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iHeartRadio – Music & Radio

By iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.

Score: 3.5
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Our brand new app is the easiest way to listen to the music you love on your computer: 1. Easy access to your favorite music and stations. 2. Sits in your status bar for easy use. 3. Runs in the background so you can quickly change stations, thumb, or skip with fewer clicks. iHeartRadio is the only free music app that features thousands of the best Live Radio stations AND interruption-free Custom Artist Radio. Choose your favorite station or artist from our library of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists and iHeartRadio creates a station just for you. Thumb up a song and we’ll play more like that, or skip a song you don’t want to hear. iHeartRadio is easy to use, always free, and CNET's pick for "the best streaming radio app.” Download iHeartRadio today.



  • Poor Search feature

    By Sense2222
    won’t let me get 95.5 nash icon ( A Nashville TN radio station) anymore. Keeps coming up with stupid iconic podcast ???? awful search feature!!
  • you need to update this app for the latest osx

    By Kf984jpl
    The app won't log in if you try to log in using facebook. I see others with the same problem so please fix it.
  • Not another username and password!

    By Dry_heat
    Great concept. Terrible execution. You can’t use this app unless you create an account. Or, you can use your FaceBook account to login. NO. You need to provide some other social media logins besides Facebook. Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter…. ? Hello?
  • Terrible on any iPad, Apple’s Podcast is 100 times better!!!

    By Oothalford
    Used to enjoy listening to Radio 1130 WISN on a regular basis on Apple iPad’s “Podcast” app. Then they moved it to iHeart Radio and it has been nothing but pure, constant, aggrivation after aggrivation ever since. There are so many irritating things going on with the iHeartRadio APP it is difficult to even begin to list them’ or at least, it seems like a lot of things.... It is now iHATEradio!! Am thinking I’ll just have to give up on listening to Radio 1130 WISN any more, which was the favorite of all, simply because they apparently INSIST on using this &%*$(#@ APP!!! 1. It keeps crashing. Trying to “get it started in the morning”: it’s easier to get a hard-to-start lawn mower started than to get this app to start working. It just sits there and spins the whirrlygig around and around and around FOREVER and nothing happens! You can’t even select anything else because it is completely consumed in it’s effort to do what obviously is NOT working. Often have UNINSTALL it and then re-install it and then, maybe it will work. 2. Why can’t there be a volume bar on the screen? Goodness gracious, there is a whole page sitting empty on the face of the iPad where the little voume gadget could be, like, hey, maybe CONVENIENT? 3. On an iPad, if the screen lock has kicked in, you can’t jump back 15 seconds uness you log back into the iPad. WHY? What good is that? Who is going to take the time to acaually LOG IN to your iPAD in order to go back to re-listen to something that got missed? (Admittedly, this may be the nature of the beast.) I hope my radio station will go back to apple podcast. Others who still use that podcast app are working wonderfully. (Podcast, the little purple icon with an “i” in the center with 2 circles.) Rant completed. Sorry for the vituperous comments, but they are, respectfully, deserved. IMHO
  • Creepy Privacy Requirements

    By Bamboozled123456789
    Wow, reading the privacy statement for this app is sort of like reading a proctologist report. You should have to be an adult to do so! Basically, it in no way complies with any of the newer privacy regs that are being brought in around the world. Fails totally GDPR as there is no way to use the service without accepting all of their privacy infringments and on top of that, as you read through to get a real understanding of how your data will be abused, you need to go to partner sites to find out how they are going to examine your useage too. As we all know that FB has access to our phone and PCs Mic, this app can presumably listen to you? If the service is free, you are the product!
  • Won’t Allow Facebook Login

    By traviswmark
    Everytime I launch and try to log in with my Facebook account, I get an error message. Makes the App completely unusable as I’m not going to go through a bunch of steps to create a new account.
  • Not connecting to Facebook

    By dyelsin
    When I go to use Facebook to login to the iheartradio app for macbook, it gives me an error stating, “Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again.” Where am I supposed to go to login? I’ve tried signing in and out of facebook on my chrome browser as well as doing different things on my phone… not really sure why it isn’t working as it used to work prior to the most recent update. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Cannot log in with Facebook

    By Derek gamer
    Clicking on “login with Facebook” only brought me to a page saying “You are not logged in”.
  • Needs work!

    By it7777
    I love the App and it worked great before but… since I upgraded to macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13.5) now it doesn’t work. I signed out, tried signing back in but it’s not letting me. I keepy getting a error message saying that i’m not logged into my Facebook Account and try again. It works fine on my Android phone and tablet but the Mac version is not working. Please fix this, okay. Thank you.
  • Doesn’t Allow Login

    By NolaNatty
    I use this app in my phone often. I downloaded the macbook version but it won’t let me login. It tells me that my facebook isn’t logged in (which it is on this device through 2 browsers as well as the facebook app), but it gives me no option to login to facebook through the iheartraido app. I tried to login with my email instead. The email method gave me an error message saying that my email addy isn’t associated with any accounts. However, when I open the app from my iphone & go to settings, the email addy is definately visible there. Deleting from my macbook as it is simply just a waste of space. One star becasue leaving no stars isn’t allowed.