BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live


  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2016-03-12
  • Current Version: 5.16.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 384.69 MB
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.22576
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Watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people worldwide, go live to be a social media influencer...All in BIGO LIVE! BIGO LIVE has over 400 million users around the world now. And we invite you to join our big community! -- Why BIGO LIVE? -- * Watch Live Stream Millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians live-stream in BIGO LIVE. Watch 24/7 great live streams, such as live gaming, live music, and live chatting. Are you interested in live chat with people from all over the world? We support 150+ countries, such as Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and more. * Live Video Chat You can invite a friend to start a 1:1 live video chat or create a live chat room with up to 8 people. Don't want to show your face? Live voice chat would be your perfect choice. Speak out freely in live chat without any burden. * Live Voice Chat & Drop-in Audio Chat The space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world, similar to Clubhouse. Go online anytime to chat with the people, or hop in as a listener and hear what others are talking about. * Live Game Streaming Watch gamers play Minecraft, Among Us, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends, and much more. Talk Fortnite strategy with fellow gamers or content yourself with live streaming in silence. Want to live your own gaming content? Download and start your gaming channel now! * Go Live No matter Just chatting or showing talent, you will get support, gain fans, receive gifts, and make friends here. How about going live and becoming a social media influencer right now? Tons of cool filters and stickers are waiting for your choice. * Other Features - Live PK: It’s time to dare your friends! - Cute Pet: Raise a cute pet online. - Bar: Share updates and photos, engage with friends. Do not hesitate! Download right now and get more fun! -- SAY HELLO -- Instagram: @bigoliveapp / @bigolive.usa Facebook: @bigoliveapp Twitter: @bigoliveapp Instagram: @bigoliveapp YouTube: Your feedback helps us improve BIGO LIVE. Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]



  • Unhappy with app!

    By Gipson0329
    This app contradicts a lot that is in their community center. I accidentally selected the wrong pic to post to my bar a few days ago and before I could go to remove it BIGO removed the post and banned me from posting and commenting for 10 yrs!!! I have sent multiple feedbacks and have gotten no help. It was an honest mistake. Then I’m scrolling through my bar and I see other users who have posted half naked pics and I guess it’s ok because they are a Host. I have had the app since august but after almost dying in a car accident at the end of August I just now was able to get back on the app in November and I would like to become a host but I’m very disappointed is how they banned me for a mistake but allow others to do the same thing. Guess I’ll try another live streaming app because this one is not it!
  • Do not enter or download

    By Bigo_is_evil
    This app is a Ponzi scam. You make them thousands of dollars to get banned Why they let others pay points to bann you to make money for the app So they love this men Brandon Akins Keys agency cause he help them now he owes them and Bigo letting his host destroy people’s lives calling police and cps on kids. One host name Ebb May been bann for putting hits out on peoples she still there on Bigo spreading cancer hate against survivors. They bully New peoples that comes to the app her and her family looking up peoples information from other sites Bigo full aware of what’s taken place with them but since he owes them money and help them make millions he thinks he owns the app the rules don’t apply to them.
  • Too Many Bots

    By Devinocd
    This app seems like a cool concept. Unfortunately im gunna delete it because the bots (scammers) have just ruined it for me. After about 30 minutes of downloading it, i had recieved about 50 messages. All from fake profiles trying to get you to go onto a whats app or hook up site. I dont think a single one of them was an actual person. Im not going to pretend like i know how to fix this issue because i dont. With that being said, something has to change. They have got to find a way to verify profiles or something.
  • Bigo在大陆怎么提现

    By Vvjfgcjcgbcjb
  • I HATE IT!!!!!

    By i love roblox so much :)
    They banned my account for no reason I was just about to go live and play with my slime until it said your banned
  • Idk

    By VeryEpicPerson
    So I used this app once before,and I know it’s great and all(I have not used it a lot only once) but when I tried doing a video thingy sorry I can’t remember-It got me banned,and in the background of it,it was just my TV playing a show that’s not even inappropriate or sounds inappropriate.
  • App is a joke

    By fordman90000000
    Members are scammers going to loose a membership soon Fix this app Threatened by members. This is very unacceptable

    So, I recently seen a video on YouTube regarding “The Face of BIGO- GodZeus” BIGO ID: MRCLOSS, doing a health read on Tamar Braxton talking about her cancer, depression, and her husband beating on her. I thought this was a disgusting display of talent or entertainment. I thought this was illegal on the app. However, he is not the only one. There is Ashley China Red (TeamEnvy), CHARLI (CharlinoAngelll), and Pastor P (reportmeagain) who on a daily basis harass, threaten, and bully other broadcasters. They do this through mass reporting and defamation of character. I will not feel safe on this app

    By ivypo4
    I am writing this email in disbelief and outrage of what is taking place on BIGO. I have contacted BIGO before regarding this matter, but to no avail. I am hoping there can be a resolution. I am a supporter of a host on this application known as “EbbiMay” ID: TheRealEbbiMay. The amount of bullying and threats this individual receives on a daily basis is a concern for me as well as disappointing as I enjoy watching this host. I have witnessed other broadcasters including thousands of their supports stalk, threaten, file false reports and in some instances attempt to cause bodily harm to this woman on several occasions. I will be attaching videos and screenshots in this correspondence. The broadcasters involved that I’ve witnessed being extremely abusive on your app are: God Zues (MrCloss), PastorContent (reportmeagain), MotherRed (TeamEnvy), Charlie (CharlieNoAngelll). I would also like to add that some of the broadcasters I have mentioned have been forbidden from utilizing and patronizing this app due to streaming on competitor apps and even being served a cease and desist from BIGO, which is the case for PastorContent ID: Reportmeagain who was banned for making threats, in addition to God Zues sending illegal beans. As a paying supporter, this has affected me being able to comfortably enjoy an EbbiMay broadcast.I am now very leary to recharge my account in fear of a false report against EbbiMay. I urge you to please look into this matter because something has to be done.
  • Bigo app

    By shontia1
    Hello, the app is a great app, however, Bigo allow bullies on the app that were suppose to be permanently removed and they allowed them back on after they have threatened to kill, put hits out on them and their children, wished rape, and orchestrated fights. These two people, China Red/ Ashley and Pastor/Keith. They have caused their following to bully the people that they bully as well! They also have people who has reported to Bigo falsely, sending in that people have been bullying them and they are the ones bullying, asked their followers to bully the host and getting their pages clipped. Not only have they orchestrated that, they have also planned to take hosts pages and agencies to prevent them from getting paid. These two people are Robert/God Zeus and Charlie/ Charlienoangel. I ask that Bigo PLEASE take this bullying and harassment into consideration!