Feed Baby - Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker

Feed Baby - Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker


  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2014-05-02
  • Current Version: 2.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.42 MB
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 4.5
From 4,918 Ratings


*** Featured by Apple in "Our Favourites for Apple Watch" (Australia & New Zealand) *** Featured by Apple in the Lifestyle -> Parenting section (Australia & New Zealand) *** *** Featured by Apple in Apple Watch - Family (Australia & New Zealand) *** Feed Baby is the ONLY baby tracking app you'll ever need to track your newborns breastfeedings, diaper changes, pumping and sleeps. Countless new parents track and predict their newborns breastfeedings with Feed Baby, the best baby tracker for your iPhone, iPad and now the Apple Watch. So stop stalling and start tracking your new babys routine today! Track and Monitor your babys Breast Feeds, Diapers, Nappy, Sleeps, Pumpings, Breastfeeding, Journals and Medicines. Record your Babys Bottle and Breast feeds as well as Solid feeds with this Baby Tracker. The premier Baby Tracker for any of your mobile device! Now with great Apple Watch support! Feed Baby is the premier baby tracker for logging your newborns breastfeeds and nursing sessions. You won't ever forget when your newborns last nursing session was, and how long it went for as long as you use this baby feeding tracker app. Feed Baby also allows you to track your Breast Pumps so that you always know exactly how much Breast milk you have pumped with this baby tracking app. Feed Baby includes detailed reports and charts/graphs that allow you to visualize some of your most important data. Feed Baby also includes detailed Timelines that show where during each day each of your baby activities occurred. Feed Baby also allows you to export your data to CSV reports so that you can open these reports in your favourite spreadsheet program on your personal computer for further viewing and generation of custom reports. We focus on a simple and easy to use interface. The big buttons make it easy for tired mums and dads to start or add new records during those sleepless nights! Feed Baby also includes an iOS8 Today Widget that allows you to add up to 5 most commonly used actions to your Notifications. Actions such as starting breast feeds, recording diaper changes, and adding a new pump can be accessed directly from the Notification shade without ever having to open Feed Baby. Now you can get access to your most commonly used actions without even having to open Feed Baby! Includes syncing between any of your mobile devices! Key Features include: - Easily record Breast/Bottle/Solid feeds with a single touch. Recording your Babys feeds has never been so easy! - Easily record your newborns nursing sessions with a single touch. - Easily record Diaper and Nappy changes with a single touch - Easily record Dry Diapers and Dry Nappy with a single touch - Easily start and stop Baby Sleeps with a single touch - Easily record Breast Pumpings with a single touch - Easily record Journals with a single touch - Easily record your Babys Milestones in the Journals screen with a single touch - Easily record Growths (Weight, Height, Head circumference) with a single touch - Easily record Medication Records with a single touch - Easily add/remove Medicines with their own graphics and color schemes - Easily view all of your activities for any given day in the "Today" screen. The Today screen shows all of your Breast Feedings, Diaper changes and all other activities for each day. - Easily view all of your activities broken down by the hour of each day in the "Timeline" screen. The Timeline screen shows where during each the day every single one of your babys activities - Data Export that allows you to view your data on your personal computer for more detailed analysis and custom report generation. - Supports Multiple Babys. Track more than one babys growth easily and simply, and switch between them easily - Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number of devices so that Mom and Dad always knows whats going on! - Charts of some of your most important data



  • Not friendly to pumping/bottle feeding parents

    By Jessaifly
    I used this app for several months to track my pumping output and baby’s intake through bottles. I am an exclusive pumper, baby won’t take breast. I took a break from tracking and come back to use the app to find you have to pay to track bottle feeds now?! But you can still track nursing time... As someone who works extremely hard to provide breastmilk to a baby who won’t nurse this makes me angry and hurt. I’m off to find another app that’s not money hungry and actually cares about the people using it.
  • Very important

    By ZetaEtaTheta
    I must say for a first time more for the past 5 days I’ve been using this app since i was in the hospital after giving birth. At the time I only had the free version but even then the features was great for my simple us since I wasn’t sure yet how to work around my baby needs. Now I’ve paid the price for the app and I must say it’s worth it. Helps me remember when and how and what not because yes I still have a pregnant brain but this app has helped me so far. It’s better then the name brand apps I’ve read about this is easy simple and quick at the touch of a button especially when your holding your baby and don’t need to be pressing to many information to start what you need it’s all at one or two touches and you can go back and edit if you need to on your timing. I truly recommend this app for anyone with an experience or first time mom.
  • Used to work, 11.4 update breaks Apple Watch

    By Doesnt sync on ios 11.4
    I loved this app, and I went out to buy an Apple Watch due to its intuitive interface when my daughter made it inconvenient to bring my phone out. Stanching worked flawlessly between the watch and ios 11.3.1. When I upgraded my phone and got ios 11.4, the watch sync broke down. I have it showing 12-24+ hours of data in the past, even after sync. You need to have both Watch, and the app open, hit sync, then wait a minute while the watch bounces around and makes sense of the data. Heaven forbid if the watch or the phone puts itself to sleep during that time. Fix your sync, or the story that the app store sent me about connected dad will make me buy another baby tracking app.
  • Great app, some bugs in Apple Watch

    By irishanniemarie
    This is a great, comprehensive app for baby tracking. And it is not too complicated like babytracker. I like that it also has pumping. The only issue I have is that I largely chose this app bc of the Apple Watch widget and I find that it’s very buggy on the watch.
  • Amazing!!

    By lucille945
    This is app has been absolutely amazing!! It takes away all the worries of counting wet/dirty diapers and how many feedings we’ve had in the day. Has been a lifesaver for these first few weeks of baby’s life!
  • Syncing is huge

    By Scosandford
    There are a number of apps out there that can do 95% of what this one does, and there are some that are prettier. That said, this was the first that I found that can sync between two phones for one baby - this has been key in allowing my wife and I to “tag team” activities for our daughter
  • Easy to use!

    By Misty0916
    Wish it didn’t automatically go to a timer for feedings vs me inputting times, otherwise a super easy app
  • I thought it’d be good

    By SirTraineeShutUp
    The app is very comprehensive which I like. We only had it on our phones for about a day before we decided to spend the money for the upgrade so that we both will have all of our info synced with our devices. Both of our phones are on a apple shared family account. Apparently the app requires all devices to purchase the upgrades even tho other apps of purchased allow for one family account to share purchases. I feel conned and will be asking for a refund. I’m just going to go straight to a pay for app since I know it’ll be purchased for all my family’s devices.
  • Best App Ever

    By Sapphyre
    I have used this app to track every feedings, diaper, medicine, and growth for both of my children for the first year and then beyond to track growth information. It helps me to identify trends and watch how they are dealing with the introduction of new foods or teething etc. I love this app, it is so simple to use (even at 3:00). Thank you for creating it - over the past three years it has given me such peace of mind!
  • Super easy and helpful!

    By Nicegamesuperfun
    Very easy to use and great way to keep track of my daughters feedings and diaper activities :)