Gun & Dungeons

Gun & Dungeons


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-06-22
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 485.93 MB
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  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 11.0
Score: 4.57043
From 1,285 Ratings


Welcome champ! Get ready to enter Chimera 5, a monster-infested world system, crawling with all kinds of vicious creatures, the perfect venue for a twisted spectating alien sports tournament to the death. The rules are simple: you must survive the treacherous dungeons, filled with hordes of nasty monsters. If you reach the end, you will face an even more powerful monster. The reward for defeating the boss? A huge loot pile and… another dungeon, of course, this is how sinister this competition is! Key Features - Story mode: Explore mysterious and deadly worlds with hundreds of challenging dungeons. - Survival mode: Defeat huge hordes of monsters and get unique rewards. - Loads of vicious deadly monsters for you to shoot, vaporize, incinerate and explode! - Lots of powerful skills that you can pick up and manage to give you an extra boost! - Legendary gear gathered across the universe and Time that will increase your stats. - Feeling lonely? What about having a pet to help you out in those tough situations? -… and GUNS… Lots of guns. You got sniper guns, machine guns, assault guns, laser guns, bazooka guns… if you find a special gun? KEEP IT! No one ever survived or escaped Chimera 5, will you be the first? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us: [email protected] Find out more games: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PRIVACY POLICY:



  • T

    By Leo19980320
    The newest update has weaken the hero too much. Especially the HP stealing skill. Mine was reduced from 10% to 2.5 %. Now it’s impossible to pass the survival mode.
  • Bad news

    By Arfrce72
    Why can’t we use black smith to merge weapons? I have so many that I can upgrade if I could merge them. Huge issue with playability.
  • Fix Survivor Mode

    By jswzzz
    In Story mode when your app inevitably closes mid game you can always reopen and it will let you go back into the level at the exact state you were in. In Survival mode, which can take about 45 mins to clear 100 levels, if you ever close the app or the app cache clears and does a reset, you have no option to “Continue” and there’s not even any recognition of all the levels you cleared. Just tragic. Second bug I would like to complain about is more minor, certain levels in Survival have those thick breakable walls, but if you have a gun that shoots over obstacles it’s very easy to kill the enemies before those enemies break the walls. If you kill all the enemies and the walls are still up, that’s it. The walls stay up, you can’t finish the level. You have to quit. And guess what happens when you quit? Yea. Start over dumdum. Last one I swear: the game didn’t give me the achievement nor does it think I beat the last boss on normal when I’ve done it multiple times. Fix the first one and it’s 4 stars. Fix the 3 and it’s 5 stars and I’m waiting for more content.
  • Where’s the update ?

    By Murder mu
    The lack of update is astonishing, is anyone even trying?. No one is listen to the people that plays this game and there’s not even an official group. It’s obvious this game is just a money grabber.
  • Buggy

    By chang559
    There’s a bug that I can say anything at all
  • Dead game?

    By Djvt27
    2 months of no update. Fuse system is clunky (can ‘t fuse weapons but other items are okay)
  • Bug and crashes are spoiling it…

    By Bryan Chalker
    I have enjoyed this game, but for the past 2 weeks I have found a big that has put the. Reeks on my progressing further. Haunted Cemetery level 115 (boss Draculy) seems to work fine for a few seconds, but then - inexplicably - my guy and pet stop shooting. Draculy continues, of course, which ultimately leads to my death every time. I’ve tried multiple weapons and each time they stop shooting. It seems to occur after I have taken about 15% of Draculy’s health. Frustrating bug that has caused me to just quit playing. This is on top of the multiple bug situations that cause hordes/bosses to glitch out being stuck on obstacles and not able to complete a run due to this. The survival runs are 15+ min long, so when this happens you lose out on all the loot you’ve collected since you have to quit the run at that point. Again…fun game, but bugs destroyed my desire to continue playing it.
  • Fix ad system or get rid of it

    By Eddiel12
    This game is absolutely unplayable in its current state crashes constantly
  • Really fun and addicting BUT…….

    By dirtjunkie610
    why can’t you merge guns???? like i love almost everything else other than it seems to take forever to get more powerful but this problem is definitely far worse thanks to the inability to fuse/merge guns aswell!!!
  • Could be fun, if not for bugs and crashes.

    By jonathanplumb
    The game has a fun Archero feel, but the game crashes often (almost always after playing an ad, but also occasionally at random times). Furthermore, stage 115 is unbeatable. The boss teleports, and if he teleports to a location just off the edge of the screen (he teleports a LOT), the hero ceases firing and stands there until killed. The lowest I got him was to maybe 80% before he bugged out. I think I’ll go find another, more reliable game like this to kill my time with.