The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom

By ChengDu Starunion Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.

Score: 4.52762
From 22,662 Ratings


The story begins with a small ant, which is one of 11,000 species of ants. When the sun shine through, it comes another busy day. In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you are the ultimate Ant Ruler to lead the Queen, build your Anthill, grow the colony, and defend against enemies. To survive and reproduce, wars between animals take place frequently in nature. For the glory and prosperity of your ant empire, you must show your own strategies and resourcefulness. - AUTHENTIC ANTHILL The Anthill of an ant colony is the same as the castle of an empire, which provides a safe place for the offspring to grow. Anthill layout is strategically crucial, so you should plan your hive wisely, construct tunnels, thus building your ideal ant empire! - REALISTIC ANTS Perfectly refered to the ants in reality, the number of ants in a colony represents the rise and fall of an ant empire. For the development of your ant empire, you must hatch as many ants as possible. So, you can lead them to fight, plunder resources, and expand your territory! - MUTATE ANTS To plunder resources and expand territory, you must build a mighty Ant Troop. In addition to numerous advanced Soldier Ants, You also need to have leaders for your Ant Troops: the Special Ants. You can get powerful Special Ants by hatching different eggs. Your Ant Troop will gain a sweeping edge with a proper formation of Soldier Ants and Special Ants. - SOLID ALIANCE Fighting alone will never be easy. Success only leaves for the alliances who think alike. By creating or joining an Alliance, you can not only help each other, but also grow and fight together. With the help of allies, the ant empire under your command will surely take its place in this Ant Kingdom! ------------------------------------------- Subscription Agreement in Brief: The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides subscription services. During the subscription, you can enjoy exclusive attribute bonuses and privileges. 1. Content: Multiple privilege can be experienced every day, as well as various continuing huge bonuses. 2. Subscription duration: 7 days 3. Payment: Via your iTunes account 4. If you are a subscriber, within 24 hours before your weekly subscription expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed UNLESS you manually cancel it before then. 5. To manage and cancel subscriptions, please head to Settings - iTunes Store & App Store - Check Apple ID - Account Settings - Subscription. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides an instant online customer service, which will surely give you a better gaming experience. No matter what kind of questions you have, we are here to help as much as possible. You can contact us through the following channels: ◆Official LINE: @theantsgame (don't forget "@") ◆Official Discord: ◆Official Facebook: ◆Official Support E-mail: [email protected] ◆Official TikTok: @theants_global ◆Official website: Attention! The Ants: Underground Kingdom is free to download. However, some items in the game are not free. Players must be at least 3 years old to download it, as defined in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Besides, devices should have access to network as this is an online game.



  • Scam

    By Luckylu0880
    Won’t get anywhere unless u spend and even that it’s all rigged
  • Worst customer support ever

    By winnamarron
    Had an unauthorized purchase and PayPal refunded my money. Then I received a letter from “the fairy” saying they don’t give refunds and if I don’t set up a payment arrangement my account will be BANNED in 48 hours. I immediately reached out on Line, Discord, and GM in app. NO ONE HAS RESPONDED IN OVER 14 hours!
  • Alliance limits

    By WerdNerd69
    It says cannot claim alliance contribution rewards now just joined alliance
  • Cool game

    By Sgodoifogdijfgf
    I like this game its fun interesting keeps you busy but i want the sound off i cant find a settings feature to do it
  • Great game but one problem

    By aaaaaakskksk
    This is a great game overall but one problem is that with the feeding station some people don’t have enough time to use it so it’s like their being punished for no reason.
  • It’s pay to play to win pay for skins to earn

    By Angel casi
    This game is for the rich the further you go down the rabbit hole the more it’s gunna cost ya
  • Good but…

    By bf by hydrds
    This is probably the best ant game made but it has one major problem. I keep getting attacked by people now I know you might be thinking it’s not the games fault and half of it isn’t but the attacks make the game unplayable because they take your resources away. And for some reason I am everyone’s main target. I can’t play the game because I have no resources because frequent attacks. There is an option to move your base but even though I did many times I always keep getting attacked my solution is to make a thing in the game where players can’t attack you and you can’t attack anyone else either. That is why I rated this game a three star instead of a five star however I truly think that this is a good game I hope the creator reads this and takes action although he or she probably won’t because there is about twenty thousand reviews .
  • Unfortunate

    By Bimmok
    I have had nothing but problems with this app, all coming from its notifications. It either sends me 9 notifications all at once for one thing being completed and when listening to anything 9 notifications one and the other for one thing, and then send those same 9 AGAIN even after I’ve taken care of it. Of course even if you do have notifications on it will not notify you of anything important such as when your being invaded or scouted. Was just hit not an hour ago and received nothing. The resources gathering is off, I had max water without ever actually trying while it was almost impossible to keep other resources despite those other resources being so much more abundant. The game needs to work and has the same problems as so many other games out there. It is not above others and due to its notification system being so messed up I am removing it permanently.
  • Parents - Delete this from your kid’s devices!!

    By ShadowNuke
    For some reason this game mixes extremely strong and extremely weak players of all ages together in an environment with unfiltered chat. I’ve learned that some players are sexually extorting others over their in-game assets, friends, and demanding they perform acts and share images for them, moving from here to FaceTime and snap chat. This has been reported but game developers are hands off. Authorities don’t seem to treat this seriously since the offenses span national boundaries. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THIS GAME!!! I don’t know what else to say or do.
  • Heaven forbid you be allowed to log in before being forced into the tutorial

    By Hopefromhell
    Heaven forbid you be allowed to log in before being forced into the tutorial and being taught like a two year old how to hit buttons for an infinite loop until you complete the tutorial like they require you to do like I’m not a two year old please give me a chance to let me log into the app before forcing me to learn how to hit buttons again