• Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2014-07-13
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 128.98 MB
  • Developer: NAVER WEBTOON CORP.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 11.0
Score: 4.46267
From 42,743 Ratings


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  • The comics are good, but the app has issues

    By Dustin Norris
    I’ll make this short, I love WEBTOON and all the creators on this platform. I heavily dislike the way WEBTOON works, from how they charge your payment methods, which payment methods they accept and much more. For example, I currently have $5.97 in my Apple Balance but WEBTOON doesn’t allow me to use it when purchasing coins.. instead it forces me to use a credit or debit card and that’s completely unacceptable. Why should it matter how I pay for anything in the app? If I have the money on Apple Pay, or on a Gift Card it’s still money. I also hate how often WEBTOON crashes or bugs out, I’ve lost a substantial amount of coins due to the app crashing when attempting to make a purchase. For example I recently purchased 50 coins for 4.99 USD, and the app crashed. (My card was charged, but I never received the coins), I’ve also spoken to Naver Inc about this and they refuse to A): give me the coins or B): reimburse me for the money lost due to their poor app. Until this is resolved I will not be using this app again.
  • Daily Pass ruins it. Good app in general.

    By AsA_1•3
    I love WEBTOON, do not get me wrong. I found some of the most interesting stories on there that influenced me to write and draw. It’s an amazing platform, with very high skilled features. But there is a recent update that is ruining the app, Daily Pass. Listen: I do not want to complain. But others are complaining as well. When a series I read is finished: it turns Daily Pass. Why is this bad? You can only read about 1 episode a day. Which is very idiotic of WEBTOON to add on. Just, what’s the purpose of Daily Pass? I can’t even reread my all-time favorite series without waiting weeks. When before the update I could just reread them, no big deal. WEBTOON, for the record your app is extremely amazing. I just advise taking off Daily Pass in the next update, it’s making users of this app feel impatient when they just want to reread. Thanks, :).
  • Love it but..

    By Davida Bangura
    I love this app. I’ve been using this app since the close end 2017. I was perfect. I love that they came up with coins and daily passes or fast past. People have mixed feelings but when you find comic or mangas you type you will realize that it is worth it. And the prices are low for coins. When I use other apps that have coins. I have to spend up to 100 dollars just for 500 coins. But in webtoon 500 coins is only $49.99 and other apps don’t even have daily pass so I’m thankful. And they are also many things you can do to get coin for free they are even giving away 1,000 coins for a competition And I have to wait 1 week for another episode or maybe I have to buy coins to continue reading the full story. But in Webtoon they are so many talented people that have interesting stories. So if I finish an episode for the week. I can find another interesting story to read. By now here in 2020 the apps started having incorrect typos and it is very glitchy. I still enjoy the app but everything that’s going on with it. Is most likely to be 2020’s luck
  • “Do not show again”

    By Batman_Love76
    I love this app, don’t get me wrong but the pop ups that let you tap the “do not show again” option are not legit. I still get these same pop ups whenever I open the app, it is a little annoying.
  • It's great but just one thing that would make it better

    I love Weston I love how can read comics but I don't like how I have to wait awhile to read a episode and I would you use coins but I don't want to spend anything. I would love if we can get daily coins or at least make the wait on each episode shorter like three days Bottom line either make the wait shorter or make daily coins or at least make it easy to make coins with out buying it beside those problems great app
  • It was the best

    By 420j&a
    I love this app it is so fun and there is so good stories
  • Love it but one thing

    By kya avter staf
    I love this app but it’s really wants me to log in I can’t just read it’s a lil dumb you just have to improve that I love it though
  • Can’t log in

    By JohnTheWannabe
    Maybe I’m just new to iPhones but it won’t log me in my account. Resetted my PW so many times but it just won’t let me log in both app or web
  • Daily pass

    By I'm really shy :/
    A few days ago I was able to read 3 episodes a day. Now I can only read one. Why did you change it? It was hard enough to read only 3 a day, but now one? What happened to make yall change the number?
  • Daily Passes and coins

    By rann_uwu
    I love the stories on Webtoon, i enjoy being able to read a whole story in one night. However there are series i have been trying to read but they are completed stories. You can’t read these all at once, you get one episode a day. One. and during november you got more however i find it irritating how much they are trying to monetize everything. Yes the artists deserve to get paid for their work but not at the expense of the reader. Webtoon is starting to feel like Wattpad with how much it’s being monetized and profited off of. I am also highly upset that free coins are only available during events. Tapas has a system set up where readers can get free ink to fast pass and pay for stories by watching adds and complete surveys. Webtoon does not have this. The only way to get coins is when they graciously hold an event where you can get free coins. Overall i’m just upset with the management of the app, the stories are still wonderful and I hold nothing against the authors.