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Our program has been ranked the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss 12 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report—and now, it’s even better. The all-new WW PersonalPoints™ Program is our first-ever weight-loss plan built 100% for you and your goals. Using the very latest nutrition and behavior change science, rigorous testing, and in-depth feedback from our members, we’ve advanced our award-winning algorithm, which boils down the most important, complex nutritional data—including calories, protein, fiber, unsaturated fats vs. saturated fats, natural vs. added sugar—into a single number: the PersonalPoints value. Your personalized weight-loss plan will guide you toward a nutritious pattern of eating and help you understand patterns to create healthy habits. With WW, everything is on the menu: No food is off-limits! Our new program even allows you to add Points®—a WW first —for doing healthy things like eating non-starchy vegetables, drinking water, and being active. As our most personalized and flexible program for sustainable weight management, WW / WeightWatchers has the tools you need. Unlike other weight-loss programs that only count calories, we know that real success happens when you look at losing weight holistically, from nutrition and movement to mindset and sleep. WW is weight loss that works and wellness that works, so download the WW app now and get a free trial today! After your free trial, plans auto-renew monthly unless you cancel before trial ends. HOW IT WORKS WW’s team of nutrition and behavioral scientists constantly iterate and assess the most advanced research to power our program. Food: Learn to incorporate healthier choices into your diet while still losing weight, thanks to your PersonalPoints Budget and ZeroPoint™ foods (which you don’t need to track). Check out our “What’s in Your Fridge?” tool for personalized recipe recommendations based on what you’ve got in the house. Activity: The activity tracker helps you make progress toward your goals. We'll show you how to sync your fitness device (including Apple Health) and grow your Points Budget by incorporating more activity into your day. Also, enjoy hundreds of on-demand, equipment-free workouts. App features: weekly check-in progress reports weight loss tracker sleep tracker water tracker activity tracker meal tracker barcode scanner 11,000+ recipes Sleep: Science shows people who get consistently less shut-eye are hungrier throughout the day. Track sleep, relax with Breethe meditations, plus get science-backed strategies from our behavioral psychologists. Mindset: For health and wellness, what’s on your mind is just as important as what’s on your plate. Our team of behavioral psychologists deliver 5-Minute Coaching audios to help you refocus and tackle roadblocks like stress eating. Support: With 24/7 Live Coaching, an expert WW Coach is available via chat to answer questions or provide a dose of weight-loss motivation. Plus, we have an exclusive social network to connect with like-minded WW members! MEMBERSHIP TERMS For auto-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at the previously selected rate. Your payment will continue to automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Your WW Digital membership can be managed or cancelled in your Apple ID Account Settings. The auto-renewing membership plan is billed monthly and gives you access to our digital tools. For non-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged once at the time of purchase and will give you access to a WW Digital membership for 1 year. Privacy Policy: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/privacy/policy Terms of Service: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/termsandconditions/onlineplus-coaching



  • Doesnt recognize that I ALREADY PAID

    By lorimac0260
    I’m trying to join WW! I paid for the 6-month difital plan on their web site and then downloaded this app as instructed. It does not recognize my account and only gives me the option to sign up and pay again! This is a major unprofessional FLOP for such a large organization!!!
  • Good

    By soupquinn
    I like this app. Not really any glitches
  • Weight too easy to see

    By ZoeyGracie
    Since an update it it way to easy for my weight to be displayed. I don’t want that info so easily accessible. Other people can see it way too easy just clicking on it displays your entire weight loss history.
  • App but linking to apple health

    By AKM201902
    The app never links correctly to apple health, activity is always missing
  • The app is okay

    By SNHI86
    The runs well and does what it’s supposed to. But recently they took out the ability to edit a recipe. I regularly like to use recipes from a certain website that has links to input the recipe into WW to track it. But I used to be able to edit the recipe, which I would regularly because I might have slightly different ingredients on hand. Without being able to just edit the simple recipe, I feel like I have to manually enter the recipe each time I cook, which makes me not want to take the effort to properly track my meal, because busy working mom, I just don’t have spare minutes to add multiple recipes a week! I’d bump up my rating if the ability to edit recipes was returned.
  • Many foods scan incorrectly

    By frustraredx2
    Check the nutritional value of everything you scan using a bar code. Many food item bar codes do not scan nutritional info correctly and that causes the point count to be off by 1/2 - 1 point more than when I use create food and then photo the food nutritional information label. I contacted WW Cust help once when a favorite food, new flavor, started scanning for 2 more points. It was a lengthy process and ended with a choice of adjusting my serving or using create food and taking a photo of the nutritional info label to get the correct number of points. I started double checking everything and it happens too often. The monthly fee for the WW program is expensive and I expect accuracy When scanning bar codes. I don’t have the time or desire to contact WW every time There is an error. I don’t like constantly creating foods that should be scanning correctly.
  • Used to love

    By tct28
    Been on WW for years. Finally found a plan that worked for me, the green. Now WW has decided to remove options. I can force it to be like the green plan by removing all but one protein as zero points but this isn’t working. Had lost 35 lbs finally and since this new change in which they know what works best for everyone , I’ve gained 10 back and have been struggling to get it back off The app does not give you the option to NOT add fitness points which is beyond frustrating. I don’t want to fake myself out and see I have 75 extra points because I workout. I can choose not to use them but prefer not to think I can and still lose as it didn’t work that way for me. So since they don’t give the choice I had to remove my Fitbit tracker connection so now I no longer can track all in one place and try to correlate progress to exercise or sleep habits. It’s two apps now I have to use. And you can’t turn off adding points for eating veggies which also causes me to be stuck at not losing. So I quit tracking veggies. But some food such as a subway sandwich automatically adds points assuming you added enough veggies to earn a point! They have no idea what I put on my sandwich. And you have to go through two screens now to add anything because it tracks veggies first but if you aren’t you have to go to a second screen to add anything else. Seriously think I’ll quit soon as it’s too much frustration and I can track easier in my head.
  • Unable To Use App

    By ItalianBeauty77
    I have an account and can sign on using web but cannot sign on through app. Very upsetting.
  • Seriously?? What a rotten thing to do

    By CrankyCook
    I agree wholeheartedly with another reviewer that it is unbelievably crass to have one’s weight suddenly appear on the front page dashboard of this app. At least put in an option to remove that panel or move it down. It is no one else’s business what my weight is. And I don’t want it stuck there on the front page when I’m trying to log meals. How rude!
  • Notifications

    By Hfgjffdd
    I am not receiving notifications. I tried to report to developer but it takes you to the WW site with no help. Tried to report via Apple but because I didn’t purchase thru Apple there is no help. How can I receive the notifications on my iPhone?