iHeartRadio – Music & Radio

iHeartRadio – Music & Radio

By iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.

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Our brand new app is the easiest way to listen to the music you love on your computer: 1. Easy access to your favorite music and stations. 2. Sits in your status bar for easy use. 3. Runs in the background so you can quickly change stations, thumb, or skip with fewer clicks. iHeartRadio is the only free music app that features thousands of the best Live Radio stations AND interruption-free Custom Artist Radio. Choose your favorite station or artist from our library of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists and iHeartRadio creates a station just for you. Thumb up a song and we’ll play more like that, or skip a song you don’t want to hear. iHeartRadio is easy to use, always free, and CNET's pick for "the best streaming radio app.” Download iHeartRadio today.



  • Absolutely LOVE this app!!!

    By &Grins
    I have this app on my computer, my iPhone and my watch. I LOVE the LARGE VARIETY of music I can choose from. Getting radio stations not close to your area playing the musical genre you love. And if one is not playing something which you don’t like, change it to one of your favorites list or something new. Once yo create a list of favorites, it’s easy to choose from them. Once you get your favorites list, you’re good to go. You can always add more and delete as you choose. The hardest part is selecting which stations for your favorites because of the variety and quantity. IT IS THE BEST RADIO APP! The best that I have found. No crashes. I have had absolutely no problems. LOVE THIS APP!! (Running 10.12.6 OS)
  • Can’t log in through google

    By me11111695
    Downloaded this on my mac book pro and I can’t log in through my google account. It will let me log in through google on my phone, but the computer only has facebook as an option….will not use
  • They need to fix their problems

    By Swetz
    The app is OK but it is incompatable with bartender which I need to use on my mac to allow me to work will all my menubar icons. When running bartender I have access to all my menubar icons EXECPT FOR IHEART. Literally every other app that rely on works. I have contacted the bartender developer and he has said he has reached out to iheart but they have not responded. So now I am reaching out to iHeart. Looking forward to seeing if you will fix this problem.
  • Sign Up doesn’t work

    By bbbboris
    Signing Up just doesn’t work.
  • Just deleted it — tried to install malware

    By tvstevek
    My OS-X bs detector quarantined it after stopping a background Bitcoin mining app that was attempting to sneak into my system. Good-bye iHeart
  • Live Radio Static

    By Qjeff
    I use the iPad and iPhone app often. They are great. I installed the Mac app today. While listening to my favorite talk radio stations on the Mac App, the audio goes to static. It does not matter which station. They all do it. It's like old fashioned FM static. I pause and then play the stream and all is well for a while. It goes to static 1 to 2 times an hour. Frustrating. Not what I expect form iHeart.
  • What happen?

    By Allen Richard Yeager
    I’m a fan of iHeart Radio and use it every day. I don’t know what happen. After updated when I click play my Mac freezes and I need to hard power off-on every time. iHeart 1.1.1 Mac mini Late 2014 HiSierra 10.13.2 (17C88)
  • Unable to view my playlist?

    By Unhappy77777777777777
    I spend money every month on this app, reason being, i like having unlimited access to any music i would like, save to a playlist and play later in what ever order i see fit. After downloading this app there is no way for me to view any of my saved music, any of my saved playlist. Absolutely obsurd, why would i pay money to build my own playlist and then not even be able to use them on all platforms. poorly thought out. Not many user options.
  • One of the best radio app for macOS High Sierra, but

    By Captain C128
    This is a great radio app for macOS High Sierra. It has lots of internet radio stations and it is easy to use and is accessable from the menubar. It is also very elegant and well designed and a work of art. It is a very well crafted and beauiful program. My only issue with iHeart RAdio is: When wifi is off the program makes my Mac spike up in temperature and the fans kick in really hard. Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars.
  • NOPE

    great for as an anytime music app, plus you can at least turn off your device and have it still play, a lot don’t do that…