Epic Seven

Epic Seven

By Smilegate Megaport

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-03
  • Current Version: 1.0.151
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 177.93 MB
  • Developer: Smilegate Megaport
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4.5
From 13,390 Ratings


Play alongside 3 million Heirs! An animated RPG world in the palm of your hand And thus began the 7th World... Diche, the Goddess of Life, summoned all of her waning power and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. "My children, I entrust this world to you." ● Over 1,000 Stories An epic for the modern age. We invite you into the 7th World. ● Fully Playable 2D Animation Dazzling skill animations in battle! Cutscene-quality 2D animated graphics! ● Strategy Shaped by Story Dual Attack system affected by relationships between characters. Immerse yourself in all the stories and perfect your own strategy! ● Raid Labyrinth In the depths of the Labyrinth, an ancient queen awakens from her slumber. Embark on a monster hunt with incredible rewards. ● PvP Arena Who will achieve fame and victory in the Arena? Showcase your unique strategy to the world every season! ● For Guild and Glory! Full of intense 3v3 battles, Guild Wars are here! Work with your Guild members to become the strongest Guild! Flexible multilingual support: change display and voiceover language any time! Display: English, Traditional Chinese, Korean Voiceovers: English, Korean *Application Permissions No additional permissions are required.



  • Read Before Playing

    By Kayinar
    Epic Seven is a wonderful game with good story, art and animation, and characters. It is a good game to play casually and hardcore. This game is not as easy as other mobile games. This is my experience from playing the game. Pros: +Characters are fun and unique. Most of the units you get are useful in someways of the story. +PvP between your team and other player’s teams +Guild Wars. PvP for you and your guild members to participate and claim victory over your opponents. +Story well thought out and interesting to read. +Not pay to win for most of the content in the game. (Some of you may disagree because of the packs that you can buy, but I believe that anyone can get really strong if you play a lot) +Events give lots of free stamina and a decent amount of gold and skystones. +Developers actually care about the community and its players and can sometimes give free items. +Any unit can become a 6* unit as long as you grind them. Cons: -The grind is unreal. —It takes a long time to make a 6 star unit. (To turn a 5* to a 6* you need 5 5*. To make a 5* you need 4 4*. To make a 4* you need 3 3*. To make a 3* you need 2 2*.) —Gear is an essential function of the game which has different levels and requires enchantment up to +15. —Gear have main stats that are randomly gotten from drops. Helmet, Armor, and Weapon have flat main stats. Ring, pendant, and boots have either flat of percentage. I’ll tell you right now, you want the percentage for main stats. Getting these gear from crafting or drops are random btw. You better be lucky and get what you want. —Gearing units can be challenging due to the RNG of enchanting sub stats. If your gear has speed, crit dmg, crit rate, etc. enchanting the gear will RANDOMLY pick one of the sub stats. —If you think gearing isn’t hard, it takes money to remove gear from your unit. I suggest you don’t equip high tier gear if you will remove them later on. —“Increased chances for drop rate” only up to 1% in my experience. —PvP is where people complain of pay to win. Pay to win players get to buy more rolls (since this is a gacha game) and have more chances of getting a MoonLight Summon too (basically a PvP unit). —MoonLight summons require 5 galaxy bookmarks = 6 gold transmit stones = 600 bookmarks = 120 rolls. Conclusions: The content of this game is basically PvP and grinding up the ladders. It’s not that much of a casual game if you like PvP, but if you want to play for the story line I give it a go ahead.
  • Problema con el juego

    By problemas del juegos
    No me deja entrar el juego por que me dice “error de servidor” también me dice “error de conexión” honestamente tengo buen internet no sé por qué ocurrió ese problema espero que lo arreglen
  • I love this game

    By Emma-Vos
    I really love this game it’s very stylistic
  • Smilegate can’t detect hack

    By K Shaun
    Stop spending $$$ smilegate can’t find you even you use hack program! Still going on today is July 16 2019 You can win against player who spend $1000+ This is not P2W game even you spend millions you gona lose to user who bought $.99 hacking program! Smilegate and ceo yuna engine confirm they can’t detect who use hack or not and they are working on it... lol
  • Epic7

