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  • I've been obsessively reading on webtoon for years.

    By Samara Rain
    Being a long time user of this app, I've seen it go through many changes. For the longest time I never had any particular complaints, other than the fact I was reading so much I didn't have anything else to read, but now that isn't really a problem with the sheer amount of activity on the app. Recently there have been some changes that I don't favor but I still enjoy the app. Such as, the popups when you enter the app. They appear every time you enter the app, even if you click don't show again, and most of the time they're for "rebate events" which are for certain Original series's that you can buy episodes and read ahead. But that's the thing, you have to spend coins to participate. I don't mind that it exists but I don't get coins and I'd like if it wasn't shoved down my throat constantly. Then there is the daily pass series. Daily passes used to be used for completed series. You'd get the first 7 or so episodes free and then you'd have to come back everyday or use your coins to read the next chapters. Now they are releasing new daily pass series's where they still upload. It doesn't inconvenience me that much but series that are put under daily passes are put at a huge disadvantage. The user base avoids daily pass series's. And recently, a good chunk of the series coming out are these daily pass series. Finally I recently discovered with certain daily pass stories, once they complete. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE FINAL THREE EPISODES. I have read stories and have been so invested, just for them to get to the ending and I have to accept the reality of never knowing how the story ends. -- Other than that the app has a good interface. Easy to navigate, plenty of entertaining stories, fun events for the holidays (the creators will decorate the covers of their stories), they even have a feature where you can download series for offline reading! very nice when you find a fresh story to read or want to reread a story for a flight.
  • Can’t read comments

    By Sandy729292
    So the apps been working perfectly fine for me but after they added the creator comments on creator profiles, I’ve not been able to go past the first page of comments. If I click the arrow that leads to the next page of comments, it sends me back to the top of the comment section. I rlly love reading comments bcos it makes webtoons much more enjoyable but now I can’t.
  • Good way to browse stories

    By pink.bird
    There are a lot of talented story makers on here and it’s fun to see all the different things people come up with. Knocked a star off because the frequent pop-ups for various webcomic promos is annoying, but fortunately those just happen when you open the app.
  • error

    By Teee.
    back comments aren't loading…
  • Ridiculous Ban

    By Chanti_ScorQueen90
    I was recently temporarily suspended for putting "excessive amount of emojis" in a comment. I wasn't notified of this until I emailed support, and they told me this, and gave me a link to the community policy. Also, to not worry because it will be lifted by end of next day. Nowhere in that did it say anything about this emoji thing. And no one has followed up after I responded to them with this info. The rules should be clear and people should be notified if they're suspended. This happened earlier this year, too. No reason, just suspended. Had to contact support to lift it and they never gave the reason.
  • Daily pass ruined it all

    By could u give me some advise?
    I’m switching to a new web comic app, webtoons you know why. It’s not that hard to listen to the reviews or at least repond. I’ve hated this thing for a while, I’m switching. Webtoons, u. Know. Why. Change it.
  • i <3 webtoon

    By weirddog100
  • Can’t see what updated

    By im in your corner
    So something glitched in webtoon and not I can’t see what updated when I finish reading a episode which I personally find a big issue since I won’t be able to tell what updated anymore if it’s not a canvas I’ve tried going to settings and seeings if I can fix it from there but I can’t so I really hope you can respond to me soon and tell me how to fix it please and thank you
  • Daily Pass

    By A Novice Guitarist
    Okay, so I absolutely love WEBTOON, been using it for over two years, maybe 3 now. One thing that I absolutely despise is the Daily Pass. I remember reading Sweet Home before it was a finished series, loved it. If I want to re-read it, I need to use daily pass. Sweet home has 141 episodes, 126 of those take Daily pass. That's around 4 MONTHS to read it. Let's look at another example, I'm the Max Level-Newbie. I got to episode 6 before I got tired of the daily pass feature. I don't entirely mind it on completed series, but on ones that just started like Designated Bully? It's beyond stupid. Please change this to only include the completed series, as this is a major turn-off on me wanting to use this app. Edit: After reading thru the reviews a bit, it looks like I'm not alone, WEBTOON, this daily pass feature upsets all of us readers.
  • Used to love it

    By KittyKat🐹
    I’ve used webtoon to read comics for over 3 years. All these new pay walls that they’ve added take away from the reading experience. It’s terrible that they have daily passes on ongoing series. it’s become completely unrecognizable. extremely disappointing