iMaschine 2

iMaschine 2


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-11-12
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 485.09 MB
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 756 Ratings


MAKE MUSIC ANYWHERE Produce tracks on the go with iMASCHINE 2 and share your creations with the world. ///MAKE. ARRANGE. SHARE. MAKE Create a beat on 16 pads with hundreds of professional sounds. Use the Smart Play keyboard to add melodies and basslines that are always in-key. Spice up your track with vocal and field recordings or sample directly from iTunes. Use Apple’s 3D Touch technology to optimize your workflow and get even more creative. ARRANGE The Arranger in iMASCHINE 2 lets you turn your loops and scenes into full tracks with the swipe of a finger. Add parts quickly and easily. Change the color of your pads or groups to see your entire arrangement at a glance – rearranging and editing tracks on-the-go has never been quicker or easier. SHARE Share your creations with the world by uploading them directly to Soundcloud. Or export your projects to the MASCHINE 2 software and continue working on them in the studio with your full MASCHINE hardware setup. ///KEY FEATURES OVERVIEW - Use 16 pads for real-time drum sequencing on your iOS device - Quickly create beats without finger drumming using Step Mode - Use the Arranger to structure your track by adding, moving, and deleting different patterns on the fly - Play always-in-key melodies and basslines by combining Chord, Scale, and Arpeggiator features with the Smart Play keyboard - Use Note Repeat in Keyboard and Drum Pad Modes to create rolls, fills, and fast note attacks with note ranges from 1/4 notes to 1/32 notes - Better organize your sounds using multi-colored pads and groups - Optimize your workflow using Quick Actions with Apple 3D Touch for app and pad shortcuts* - Control the velocity or rate of note repeat depending on how hard you press the screen using 3D Touch* - Capture vocals, field recordings, or any audio from the microphone on your iOS device - Sample directly from your iTunes library - Mix your sounds and choose from professional audio effects - Open your existing iMASCHINE projects effortlessly in iMASCHINE 2 - Start building tracks immediately with the included extended iMASCHINE 2 library, featuring over 300 MB of content: 19 projects, 38 drum kits and over 750 samples - Choose from a huge collection of additional drum kits, projects and instrument sounds from top sound designers and renowned artists with iMASCHINE Expansions – available at the In-App Expansions Store - No matter which iOS device you use, iMASCHINE adapts to your screen size – a compact workflow for iPhone and an optimized iPad workflow for two-handed groove production - Learn how to use the app and discover helpful tricks with the New Features Notification function - Export your mix as an audio file or directly upload it to SoundCloud and share it with the world - Export your project (including samples) to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. Projects exported to MASCHINE support multiple Scenes as well as Pad and Group colors. - Universal App. Purchase the app and iMASCHINE Expansions once and use them on all iOS devices registered to that iTunes account *iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only ///SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Reverb is supported by iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, or iPod 6 or newer. ///THE WORLD OF MASCHINE iMASCHINE is based on MASCHINE – the renowned groove production system from Native Instruments, used by professional producers all around the world. MASCHINE is available in three different hardware versions: MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. All come with the same cutting-edge software including professional sound library, drum synths and melodic synthesizers, and effects. The software also features a cutting-edge sampler, mixer, clip-based arranger, and visual browser.



  • NI, you there?

    By Average Mexican
    I sunk a decent little chunk of cash into this app, its expansions, and the previous release, and it won’t open at all! All the projects I had been working on aren’t accessible! Every time the app opens, it crashes before I can get to the workspace. I’d really like to be able to use this again, it was perfect as a go-to when I wasn’t at my laptop. But now that I haven’t used it for a while, I’m starting to notice what others are saying in terms of it needing improvement before I even had this issue. Hopefully NI doesn’t forget about this one! Please don’t make me buy another 20$ (30 something including expansions I copped) app lol, just fix this one 🙃 I really hope your pricier products don’t get abandoned like this one did
  • Bad bug

    By Jcoke1
    There’s some type of bug where every time I open the app it closes and never opens
  • Stole my money

    By mixer03-03
    I paid for this app and not this stupid app won’t even open in my phone. I paid for no reason
  • App Crashes and won’t open

    By Skinny_chan
    I love the app, but it frequently won’t open and crashes. I don’t want to erase the app and re-download, but I need the app to work better and be reliable when I have musical inspiration.
  • It’s ok for sketching an idea.

    By Menty Muziq
    The sounds are really good and the simplicity is great for sketching out a beat idea but the this app has no integration or accessibility with other DAWs which makes it hard to continue working on your idea. The fact it has no track out option is frustrating. You would have to record each track into your DAW one at a time. The options are, You either export the whole project to be imported only in NI Maschine if you own one) or your stuck with exporting the master out.
  • The App That Time Forgot...

    By brothaROD
    This app is good for it was intended to do: get done rough ideas for songs and tracks using quality (44.1 kHz and 16-bit? SERIOUSLY?!!?) sounds/samples. But two years or so and countless soundpacks later, I’m looking for a swing function that DOESN’T affect all 4 tracks, MIDI support for playing keyboard parts (because large fingers don’t work well on small keys), and addressing a bug that causes the app to crash after saving custom drum kits (ever since iOS 11!!). I also agree with another reviewer who mentioned that file management (as well as importing and exporting projects to something OTHER THAN MASCHINE, which is something many of us DON’T have) needs to be better and more integrated. It’s sorta “bassackwards” to develop all of these soundpacks (again...44.1 and 16?!!?) and ignore the framework and usability of the app itself. I mean, thanks for the addition of effects and all, but at this rate, NI shoulda added this app among their numerous updates and additions to their arsenal of products across the board. Maybe an iM3 wouldn’t be too much to ask these days...?
  • UPDATED REVIEW 1/30/19

    By DK New Era
    So I went thru a real rough patch with this app, because it would never open. I have found that trying to open it while in Low Power Mode is the main culprit of the problem. If this happens, when the loading screen appears and then disappears taking you back to the home screen, quit the app, turn off Low Power Mode, and reopen the app. It should work again. Thanks! Updated a year ago, that should be enough said. You spend longer trying to open the app than actually using it; and I think it’s a great app, but this is nonsense.
  • Update ASAP

    By BDFS380
    I’ve been using the app on my iPad just fine. Now that I decided to use it on my phone as well the app has started to crash multiple times and sometimes the app doesn’t open or load in order for me to use. I’ve spent money on this app and would very much do like a working app to use please
  • App won’t ever open and lost songs

    By disappointed devoted customer
    Idk what the issue is but I haven’t been able to open the app for a month! Every time I try it just shuts down. I’ve tried resetting browser database and still nothing. I tried reinstalling the app in the past to see if it would work and it deleted all my songs... I was really not happy about that. DO NOT REINSTALL THE APP if you have songs saved you will lose them all.
  • 5 star app but it’s not opening.. (fixed)

    By Jonny Stiz
    I love this app and it has been a part of my life since imaschine 1 but...... right now it won’t open ?!?! Well there is a fix, don’t have your phone in low power mode when using imaschine. Lol my bad guys this app is awesome!!