SAO Unleash Blading

SAO Unleash Blading

By Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Score: 4.75844
From 16,315 Ratings


A tale of noble souls… SWORD ART ONLINE: Unleash Blading is SAO’s newest anime RPG game. Based off of the Alicization story arc from the Sword Art Online anime manga series, guide Kirito, Eugeo, and friends in their quest to save Alice and all of Underworld from new and dangerous threats. This epic JRPG adventure set in the virtual world of Sword Art Online combines stunning new anime-like motion with a unique Spirit Battle System to add an original strategic twist on the classic turn-based anime RPG gameplay formula. Sap the enemy spirit to help defend against their attacks or gather spirit for your team to build up your own powerful attacks and take down the mightiest of foes. This unique feature helps shape exciting and unique RPG battles just like in the anime series! SWORD ART ONLINE: Unleash Blading contains the best SAO mix of the manga novels, anime series, and original content all in one epic anime RPG adventure! What are you waiting for? The fate of the virtual world rests in your hands! LINK START!!! The Seed License is an automatically renewable monthly subscription service that grants players special benefits. Subscribers can try the service for the first month free. [Attention] -This service is an automatically renewable, monthly paid subscription service that is valid on a monthly basis upon purchase -The first month of the subscription is the free trial period, but after that, the subscription will be automatically renewed and the subscriber will be charged every month until the subscription is cancelled in the store -Please note that even if the app is deleted, if the automatic renewal is not cancelled, then the subscription will continue to be automatically renewed -If the user has subscribed to multiple copies of this service with different Apple ID accounts, users will not be able to enjoy duplicate benefits. In addition, we will not be able to cancel the payments for multiple/duplicate subscriptions [About Payment/Period/Updates] -This subscription is linked with the Apple ID that paid for this service and is available immediately upon purchase -If the subscription has not been cancelled 24 hours before the expiration date, the subscription will be automatically renewed -If the automatic renewal has not been cancelled within 24 hours of the expiration date, charges will be applied whenever the service is renewed [About Cancelling Subscription] -This service must be cancelled 24 hours before the expiration date -To cancel a service, please follow the steps below 1. Go to [Settings] on iPhone ⇒ [iTunes Store and App Store] ⇒ tap Apple ID 2. [Display Apple ID] ⇒ tap [Registration] 3. This will display the management screen for subscription content, click on [Cancel Registration] -Deleting this app will not cancel this service -You can still enjoy this service even after cancellation until the expiration date [Other Important Notes] -Because there is the possibility of problems arising when processing this service, do not close out of the app when purchasing this service [Terms of Service] [Privacy Policy] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Website: By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the Bandai Namco Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.



  • Great game but huge bugs

    By Cloudis16
    This game is great however new or returning can even download the new version because of some bug

    By Goku_the_goat
    Hey I’m getting tired of not being able to play the game because of these stupid crashes.I’ve been playing this game for quite sometime now and I’ve been getting these crashes every time I log into the game.I’m not even able to play it because it crashes in the loading screen so please FIX it.
  • Playing since launch, but can’t stand recent crashing.

    By MjStyless
    As a massive SAO fan, I’ve been playing and enjoying this game since it launched, but as of recently the game will randomly crash to the point it’s getting pretty annoying to even play. Most of the crashes happen when I select an opponent for Ordinal Battles. As soon as I choose an opponent, the game crashes and when I reboot the game, I’m taken to the result screen and given a loss despite never actually beginning a battle. The inconvenient times of the crashes make a person just stop playing.
  • Amazing game

    By XxxAntiunoxxX
    Has the feel of a turn based rpg with some spice
  • Can’t play

    By swrod art online player
    Hello I was new to the game when I did the beginner quest I couldn’t go any further than that because I had to many items and it made a storage error and the error never went away. I can’t make a good rating about the game because I can’t even start.
  • Lacking In summon mat

    By dre6369
    It’s not terrible but they could be a Lil more generous w it
  • Problems

    By Amatsukifuji
    There are many problems for example when I meet the requirements to unlock certain features the features do not unlock there are allot of people hacking the game a couple of the people hacking the game are using the names Zafkiel and CANOR1V3R4
  • My number 1 favorite mobile game!

    By Minecfafter
    This has become my number 1 favorite mobile game! But there is 1 problem that bothers me, the app consumes an extremely large amount of battery power even with my phone in low power mode. The game will bring my phone from 100% charge down to 10% charge in no more than 3 hours even if I keep low power mode on the whole time. But, this problem might be due to the fact that my phones battery has degraded to a maximum capacity of 83% but my battery is still supporting peak performance. Other than that issue I have no other problems with the game.
  • Best game ever

    By deadcall3
    This is the best anime game ever I am so happy that the creator of the game made it thank you
  • Unfair fights

    By Dark Yatogami
    Ordinal Battle is broken in this game. It is really and I mean really unfair. Most of the time you don’t even have a chance to attack because players are doing “special link”. Yeah its a nice move but just take it off of ordinal battles. Then there’s also the amount of moves the enemy team can do. These fights are unfair because you cant even attack and the fights already ended in 2 or 3 moves. So yeah with that make it so that each team can do 1 move before its the other teams turn. Also i get that the characters are strong but these barely feel like battles. It says “damage recieved reduced by 50%” but that’s a lie. Make the damage recieved waaaay lower. Most of these fights are litterally one sided. Fix it bandai.