    By game4funn
    It’s pretty fun but need a lot of grinding
  • Pretty Cool

    By Seanieboy28
    This game is really dope
  • Epic Seven Review

    By gachareviews11356
    Overall experience 5/5: At 7 months in I continue to enjoy Epic Seven. My philosophy with phone games is to not spend real money because many developers make cash grabs and will close down servers the moment their superficial game is no longer lucrative (looking at you Nexon). This has not been the case with Epic Seven. Their development team seems more interested in a long-term model and retaining players by making a quality game. For that reason I have spent some real money on the more fairly priced packs in the store. For new players, here’s a more in-depth review of what to expect- Graphics: 4/5 - The battle sprites for 2d are good and the skill animations even better. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying it over many other 3d games’ graphics. For comparison, a game that has better graphics is Overhit (which is NOT a better overall game). Sound/Music/Voices: 4/5 - Very well done. The only game that I ever rated the sound higher was Terra Battle. Combat: 5/5 - The combat system is intuitive yet deep enough for strategies and team/gear comps for pve and pvp to emerge. There’s an auto battle feature and manual targeting. Overall everything is pretty smooth and players can fine-tune their plan for fights. Gear is the real grind to improve your team and you’ll either love the random stat RNG or hate it. I put Epic Seven at the top of game rankings in this category. Story/Content: 5/5 - There’s a decent amount of content if you play for the story and actually read the dialog. Side stories are regularly released and are enjoyable. Character design/balance: 4/5 - Characters are mostly well thought out and original. There has been power creep in regards to what are called Moonlight(ML) units, which are more pvp-focused and less common because the currency used to purchase them is sparse. As a result, the top pvp teams mostly use the same 4 units. The developer has said that they intend to address this issue. F2P players can obtain any unit with luck. Thankfully, there are no pay-only cosmetics with additional stats in Epic Seven.
  • Guess I’ve forcefully retired.

    By Crestierem
    So this is a great game. One of the better hero gacha’s out there. The story is interesting, the characters are fun and memorable, and many of the soundtracks aren’t exactly memorable but do their job well enough. Not to mention the animations are awesome, many of the characters having 1 second anime cinematic in their strongest moves. The grind can get bothersome, but it’s expected and they don’t overdo it. And the free sky stones (their premium currency) are handed out in a reasonable amount, of not a bit lower than what I would have liked. However it loses a star because the character pulling rates are quite painful. Not only is it absurdly difficult to pull natural 5 star characters, but they decided to have both artifacts (equippable passives) and characters in the same draw, AND have the artifacts have a higher chance of being pulled. Artifacts are useless without a good character to equip it. That becomes less of an issue later on when you’ve been playing awhile but, it’s still annoying. Thankfully, there are also many natural 4 star characters that are very strong and competitive and even a few natural 3 star characters that can be “upgraded” (something like a class upgrade) that can also be very strong with some grinding. For me, one of the main draws are the story events they hold every 2 weeks, roughly. These are fun side stories focused on either one of the already-made characters, or as an introduction to a new character they just implemented. I forgot the title of the event, but my favorite by far was the prequel event. Truly an epic tale, before the epic tale. XD So why the title and 3 stars? Because my account vanished. Poof. Gone. I’ve been playing for roughly a year now, give or take, and now I can’t log into my account because my email is no longer registered in their servers or something. Despite having logged in a few time using this same email before. I opened the app as usual and it told me I had to re-login, which happens occasionally, and I’ve done it before with no hassle. But this time it wouldn’t accept my login name/password so I tried a password recovery and entered my email, only for it to tell me my email was “unregistered.” What? I’ve looked around the game title screen and their site (which is a bit of a mess by the way) and I can’t find a way submit a support ticket. It might be hidden in the account options, but since I can’t even log in... So I’m here complaining in the reviews section. I doubt they even read this, so I guess I’m retiring. It was fun while it lasted, and I think many of you will have fun with it too. It’s just a shame I’ve had to retire the way I have. Thankfully, I was a free player. -_-;;
  • Fun game but I bought the welcome pack and didn’t get it

    By FckZero
    I’ve been enjoying this game for the past hour or two, decided to buy the welcome pack only to have it bug out and not give me anything. I have the receipt on my paypal and my bank card but it still lets me purchase the welcome pack. Any response would be great because I don’t want to pay again for something I already bought.
  • Good game but NOT worth to pay

    By iL@2019
    The developers do not want my money because they forget to put 5 star hero in my summon pool! One less thing to worry about. I give 1 star to balance the unbelievable 5 star rating lol.