Kingdom Guard: Tower Defence

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defence


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-06-23
  • Current Version: 1.0.243
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 900.02 MB
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.57476
From 17,442 Ratings


Titan has invaded our kingdom, and our guardian dragons have all but disappeared. Finally, you discovered the fabled, last dragon egg, just as Titan descends upon you with his dark legions. Come train and merge your soldiers, and protect the dragon egg to save the world! 1. Merge to upgrade A brand new way of upgrading that doesn't involve boring city building and troop production. Now you have total control over your units! Merge two units of the same level and type to create a higher level unit! 2. Tower Defense Train and merge your soldiers to defend against the enemy. Different defense formations will always yield distinct and surprising results! 3. Strategy Sandbox Game Join an alliance, take over the dark throne, revive the guardian dragon, and achieve glory in this brutal world. Let your name live by becoming the ultimate ruler of the new age!



  • overheats your phone and had massive glitches

    By Xenoknight
    This game is fun but there must be secret data being mined from the phone. My phone is constantly over heating when playing for 15 min. Also in the goal for the throne, there is a massive glitch and they don’t care.
  • Good game. Massive battery drain

    By APLamps
    This game is real fun. Lots of different game types mashes into one. Good community aspect. My big gripe is that it is a huge battery drain. So much so that my phone gets hot while I play. Otherwise, it would be a 5 out of 5. The reviews that complain about spending money to play, just ignore. Of course you need to spend money to get far quick, as you do with all games like this. You don’t need to, but it is more fun if you do. We all make that choice for ourselves.
  • Boring game.

    By Sombulous
    I dunno how more boring this game can get. You got very little control over what how when the game happens. Click on auto merge and just tap the screen until you get what you need. The Arena portion of the game is what caused me to quit and delete the game. Went to the arena, did a challenge then was told defeated. Didn’t even see a battle, had to take the game’s word for it. Note to developers… make SURE the ACTUAL game play matches the ads.
  • Great game but the add’s...

    By DeezNutzKid
    This game is really fun but the add’s are 100% FAKE which is false advertising but the game is still fun. I also want to ask why can’t iOS devices exchange promo codes? It make it so unfair for the iOS players, giving the android devices an advantage.
  • Great community, terrible development staff

    By Kattalistt
    I actually really enjoyed this game, despite the fact that it looks nothing like their ads… that being said, there are serious code and functionality flaws within the events, interactions, and daily play style. The official discord community is super active; discussing content and strategies, showing proof of bugs and issues, and generally talking about game play. But the development team goes from super helpful to absolutely silent the instant you bring forth a concern about how the game actually has flaws. Coupling this with the constant cash grab events just to remain competitive, and it’s a receipt for customers being abused.
  • Newest update broke the game

    By The Original Crazy Jo
    Half my features aren’t working mailbox is broken
  • It’s ehhhhh but fun

    By BloodDragon Axios
    Can be difficult to play unless guided by other more experienced players. Hero’s and their cards can be difficult to understand in the beginning of the game, especially if you aren’t aware of the value of them. Very monetarily driven game. If you’re smart you can spend a little bit of money and be able to compete but there are whale players which you will never catch up to without spending at least a few thousand (yes thousands $ are spent on this game). Can be a little buggy for in game events. Speaking of events some are very straight forward and relatively simple. Other events are complex and complicated, and can’t be a participant in unless you have a very good, well organized alliance with Uber powerful players. Still a pretty fun game. I’ve spent about 100-200$ on it and I’m doing quite well considering the people who have put a lot of money and hours into the game. There’s always something to do even if it’s little. If you aren’t willing to spend time on the game to succeed and compete then it might not be the game for you. Only real issue with the game is the money.. for the most part it seems that the developers and customer service do not care for the players and their satisfaction and more their money. I have heard from a few big spenders that thousands they have put into the game have gone to waste as the game continues to develop. This is especially important because when that amount of money is spent it’s hard to advance much further because you’ll need spend even more money to get further than where you are because the game doesn’t provide a means to succeed on just the game alone. If you play this game seriously play cautiously and don’t blow all your money because you many not see the return you’d like.
  • Tghooker

    By Bsilerio
    La verdad es un juego que recomiendo, es competitivo, divertido, para distraer la mente y para agilizarla, y aparte haces buenos amigos de juego,
  • False Advertising

    By Johanne12839
    The ad is not the game.
  • Looks really budget

    By jace duck
    Downloaded it because like normal the ad is nothing like the actual game, makes me cringe looking at game quality.