• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-07
  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 88.48 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 6,493 Ratings


-------------------------------------------- Adventure across Disney worlds! -------------------------------------------- The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here! Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale! -------------------------------------------- Fight alongside an all-star cast! -------------------------------------------- Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks! Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle! Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies! -------------------------------------------- Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests! -------------------------------------------- Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes! Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks! -------------------------------------------- Express yourself with customizable avatars! -------------------------------------------- An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar! Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!



  • IOS 12

    By mmprfan09
    Will this game still play even on iOS 12 please answer so I will know
  • 5/5

    By TacoGrenades
    fun af
  • Great game

    By Vengeful Riku
    I love this game, and the idea of early access to khIII mini games was extremely genius! Though I do have a few requests..... 1. I don’t see any reason to do the Training Stages, as the Chasm of Challenges does it for me (as well as give me a ton of Lux). Can there be an actual use for Training Stages? 2. BRING BACK SEPHIROTH!!! The fact that we could fight him was absolutely awesome!! How’s about this? Bring back Sephiroth forever, but have there be multiple variations of the quest, with Sephiroth himself be at different levels (think of it like the XIII Events). 3. It’s no fun using AP to get things like Jewels and Lux. I appreciate the 0 AP Campaigns, but we should go bigger. I think we should have an ability to free roam worlds while fighting Heartless and Bosses relevant to the specific world, at levels appropriate for that of the player’s skill level. The player is always by his/her self during free roam, can leave whenever they like, and enemies in each room respawn in random patterns by simply entering the room (think of it as the Cavern of Remembrance in KH2). All of this would be for the cost of all of the player’s AP, to keep it balanced. Note that chests and materials can’t be found using free roam. 4. I understand the concept of Raid Bosses, though the ones that show up at random are too weak. I feel like there should be a balance between the strength of a Raid Boss and that of the player. Note that Raid Bosses from events should not count for this. Other than that, though, there are a few pros I want to give to this game 1. I love how you can gain points for PvP by simply participating in matches, whether you win or lose. Very cool. 2. I already mentioned this, but the Chasm of Challenges (specifically level 4) is a godsend in Lux farming! You’ll level up so fast, it’s ridiculous! Thank you Square Enix for bestowing upon us this godly strategy! 3. I mentioned the Zero AP campaigns already; they take the No. 3 spot. 4. It was an interesting idea to have us create our own character! This is the only game that does that in the series (seriously, go check the rest). Although I think it would have been way different if we were stuck playing as someone like Ephemer or Skuld. 5. Once again, I mention this. The minigames in khIII. That was an awesome idea, as it completely spoi- I MEAN, shows, us some insight on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3! In short, this game is extremely good and worth a try if you want some KHIII insight. Full five stars from me to this game. P.S. this game is so addictive that I sometimes play it when I should be doing my homework. 😁😁😁😁😁
  • Love the game but...

    By ChicaBommba
    I truly enjoy this game and all its challenges but to be honest now I’m getting sick of how unfair the developers have made it to evolve certain medals. After nearly 4 months and lots of jewels spent I’ve only managed to land 4 of the Blue Fairy(8) medals and that’s even after using 3 Gold tickets. I think the developers should at least guarantee 1 of those medals per gold ticket. 2 of my tickets were purchased in one of the events where you could actually purchase them so that means I’ve only won 2 in 4 months which is ridiculous. I suggest you guys listen to the people investing money and time in your game and make it more fair when it comes to that!
  • Go in with this knowledge...

    By Neverlandonearth77
    The pros: 1. fills in story for the kingdom Hearts series 2. Free to play 3. You can make friends 4. Decent graphics 5. You choose how you play 6. Can keep you busy for hours a day. The Cons: 1. The story updates with new content sparingly over the course of months. Be prepared to play through then wait a while. 2. In order to compete against other players (which isn’t part of the main story, but it’s what everyone does between story updates) you either need money, time, math skills, or a combo of all of them to keep your power level. New medals are constantly added, so be prepared to spend (money, time, either one or both) 3. Friends here are good ones, just make sure you are on the right team (“party”) for your play style, or else the team may remove you and you will need to either find a new team or make your own team (party). 4. The game can eat into your daily time if you want to collect as many jewels (in game currency) as you can. Since you will probably be playing this game while sitting down, that can be hours of sitting still per day (if you let it). This is how I gained 20lbs (9.07 kilos) since I joined the game. .......... In conclusion, be aware of what the game takes to play it, don’t count on luck. Know what you want from the game going in. If you want to get good at this game, watch YouTube videos... the stuff people post is both helpful and entertaining. I’ve just traded this game for Pokémon Go to help lose the weight I’ve gained. I’ll probably play from here on sparingly, and only for story. 👍
  • It starts me over

    By TwirlyGirlz
    Every time I get to a certain point it says thanks for playing then it starts me over it’s kinda annoying
  • I can’t even begin

    By OnlyTheBestGames
    For some reason when I do the tutorial it won’t even let me actually ya know, play. It just makes me restart every time and this is just getting annoying personally.
  • TRUE full screen support on iPhone X

    By BEASTthisIndustry
    Android gets a version of this that displays properly on 18.5:9 and other taller aspect ratios, but iPhone XS Max gets weird borders? What universe do we live in where Android users get it better than us?!?! Hopefully this is fixed soon.
  • What I don’t like

    By sailor_omega
    Back when I played it for the first time I really liked playing it cause it is my favorite mobile app but every time I redownload it when ever I complete the tutorial it says thanks for playing and then it restarts me from the beginning so that and I hope the fix
  • Sounds cool!

    By oh, hi.
    This game sounds amazing! It is really cool! But I had a problem. I was playing the story for a real long time (not to long) and the game said thanks for playing, and took me back to the home screen. I pressed play, and it completely started me over. This sounds like a really good game though!