Peeks Social - Live Video

Peeks Social - Live Video

By Riavera Corporation

Score: 2.5
From 316 Ratings


Peeks is the world's first purpose built, video streaming monetization platform. Peeks allows both users and advertisers to monetize a global audience in ways previously thought to be impossible. Peeks' patented and proprietary technologies allows it to monetize users in its social network at levels significantly higher than all of its peers. Peeks content library encompasses live, user generated and licensed content from all over the world.



  • This site is a total scam plz run do not install u will regret but I warned u

    By fedupkarma
    Well let me start by saying it was an cool app at first when they had PayPal cuz it wasn’t a limit on how much to take out but now they got us using there card and charging five dollars for it or the other option is the virtual card that u only get the last four digits to then there a 200 withdrawal limit a month then they spy on u where ur lobby lit trying to ban u to make u pay to reopen ur account but they don’t pay u ur earnings they just take take take there plat form fee is high customer service is wack they never get back to u so don’t waste ur time they putting ppl video on other freaky sites without our permission this sit is such a scam I’m going to report it to Better Business Bureau and getting a law to sue for my earnings cuz they getting there but I’m not receiving mines and there others like me on this site who has not gotten there earnings since they took PayPal off months ago plz don’t be a victim of this site cuz they will rob u of ur money and time
  • Theft at its finest

    By london904
    I’m convinced that this an abandoned app meaning the owners are gone I believe this app has been hacked and who ever hacked it is snatching the money...Ain’t no money to be made here don’t buy coins to work for coins... ..*DEAD APP ALERT** ABANDONED SITE

    By Cassiekayy13
    Peeks used to be a good app to make money. Now that they have taken PayPal and your bank account away as an option to withdrawal it’s gone down hill. With the new peeks debit card I haven’t received over $300.00 and customer service will ignore the problem.
  • Can’t stream / disappointed

    By Indiaallnatural
    I’m confused. I just got the app today and I set up my account and everything, as soon as I go to stream it says “streaming disabled please contact the support center”. I have no idea why it would be disabled unless I have to pay to stream. I verified my email to make sure that wasn’t the case and I logged into the second account I have and it still said the same thing. Then I thought well maybe it’s my phone, but I have other live streaming apps and everything was working just fine. I’m deleting this app because now it’s a waste of space and disappointing that I can’t even stream which is the main purpose of the app.
  • I want the old keek back

    By tbrigittet
    I miss this app when it was keek. It was more easier to connect with other people and easier to connect with people from other countries. I miss when people could comment with videos as well. Those were the good old days. I just wish they would go back to their old ways. I think more people would use it as they did back then.
  • The app is great, the devs are thieves

    By FlimFlam69
    It’s a shame because the app itself is great. The people running/monitoring the app are not! As a streamer people can tip you for the content you provide, but the devs will cancel you and steal your money!!! I got banned for providing “false content” but never got any clarification or specifics of what that means... if the title of my stream is that you can expect X and I provide you with X then how is that false content? No response from devs, just generic emails. No wonder they are at a 2.8 rating...
  • Rip off!!

    By Epyin
    To start they take 40% off the top of what you make. After that you have to pay coins to post videos or links. If that’s not bad enough they put a 3 week hold on all funds you try to take out. (I’m on week 6! And still no payment) now that they lost PayPal you only get a virtual debit card that can’t take out cash or move to your bank. Look for a different alternative avoid this app! **** Update ****** Forget the 3 week hold they have stopped paying out all together! Since July I have only received $35 out over the $1400 that they will not pay out. When you email them they give this 3 week crap but the really is the payments have stopped they are keeping all the money made by the content creators.
  • Terrible app

    By lls2018
    DO NOT USE THIS APP! They have NOT PAID their broadcasters in full in OVER SIX MONTHS and owe TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! They also delete accounts for no reason, especially is you speak out against their shady tactics! GOOGLE PEEKS SOCIAL LTD TO SEE THE TRUTH BEHIND THIS SCAMMING APP!
  • Don't download this app!

    By Empryss813
    They do not pay their Broadcasters on time if at all! There are much more reputable sites that pay out faster. I've not received over 100$ that I need to take care of my children. The customer service is ridiculous and non professional. They give you the run around if you ask any questions about your money. The first time I requested a payout they said it will take 3 weeks on their site when it actually took over 4 weeks. Now I've requested 2 more payouts and no one can tell me when it will arrive on my care which I had to pay for out of my earnings on the site. It's a huge rip off and no one seems to be happy with them. I'm looking into contacting some Broadcasters on there and seeing if we can get together and file a law suit against this fraudulent company. They charge the Custer's for tipping you and the never pay you. It's been 6 weeks and I've sent many emails that don't tell me anything about my money! Run away. Don't download. Tell everyone you know about what a terrible app this is.
  • Rate App 1 Star :(

    By realjuicybubbles
    I’m rating this app 1 Star because they take forever to get back to you and I been waiting on my funds for 5 months now , I’ve emailed in everything .... I hate this app I wouldn’t recommend it.