Da Vinci’s Demons: Citizens of Florence

Da Vinci’s Demons: Citizens of Florence

By Starz Entertainment, LLC

Score: 2.90476
From 21 Ratings


Created for iPad 2, 3, and mini with iOS 5.1 or newer. Experience the Starz original series, “Da Vinci's Demons” through the interactive companion app “Citizens of Florence.” Go beyond the series by exploring 24 panoramic environments shot on location, unlocking exclusive da Vinci invention challenges, syncing to 80+ artifacts from the show, and more. You control your journey as you choose your path to either sync in real-time to the episode, or explore at your own pace. Real-Time Sync or Explore on Your Own The “Da Vinci's Demons: Citizens of Florence” iPad app listens in and dynamically unlocks fantastic interactive content in real-time. Or, if you choose to sit back and enjoy the episode, you can explore your unlocked content through the eyes of a Citizen of Florence later. Based on the character you select, your ability to access certain artifacts within Florence will vary. This is a fun and informative way to learn about the varied roles and responsibilities of each character type from the series. Whichever path you choose, prepare to immerse yourself in the following features: -Over an hour of custom video clips from the creator David S. Goyer, Historian - Dr. Findlen of Stanford, and deleted scenes -Sneak peeks into the next episode of Da Vinci’s Demons -100+ show elements including artifacts, characters, props and locations -Exclusive Puzzles and Games -Da Vinci’s inventions in stunning 360 degree format In a world where thought and faith are controlled, Leonardo Da Vinci will fight to set knowledge free. Now you can join Da Vinci in his quest. The Da Vinci's Demons: Citizens of Florence iPad app is an all-new way to experience Starz's original series, Da Vinci's Demons, from David S. Goyer, Co-Writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel.



  • Doesn't work!

    By rein4cer4
    It says ipad 2....I have an ipad 2. It says 5.1 and newer.....my iOS is in the 6.0 family. It says 1.3 gigs required I cleared out 2.6 gigs of space. Should work right? Every time I try to download the app it says I don't have enough space.
  • Up to date & no place to go

    By Top crostata
    No stars for no launch. Why do they torture us so?
  • Can't sync with episodes!!!!

    By Alex524242
    I can not sync with episodes, I did it once and then when I tried to do it again it would no longer sync it would take me back to the previous episode I synced with and not let me sync with a difrent episode
  • Wishing

    By AAustin0618
    I was really bumed to watch the show (which is AMAZING) and get excited about the extras on the app, all to find out it's only an iPad app! Grrrrrrr. I want to see the extras but sadly can't because I have an iPhone. Please, please, please make this able to use on iPhone!!!!!!
  • App for da vinci's demons

    By Bluefish 10
    My Apple iPad isn't a year old either and no matter what I do, the Da Vinci's Demons app won't launch. The fleur de lys opens then immediately closes. Have loaded app 3 times with same result. I thought the problem was some technical glitch of mine until I read all these similar comments. This is way too rich a project to be such a frustrating bust. Sorry, no stars from me.
  • Never launches

    By Neroli95
    Extremely disappointed despite repeated downloads, app closes after fleur de lis appears. Have tried even when episode is live. Would rate 0 stars as it has been nothing but a tease. Please fix bugs.
  • App doesn't launch

    By Beullah
    Love the show; really wanted to use this app. My iPad is not yet a year old, but apparently this app only works on the NEWER ones. Very disappointed. Doesn't even merit a star...sorry.
  • Crash often... EDIT: iPad 2 or newer required!

    By DZ2008
    It keep crashing each time it's launched... EDIT: This new update got me looking at the description where it finally say its for iPad 2 and newer.... While the system requirement only said iPad running 5.1... Go figure... Since I have iPad 1, I am forced to remove the app since it won't run at all... until I get newer iPad!
  • Not for iPad Gen 1!!!

    By Sanger Family
    FYI peeps.
  • Epic show!

    By Skyace
    Great show and cool app.. Hope they make many more seasons..