Werble - The Photo Animator

Werble - The Photo Animator

By Horsie in the Hedge LLP

Score: 4.5
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Transform your photos into spectacular and captivating looping animations that will command attention wherever they are posted! Fun and fast, Werble will help your social media posts stand out from the crowd. Werble lets you quickly blend powerful art and special effects with your photos, then share with friends or to your social networks! Save time and surprise yourself by tapping the dice button to randomize the look, or fine-tune the result with simple tools! Personalizing your loop library is part of the fun: choose only what you like and blend different loops together to see your creative potential explode! - Stand out from the crowd on social media - Post your creations to all social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) - Creates animated Facebook profile pictures - Creates both animated GIFs and videos - Fun, fast and easy to use - Powerful creative possibilities - Surprise yourself: randomize the look until you love it - Streamlined tools to edit manually if you wish - Customize your library from a vast range of loops - Regularly updated with new loops and features - Post with #werble and you might get featured in our feed



  • Awesome

    By buffys beats
    Best app ever download immediately love every moment I use it!!!!!
  • A gem amongst photo editing apps

    By ArtB1T
    This app is truly magnificent and unique photo editing app. It's like painting with video FX overlays. It's one of my most favorite apps on iOS, but the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the lack of undo and the bility to save a project. It's been several times that I've lost an hour's worth of work by accidentally clicking a layer reset button or if I had to answer a call, after which I would come back to the app, only to discover that my work is gone. I'll update my rating to five stars, once undo and saving projects is added to the app.
  • Awesome app

    By kikiyarewerble
    Awesome app guys i really appreciate you developers making such an easy amd great app to use. Please add more features i have everything purchased. New update??!
  • Transparency Problems, Alpha PNG

    By dataBANG
    Ok... I figured out the solution albeit had to dig through the reviews when it should be in the FAQ to save users the 🙇🏻‍♂️😩frustrating experience attempting to solve! 💩👺The problem is that the iOS PNGs are optimized and if your particular alpha'd PNG is dimensionally small, Werble ignores the transparency upon import and appears as white. Other apps seem to import transparency with no issue. ✨🧚🏾‍♀️🧞‍♂️The solution is to increase the dimensions of the canvas to have more negative space surrounding your artwork. I'm unsure what size is the threshold, but it works nonetheless. 😤😏👟💥To kick the dev into high gear and add to the FAQ, my review will remain one Star to show the malcontent for wasting an 1+ ⏱💸 trying various methods, searching the interwebs, and writing reviews! And will change my rating and review to reflect a more positive experience once I calm down.🔜 💆🏻‍♂️🌑🛌🌘🛀🏽🌗🛍🌖📆🌕✨🌟🏁 🛂Initial review ❌📲On my iPhone X, any alpha transparency shared(save/export) from Pixelmator or Photoshop Mix seems to not work and appears white once imported. I know the alpha transparency is there because if I go into Edit mode in Photos App the same PNG transparency displays as black. Kinda of frustrating, tried different export methods from these apps. I've had it work before but seems to have been broken since I've used it last. The single star is just to alert the dev of a possible bug and will change when it actually works for me. To those thinking of using this app , please don't be discouraged from trying to use this app as it is initially free, creatively fun to use and may be my own use case. I dunno—maybe I'll just make static graphics while being benched in Werble.
  • Best program for editing

    By السامر: g.1800
    This is the best program for editing Can’t get enough of it Just one suggestion kindly add more effects Thanks 😁😁😁
  • The best

    By Pepe7225342
    This is the best app I have on my tablet and I've made so many creations of mine beautifully animated. I am so impressed with everything from the quality of the layout, its intuitiveness, and a staff dedicated to constant improvement. The animations you can do with this are top notch, professional and revolutionizing. If I could give it 6 stars I would. And I'm the type of consumer who never bothers to write reviews.
  • Love Love Love

    By Ckende
    This is my fave app! I spend hours playing around and creating new pictures. It’s fun and once you get the hang of it you can create endless animations.
  • One of the Top 10 Best Apps !!!

    By not hsppy at all
    This is EASILY one of the Top 10 BEST APPS I Have Ever Bought for my iphone & iPad !!! I use it AT LEAST 3+ times a week & the Results are STUNNING !!! I cannot wait to See what New & Amazing effects they add next !!! Keep up the Amazing Work !!! Well worth the Small $ investment & you ca “ADD” effects as you go, I LOVE THIS APP !!! #a_gent_90 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 💪🏿💪🏿

    By Sabo🧞‍♂️🌅
    I love this app it’s amazing keep up the great work I’d like to be able to save and please add more fx to the app soon it’s been a while since last time y’all have like trees,moon, more scary stuff, explosions,and etc and better saving to photos Quality
  • Just don’t restart your phone

    By Annerpf
    It was working awesomely—my favorite app for photos—until I restarted my phone for an iOS update. Now, the IG interface doesn’t work, and keeps telling me I need to be logged in, when I already am. Serious bummer. I really loved this app but it’s unusable now.