businessman. But as time went by, she had a daughter for him and eventually fell in love with her husband. Until one day, this man came home, and told her that – he wanted a divorce. “I met a woman who I like.” Her heart was stabbed by pain… ---------- She winced and cried out in pain, feeling the blood trickle down her face. It never occurred to her that her husband was not a human being until one day she was attacked by… ---------- Reme’s first period at the new school was started with meeting Kade, the alpha, or more exactly, one of the alphas. “Sit by me” was what greeted her when the teacher asked her to take a seat. And he kept staring at her and pulling her desk closer to his. Then at lunch Reme met the other alpha – Kason, Kade’s twin brother. She had no idea what she’s running into, until one day she… [Follow Us] FB: Dreameofficial INS/Twitter: dreamestory ---------- 【Membership Description of Auto Subscription Service】 1. Service Name: Big Dreame Bundle 2. Subscription Period: 1 week/1 month 3. Subscription Price: $1.99(1 week)/$5.99(1 month) 4. Subscription Benefits: book discounts for subscribers、subscribers can claim 20 bonus every day 5. Buying a monthly subscription service will automatically debit your iTunes account and extend the service period of one month 24 hours before the monthly service expires. 6. If you want to unsubscribe, please open the iOS "Settings" --> enter "iTunes Store and App Store" --> click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", go to the "Account Settings" page, click "Subscribe" ", choose Big Dreame Bundle to unsubscribe. If you do not unsubscribe at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, this subscription will be automatically renewed. 7. Service Agreement: https://api.dreame.com/Api/privacy 8. Privacy Agreement: https://api.dreame.com/Api/terms



  • Great app

    By lies2020
    I love the app, having to wait on chapters to unlock is ridiculous. It takes way to many coins to read the books. I’ve deleted the app twice already
  • Payment

    By keys561
    I find the books very interesting and can read some of the stories for hours but I had the app for about to weeks, and it tried to take $25.86 out of my bank once, I tired to pay for 300 coins for the price of $2.99. You should be very careful and watch your payments. After trying multiple time to buy the $2.99 bundle but it continuously said the same thing.
  • Pay per chapter is expensive but like the content

    By CObookworm
    I like the variety of stories offered but i dislike how you end up having to buy so many coins to read an entire finished novel. I’m all for supporting the artists but it should be a flat rate based on the number of chapters rather than random amounts of coins per chapter.
  • You have to purchase coins to read

    By 44RLKL
    Don’t get me wrong the book was great BUT I wouldn’t do again and do not plan to keep this app. You have to purchase coins to continue reading chapters in the book which gets VERY costly. I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Please fix this issue!

    By jeneivacole
    I really love this app and have spent quite a bit of money on buying coins which I would happily continue doing but for the past couple days, every day my entire library “restarts.” All of the progress and my read books all revert back to unread, even the one I’m currently reading and it is really annoying! Could someone take a look at this bug please? I’ll gladly rate 5 stars after this gets fixed ❤️
  • Great but could be better.

    By coopam18
    This is one of my absolute go to for reading. There are some amazing story writers on here. One thing I wish we could do is leave feedback after we finish a story. I have read over 15 stories/ books and several of them have had error after error. There was one I didn’t even finish the spelling and grammar was so bad, and another was so out of order it didn’t make any sense. I understand that these are not edited and published, but as a reader if we had a way to help make them better that would be awesome. I also wish there was a better way to earn or get the coins. Several of the books I have read I bought coins because they were too good to take a break from. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for a membership either on unlimited book and no waiting. But the app is super easy to use and navigate through. I also like the aspect that once you find a genre you like it suggests similar books. I’m always at a loss on what to read next after I finish a book but not while using the app. Overall I would recommend but strongly encourage looking into some of the things mentioned above.
  • Great app

    By kmiles456
    Great app but wish there was a way to get more coins for free to read books iv spent so much already and can’t keep spending so much money to read one chapter
  • No

    By Inadaze22
    I find it disgusting that to advertise your app you steal fan art.
  • Glitch

    By Beghshnsnxnxh
    Idk if it’s from the recent phone update or the app but it’s been glitching way more and resetting all my books to the beginning. Usually it’s like once a month it happens but today alone it’s been 5+ times also it wouldn’t be that big of deal if I was reading one book but I’m reading 7 books at the same time and then have to find my spot on all 7. It’s getting annoying.
  • 😡

    By anony_15
    Too provocative !!! This isn’t romance!!!