Star Wars™: Card Trader

Star Wars™: Card Trader

By The Topps Company, Inc.

Score: 4
From 9,345 Ratings


YOUR GO-TO FOR STAR WARS™ COLLECTIBLES • Classic Topps meets the Digital Age: relive the nostalgia of card collecting all from your mobile device! • Build a collection of thousands of officially licensed cards from the entire Star Wars Saga, including Star Wars™: The Last Jedi! • Collect or trade your favorite characters, locations, vehicles, weapons, iconic moments, and more with fans around the world! NEW CONTENT @ YOUR FINGERTIPS! • New cards released every day: Literally 365 days per year, you can get new digital STAR WARS cards. • Dynamic card products: New series and editions, custom artwork, digital signatures, relics, and more – released multiple times per day! BECOME PART OF SWCT NATION! Talk, trade, and be one with the community: Topps has the best community of STAR WARS card collectors in the world. Chat with app users in our fan feed and propose trades 24/7! • Level up by winning contests, completing sets, and pulling cards from packs – earning experience points based on our “level scoring system”. *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 12.0.0 or later.* ----- MORE INFO Stay tuned with the Star Wars: Card Trader card releases. - Follow @ToppsSWCT on Twitter - Follow @ToppsDigital on Facebook - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram -



  • Could be so much better

    By Trat73
    Like the app but it’s very hard when you first start playing to understand the rarity of cards to trade. An interface more like Quidd would bump this app to full 5 stars.
  • Still not fixed

    By thrawn solo
    This new layout is buggy I did the first update and the tutorial kept freezing at the store part and then I did the updates and it’s still not fixed I love this app and don’t want to stop using it so FIX IT
  • Fun app but.....

    By Metal Bass
    App always freezes my phone. It’s been a problem for months now and seems there is no fix. Each new update typically does nothing to fix bugs. I keep playing because unfortunately I’m hooked on Star Wars. Going to ride it out to end of year and see what happens. If nothing improves I’ll become a random participant.
  • Money Grab

    By Pwardog
    When this first launched, it was fun. Inserts would actually drop at decent rates from in-app credits. Now, if you want anything remotely cool, you need to purchase premium currency. And lots of it.
  • Cash grab

    By Kris toe fer
    Just wanted to write a warning, I really wish Apple would look into apps like this. This isn’t a “game” you don’t do anything. You pay for a digital picture which the developers own and “allow” you to view. It’s preys off the gambling addiction of chase. I understand it with the physical cards because at least they are yours and you can keep them. Kids play with this and can’t stress enough that I believe Apple should look into these apps on the basis of doing the right thing and not encouraging the behavior of gambling addiction.
  • Ruined by Terrible Updates

    By irefusetopay$1.29
    Every update recently is worse than the last. Freezes all the time and have to force quit every two minutes. FIX IT
  • Most recent interface redesign is horrible

    By JustASimpleReview
    Latest version has a complete interface redesign and it looks bad. Like it was designed by a 12 year old who skimmed a UI design book and thought MySpace from the 1990's was cool. Horrible update to an app that needed bug fixes in the previous version and didn't get them.
  • This game is just about time

    I have fun playing this game day after day. If you don’t have any patience then just stop. I have been playing this game and I have built a mighty fine collection and if you want to look my user name is Greenphoenix2002
  • Turned into a cash grab

    By Bryan Henderson
    Seriously fix your app. So many times, you can’t scroll to the bottom of the Cantina and select the last pack in the list.
  • Fun card trader

    By Hmbhous
    Could use a few fixes since update and also once cards are sold out those crystal packs shouldn’t be available as I’ve lost over 2500 crystals not realizing card was already sold out other Han that great app