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Finally, here comes the place to watch original and popular shows, dramas and variety shows! Tencent Video presents selected and top-hit shows and dramas for you to stream with premium watching experience. New Experience! 1. New UI interface of online/offline scenes 2. Interactive optimization of bullet-screen setting, resolution, episode selection, etc 3. Support more speed options (3x, 2x, 0.75x) Other features you may like: Category selection: Movies, dramas, and variety shows are categorized into different pages. We make it easier for you to find a specific category that you want to explore more. Continue to watch: We help you to remember where you left last time and pick up from there directly. Video definition adjustment: You can select different picture qualities based on your demand. When you are watching with cellular data, you may select 360P to save your data. You can also enjoy Blu-ray picture quality (Full HD) to upgrade the watching experience. Subtitles: We provide multiple languages and subtitles for you to choose from. You can also switch language based on your preference. Screen control: You can swipe your screen up and down with your finger to adjust volume and brightness and swipe left and right to skip back or forward the video. Your feedback is valuable for Tencent Video. Whenever you encounter any errors or problems while using Tencent Video, please send us your feedback or comment to our email at [email protected] to help us improve our service. For our latest content and timely support , please visit Tencent Video official website: https://wetv.vip/



  • Needs fixing

    By sienna_hby
    At times it works, then other times even when you have VIP it literally will not work, it honestly needs a lot of work.
  • Subtitles not provided consistently

    By Dokling314
    The subtitles are not stable - don’t know why. Depends on bandwidth? Wifi strength? It’s annoying. 1 episode bas subs , then the next does not. I have had to delete the app , then re-install, sign in again…. To get it working. Ungghh!!!
  • AirPlay and casting issue

    By Padminisrs
    Past few days the AirPlay or chrome cast is not happening. Constantly get video error. Please help
  • Scram

    By Looking again
    I paid for the vip subscription and never received it. Reach out to help support haven’t heard back from them.
  • Pretty bad

    By Blissful_AF
    It works maybe 20% of the time. Everything from subtitles to casting or videos just not loading or complete video error. I paid for the vip and got one season out of it and I’ll be canceling it immediately. If it was a new app I would hang in there but it’s obvious nobody is taking care of this app.
  • AirPlay

    By MiiS liiZ
    The app is nice and it has a lot of shows but the AirPlay on the English app doesn’t work. On the Mandarin app it does work, I hope you all can fix this soon!
  • Air TV

    By StarryArcana
    The app works perfectly fine for me, but some series won’t play/load when trying to play it on my tv with the Air TV feature. I’m not sure if it’s just me or the app…
  • App needs better integration with Apple.

    By specialegirl
    Signing up and paying with Apple ID was only possible with the English app. I couldn’t use wechat to sign up on the Chinese app perhaps because I can’t pay via wechat in the US. Instructions not clear. Once I paid ViP membership via Apple ID I cannot sign on using Apple TV and instead had to mirror from phone to TV. While Tencent has good content, the app makes it a pain to use on Apple TV. Support for my Samsung TV is non existent. I’m not interested in watching TV on handheld device or laptop.
  • lags and crashing

    By kmimay
    so the only other time i used this was for manner of death cause love me some maxtul. anyways it worked fine when i used it then but i’m currently watching en of love: love mechanics and since this is the official way to stream i decided to give it a go but literally its so bad. it’ll stop in the middle of it and the screen will go black and ads pop up out of nowhere when the screen turns black and i have to restart the app. also sometimes it lags and skips a few minutes by itself. and you may think oh it’s probably my wifi but no this is the only app it happens with i literally used iqiyi this morning and it was perfectly perfect. it’s making me really upset since i really want to finish love mechanics but honestly this app is really frustrating me.
  • The worst app I ever used

    By JJJ_111_000
    The app doesn’t work after I purchased yearly plan. No service line or person you can really contact. Send email no answer. Don’t try to purchase it.