Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-06-29
  • Current Version: 1.9.57
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.53 GB
  • Developer: ONEMT
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4.13388
From 2,816 Ratings


WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, HEROES RISE A new war is upon us, with evil threatening both the innocent and the meek. Cries of agony ring out across the land, as various powerful factions fight for power and domination. The fate of this land now rests in your hands. DARK FANTASY WAR Traverse the many realms as you confront the full savagery and terror of the dark forces. Develop settlements, expand your territory, and build up your very own army to command. Monumental challenges await you! SECURE YOUR REIGN Wizards, elves, and knights. Curious creatures and terrifying beasts. You'll have many allies as you journey through this land, enlist them to aid you in battle. Victory smiles on those who wield power and strategy equally well. FORTIFY YOUR DOMAIN Shrouded in darkness since time immemorial, these buildings patiently await their true master. Each building has its own unique and significant function, and your power will grow as your settlement does. A DRACONIAN SHOWDOWN Once again, the forces of light and darkness clash, threatening to destroy existence itself. Unimaginable power is at stake - to possess it, is to possess the world. Players from every corner of the world stand with you - join with them in this epic war now! EXPAND ALLIANCE TERRITORY Throughout the season, your power can be strengthened by joining an Alliance, expanding territory, collecting valuable resources, and defeating enemies. The experience and power that you gain through your conquests will help you overcome anything that stands in your way. Anointed by fire, develop your Castle and forge an eternal empire. Heroes have no fear. Are you ready to conquer and rule? Keep in touch with Rise of the Kings and friends! https://www.facebook.com/RiseoftheKings



  • Poor treatment to players expectations of fair play

    By 🤜ThatGuy🤛
    I have played for 7 years and have never been compensated the awards for the events I have missed due to “in game bugs” from multiple updates frequently done. The ONEMT response always blame the internet and do not care how much money you spend. I have spent ashamedly over $10,000 USD on my 3 accounts and now when I complain publicly I get kicked off of the server and no admittance back into the game through downloading the app again. My internet is fine and the only technical error is that I spoke freely my opinion and got rejected access from my $10,000 entertainment investments. So unethical and unprofessional. Possibly even illegal but the company does not have any concerns with small claims accusations.
  • What was once an amazing game is no longer.

    By txgirl67
    I have played this game for years. I’ve dedicated more time and money than I would ever like to admit. I’ve loved it and made many friends around the world. Unfortunately with all the new updates, we have continued to lose players. Unless you can spend thousands of dollars, you can’t compete anymore. This last one was the final straw for me. They created an event, threw us into a new world with no information. No one knew how to play it. Very little resources available and certainly not enough to complete the daily tasks. It has been horrible! If I wanted to learn a new game, I would have left with my friends who started a new game. I’ve played ROK because I loved it. I’m sad to leave it but it’s not the same game anymore.
  • I’ve been playing (addicted) for years! BUT

    By Susanska
    App support email is not legitimate. There’s no way to get in touch with anyone. I have NUMEROUS unusual charges on my account. Hmm….
  • Need bring stamina back !!!!!!!!!

    By David01991
    You fuçkin disgusted only you care for money keep upgdate everything is fuçkin up mess up lost power and make worse weak castle lost troops easy killed
  • Very bad customer service

    By My name tom
    The worst customer service you will facing on all your life you can’t imagine what ever I will explain you will thought I just creat story because what kind of customer service they provide no words can you explain will give you just few example because you can’t imagine how far they go 1- at least 36 hours to replay on any inquiry 2- many time I bought a package and some time facing issue on get the package on time and you have to run after them to get it yes it’s not happen always but will happen at least 20 % of total purchase 3- they never solve any issue will always said wait and will see and never do you need at least sent more than 10 and mean will take 1 month almost because they need 36 to answer any inquiries and maybe will solve and maybe not 4- never try to help you and never take your complain seriously or your suggestion even once almost 20 players me and my friend seek for help and ask for help no one care 5- this game always there is new think to spent and there is no limit as much you spent as much there is new things to do if you bought hero after one month there is new hero if you bought dragon after few month new dragon although when you pay and spend non stoping and at end this customer service you facing you should think twice before spent one dollars more I expect to get respect I spent almost 2000 dollars every month but at end this kind of service I get I’m glad I didn’t spent more and wish everyone to think twice before play this and try customer service to get to know them better not only according to what I said according to your experience before spent any and stuck
  • Bullies

    By roubjg
    Server 614 has nothing but bullies!! MAF and Now and 614 alliances do nothing but bully. Developers really need to restrict some actions. The server is basically dead and if you don’t use all your little coins for shields those three will hit all day. So called whales are hurting every server. I don’t mind spending but out spending some just to stay alive is ridiculous! Developers might wanna take heed.
  • Pay to Play

    By cogreathumilitt
    Game developers constantly changing game to create more revenue. 4/12/23 latest update basically makes game only for spenders.
  • خربتو اللعبه

    By نواف عايد الشمري
    خربتو اللعبه كل شي مال(فلوس)💰💰💰💵💵💵 اللعبه الثانيه تعطي شي جديد مجاني والحين حتي الطاقه حقت قتل الوحوش بفلوس
  • Overpriced/ huge gap in pay to win vs non spender

    By Electra 🦋
    It was good but now it’s overpriced and updated too frequently, with things you were given freely taken away from you in the blink of an eye.
  • Over rated

    By Daisy82806
    I used to love this game. I have spent thousands and they just get greedier and greedier but stupid people like myself continue to pay it. I don’t pay anymore. I will become a free player now after this last update. They ruined the game with greediness