Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook

Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook

By Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand

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Watch our intro video at Please leave a review to support further upgrades! Whether you are on a short trip to China or living there, communicate in Chinese instantly! 12,000+ ready-to-use, customizable phrases in 250+ practical categories. Clear sounds for every Chinese word—even offline. Full-text search or dictate words in English or Chinese. Haggle using our translating units/currency converter. Favorites screen organizes phrases you use often in multiple folders. Comprehensive guide to Mandarin Chinese Speaking/Listening. No knowledge of Chinese required: search for Chinese words you hear by their sound. The essential conversation guidebook that talks for you! Fully supports iOS 7/8; full-screen on iPhone 4/5/6/6+ and all iPads. == Useful Vocabulary for both Tourists and Expats This phrasebook + mini-dictionary app is in a league of its own, with full-text search access to more than 12,000 professionally edited words, phrases, and ready-to-use, customizable complete sentences organized into 250+ practical categories like “Language Difficulties,” “Hotel,” “Renting a Place,” “Food/Drink,” “Price Haggling,” “Transportation,” “Health,” “Shopping,” “Sightseeing,” “Love/Romance/Sex” and even “Swearing/Insults.” Entries are richly annotated for native English speakers so you know the exact meaning of each Chinese word and phrase you use, including slang and formal variants. No more Google Translate gibberish! Make the Chinese and English text as big as you want—no more reading glasses. With support for either Simplified or Traditional characters, our app works in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and anywhere else Mandarin Chinese is spoken (including 40-50% of the population of Hong Kong and Macau; Traditional in our app is converted from Simplified automatically). == Customizable Super Phrases Unlike traditional phrasebooks and apps that give you limited phrase choices (e.g. “Take me to the bus station” but not “Take me to the airport,” or “I will arrive at 2:00” but not “I will arrive at 3:30 on Friday”) our phrasebook app features hundreds of industry-first “super phrases” that let you customize part of the phrase to your needs and get instant translation and playback of the full sentence in Chinese, complete with a talking translator calculator, currency converter, and units converter built right into the phrases themselves! Haggle with a vendor in your language and your currency and instantly convert to hers so she understands you. == Native Chinese Sound Recordings Touch any Chinese word/phrase in any of our 12,000+ entries to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native speaker, not a toneless gravelly robot as found in other software. == No Internet Connection Required Works even when you're in a taxi or a countryside street market and not connected to the internet: all entries and sounds are stored right on your device. When you are online, you or your Chinese friend can even speak English (iOS5+) or Chinese (iOS7+) words right into your device to search the phrasebook (voice recognition requires at least iPhone 4S, 5th Gen iPod Touch, 3rd Gen iPad or any iPad Mini). == No Chinese Knowledge Required Perfect even for beginners who cannot read Chinese Characters and have no time to study Chinese. You can search for any Chinese word you hear by its sound using an English-like phonetic alphabet. All Chinese words in every section are written using both Chinese Characters and your choice of 3 pronunciation/transliteration systems including Pinyin. For those who want to go deeper, our app includes a comprehensive, interactive introduction to the Chinese language where you can learn to speak and recognize the sounds of Chinese (even the tones) and learn how to put together your own sentences in Chinese. == Buy it Now! Don't go another day without this indispensable tool! Enjoy free lifetime upgrades as we add more vocabulary and more features.



  • Easy and Amazing app! Love it!

    By Ling0-lover
    I have no knowledge of Mandarin. I have spent absolutely no time studying but this app allows me to SPEAK Chinese. I LOVE that! It’s like having a personal translator in your pocket :-)
  • Student.

    By Pedromuennig
    As an intermediate user I find that it really helps fill the gaps I hear when native speakers talk to one another. The app is highly customizable allowing you to fit. It to your needs.
  • Engineering Consultant

    By Tony Saikomol
    Excellent App for everyone who is interested Chinese language. I recommend it because it is very informative and easy to use. When I searched it for a word and a sentence, it showed several example to help me understanding the meaning and using properly. I am really excited to use for upcoming family vacation in Beijing to help us getting around the city.
  • Business owner

    By Andy Rod P
    Best Chinese Application I've ever used. You can find any words or phrases you need to know just by clicking on your phone!