Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-04
  • Current Version: 1.73.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 210.98 MB
  • Developer: VIZOR APPS CORP.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0.2
Score: 4.61435
From 66,463 Ratings


Welcome to the ultimate city and farm experience! - EXPLORE the wild territories of Alaska together with valiant Kate and adventure-savvy Paul. Build strong and prosperous farm and city in the wild. This game has it all! - BUILD a flourishing city with factories and farms, mine for resources and craft everything you need for travels, quests, new buildings and orders from the locals dropping by your town. - FARM in the wild! Raise animals and harvest crops, make food for yourself and to trade. - COMPETE with neighboring farm owners and take as many craft and farm orders as you can during the timed events held among all the players! - UNLOCK challenging quests! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries and build up ancient ruins in every town or village they travel to. - PLAY fun mini-games at your farm and at other locations! - ENJOY the breathtaking scenery and landscapes of various locations! Every corner of your small northern town and the whole game world is packed with wonders of nature and history! - MEET outstanding game characters and hear their compelling stories during your journeys from one town to another! The wild lands of Alaska hide many thrilling adventures. Build the world of your dreams and enjoy your Gold Rush city and farm! Terms of Use: https://vizor-interactive.com/documents/klondike-mobile/eula_appstore.html



  • Can’t play

    By mokey02
    Had got this game on my iPhone and now I can’t play anymore because of Game Center won’t let me.
  • You have to spend a lot of money

    By Chuck norris187
    This game really is loads of fun, I like it but I can’t afford to play it.. The goals are extremely unrealistic compared to the rewards and energy you receive. The further you get the more unrealistic the goals. I spent over $200 had loads of fun but the rewards just aren’t enough to get through the goal once you don’t spend money... It was a learning experience but I’m done paying..
  • Disappointed

    By HopeRose910
    I would give this 5 stars if the energy lasted longer or we could earn energy. In order to get anywhere in the game one has to spend a whole bunch of their own money which no one can do that. People have bills, & families to take care of. I am sad that I will have to delete this game.
  • Advertisement vs Game

    By Rob Allen 967
    Why do these idiot developers make an advertisement that looks like something I would want to play, but when you actually install the game it isn’t even close. Although the game might be up some people’s alley, not mine. Develop the game you advertised and I will buy it.
  • So frustrating

    By Scrap5c
    I really like this game & would probably give it a 5-star review but at this time I am so frustrated by not being able to progress quicker. I understand a few obstacles but when you can only break up a few things at a time & then have to wait for more energy it gets frustrating & takes the fun away from the game. Ready to put it to rest & try something else for a while.
  • Love playing this game

    By wpeace2016
    I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and love it. Every now and then I purchase emeralds and never have an issue. This morning I made a purchase and still have not received my emeralds. I am afraid that my money is gone. How does one get this figured out!!?? Feeling frustrated today
  • Deception

    By Glacious99
    This app is deception perfected. Short backdrop story to set up why. The game is based on you exploring your way thru different worlds. I’m the process your tasked with upgrading your village. This is done by building different buildings and producing goods that you can then trade for coin. Certain foods require things that are no where remotely close to having to do with one another. As an example in order to build glass jars you need metal pipes. I can’t connect the need for metal pipes to make a glass jar. Alas there are many things like that that don’t make any sense. The deception comes in the form of exploring worlds. As you see you need to uncover a path from one end of the world to another. Your basically on a mission to discover odd things that are needed to progress further along in your adventure. So you use energy to “remove” items from your path. It could be a tree, some rocks, or even just grass or some flowers. The deception is when you look at say two trees that are in your path and you think oh I have enough energy to remove these two so I can move on. So you cut one down and are left with one tree. You cut the other down and like magic three more appear in the place where two once stood. So you see the game does not treat you fairly as it spawns items that you had already cleared again and again. So your pretty much stuck in one small area of the map wasting your energy getting no where. Eventually the mechanics kick and and your able to clear a path and make progress for a short while before it starts all over again. There is a particular world that is called dream world that is absolute trash. Spent two weeks there because there was no sense of direction. You start clearing a path and all of a sudden you hit a wall that can not be removed or taken down forcing you to back track and repeat the same in another section of the map. But hey that’s how they get you to spend money. I’m sure as soon as the game realized I had made an in app purchase things would have gotten easier. Of course I did no such thing but I did take advantage of the 7 alleged day free trail to get faster energy and more money. If you decide you want to try this app out I strongly advise you get the free trial and don’t take the bait on any challenges. Instead concentrate on saving your coin during those alleged 7 days so that one it’s over you can build all the gimmicky buildings you need. Before I deleted the app I was already level 12 and had all the buildings unlocked but I didn’t spend any coin on the dumb quest like they wanted me to. Gave it two stars because it has potential but the deception and re-spawning of items you’d already removed kills it. Good luck. Developer: feel free to reach out to me with whatever excuse your gonna come up with regarding the re-spawn system Update: received response from developer which was unexpected. What was expected is they danced around my main concern which was the re-spawning of trees, grass, flowers, rocks ect after I’ve already cleared them. Remember people if you see three trees that need removal rest assured three more will magically appear in its place.
  • Joke

    By smokedtires
    The game is good but just to finish anything on time you either have to wait for your energy to build back up or spend money to purchase energy and I won’t do that anymore
  • Stopped Working

    By jlc jlc jlcjljlj
    I’ve been playing this game for about a month and have spent a significant amount of money playing it. Now the app won’t open. It loads almost halfway and just sits there. Don’t waste your time.
  • Klondike Adventures

    By Queen Bee0812
    This is a fun game but I had to delete it because every time I purchased emeralds which you have to do if you hope to play for any length of time they charged me double the price