World War Doh: Real Time PvP

World War Doh: Real Time PvP

By Jam City, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-02-18
  • Current Version: 1.4.97
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 333.49 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 13.0
Score: 4.6264
From 4,379 Ratings


Build your army and dominate the competition in World War Doh—an intense, chaotic, and hilarious new Real-Time Strategy game! Play now and Control Your Chaos! Control your Commander to defeat opponents in challenging PvP card combat battles. Your only goal: to crush someone else’s hopes. Collect and upgrade dozens of unique cards to create the ultimate deck, then take your troops to battle! Do you have what it takes to be the best? With tons of strategies to explore, World War Doh will challenge you at every turn! Conquer the world, put your enemies to shame, and assert dominance with your Commander’s epic army! Network connection is required. A love for chaos is optional. FEATURES: • Crush enemies from across the world in real-time strategy battles! • Build your base, deploy your army, and win before the time is up! • Unlock, collect, and upgrade rare cards to create the ultimate card combat deck! • Upgrade and control your Commander during combat to counter your opponent’s tactics! • Switch up your strategy in real-time to catch your opponents off-guard! Unleash epic combos and wreak havoc on the enemy base! Follow: @WorldWarDoh #ControlYourChaos Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:




    By edster95
    This game used to be great. Devs would reward us BIG time with gems and coins for doing daily challenges. the more you play the more you win. Now, chest prices have increased in gem price. The amount of coins in the legendary chests decreased from thousands to hundreds to then only 49-70 coins per chest that costs 1200 gems. It used to be 1x legendary character guaranteed now it’s 0-1x. So it’s not guaranteed even tho I’m dropping $10 on a chest and I probably have a 10% chance of getting a legendary card. The amount of cards off all chests are now all the same no matter how many gems you drop. It decreased from maybe 500 cards to 154 cards on the legendary chests. Oh yeah all chests now have 154 cards even if you spend 150 gems or 1200 gems. I would understand the cheaper chests but the legendary???!!! yeah. No. This screams money hungry so loud it’s not even funny. If you guys were to try and balance out the game, there’s many more ways to do it, such as increase the max level we’re able to reach. reduce the damage on certain cards. not increase price on our only source to drop money on and give us less for our dollars.
  • Bad game

    By Tktk9876
    Bad game
  • So Frustrating

    By Bstondaddy12
    This might be the most frustrating mobile game I’ve ever encountered... it’s an excellent concept... great graphic choices very immersive....first issue is terrible matchmaking. I quit half the games I start because I’m so unevenly matches (it MATTERS)... bad match making is caused by low player count which is caused by rushed decisions on uneven additions to the game which is driven by greedy devs... skins and avatars are a fun part of the game that should bring people back for entertainment value alone and instead they hide them behind incredibly grindy and boring challenges that almost nobody bothers with based on the fact 95% of people I play have the default skin.. so in the end like so many other mobile games it boils down to greedy devs so desperate to make a buck that they are damaging their own product instead of letting it grow organically.
  • THIS GAME IS FUN!!!!!!!!!

    By bradley ml skinner
    I like this game because it’s fun and addicting plus I love fighting games.This is a game you want, you pick a character set him somewhere in your distance then he attacks the enemy
  • A pleasant clash royale substitute.

    By parksman22
    I was actually impressed with this game. Big Clash Royale fan so I was skeptical but so far this game has been a blast and offers some depth. Also the characters in the game are unique and offer funny lines. Try it out! Add a 2 on 2 feature ASAP!!
  • Room for improvement.

    By ohhGravy
    I give this game a one star for the fact that it has no skillbased matchmaking . In a game very similar to clash Royale , your card levels and crown tower levels matter very much . When you’re a level 5 played lvl 9 players , it’s not a very fun experience or one you look to come back to on a daily basis . In my opinion , this game feels like a sloppy version of clash royale that dates back years in development . Too basic . Lots of room for improvement .
  • Love the e game

    By jwudyyrhrjr
    I’m having a really fun time with the game and I can’t wait for future updates maybe more things w the club like club wars and more things to do with your friends. Like 2v2 or tourneys
  • Hackers delight

    By rcpunt
    If you are a hacker and love to cheat this game is for you. Spend your time easily beating other players while stealing as you go. Enjoy!!
  • Good

    By ItsaulGudman
    Nobody playing in higher tiers
  • Mm

    You guys say you’re actively working to fix the matchmaking but I’ve been playing nothing but Masters...I just barely got to diamond I can’t progress in the game anymore and it’s super annoying and making me unable to play. Can you guys actually fix the matchmaking like you say you are? There’s really no point in playing anymore if I just get on to play people that are so much higher in rank than me and they beat me 9/10. Who plays any game to lose?