OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2

By The Omni Group

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Current Version: 2.12.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 29.55 MB
  • Developer: The Omni Group
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.12
Score: 4.5
From 487 Ratings


Live a productive, contextual life with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and Focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. And do it all much faster than before. OmniFocus' interface was designed and organized around your data—your stuff—to make it easier and more natural for you to quickly get ideas into and out of the app, whether you’re using Getting Things Done™ (GTD™) or any other productivity system. It's powerful enough to use on its own, and syncs through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for iOS and Apple Watch). OmniFocus 2 features everything you need to seriously get stuff done: FEATURES • Reliable sync with NEW push triggering using our free service or your own server. Keep your entire database at your fingertips by syncing with OmniFocus for iOS and Apple Watch (available from the App Store as a separate purchase). • A flexible hierarchy: keep all your to-dos in one list or use as many levels of Folders, Projects, Groups, and Actions as you need to stay organized • Customizable Layout: Choose a fluid view that automatically shows and hides fields as needed, or use Custom Columns for scannable, tabular lists. • Assign contexts based on location, people, energy level—whatever you need to get the task accomplished • NEW Customize OmniFocus' look with the colors and fonts of your choosing. • Sharing Extension captures content from any app that has a Share button • Today Extension shows you OmniFocus items due today right in Notification Center • Collect from anything that can send email—Omni Sync Server’s Mail Drop adds items directly to your OmniFocus Inbox • Attach (or link to) important reference material. • Open the Forecast perspective to see your due items for each day alongside events from your OS X Calendar. • The Review perspective (NEW IN 2) makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Starting from a solid, simple user experience, we added Pro features for customizing OmniFocus and making it even more powerful. Pro is available via In-App Purchase and free to customers who purchased OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store: • Custom Perspectives: save and revisit custom views for specific tasks or situations: “Show me the chores I can do in five minutes” or “What do I need to follow up on with the people from the planning meeting?” • Customize the OmniFocus sidebar and home screen just like you customize your iOS Device's home screen. • AppleScript support enables all kinds of cool workflows. • Focus feature lets you block out stuff that isn't immediately actionable. • Display any perspective in Notification Center with the Today Extension For more information, please watch the video on our website! SUPPORT If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free support: you can reach us by email at, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or on Twitter at @omnifocus. If OmniFocus empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniFocus and get more done. Thank you!



  • Wasted too much of my time on glitches

    By sm212sea
    A productivity app is supposed to help you make the best use of your time, but I found myself having to spend too much time troubleshooting this app. Syncing was slow and cumbersome, and the app started ignoring my due dates and would show ALL future tasks for certain projects on my Today view. I don’t need to see dozens of tasks that are due months down the road in my current day’s task list. Tech support was not helpful. Completely frustrating experience. I have the OS X app, as well as iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Sorry, OmniFocus. I can’t afford to waste any more time or stress on your apps. Exporting my tasks to a competitor.
  • App download corrupted?

    By susanfor
    Update on this review. The app finally installed correctly after totally uninstalling, rebooting, installing. I still think the dev team should check this out as I have not had any issues with other apps. The program is highly useful - as I said below, I do use it daily. love this program but I think something may be wrong with the current app download. The update broke my DB and the prompts instructed me to uninstall and download the app again - which I did about 5 separate times. I also tried my app cleaner just to be sure. Hopefully this will get fixed soon as I use this daily!
  • It works, and works well

    By Don A7
    Nice application, fast synchronization, excellent mobility integration, constantly improved. OmniFocus covers my changing needs. Using the forecast view along with following the couple minute review script each week was the way I got most of the chaos out of my life. Later, I shifted to mostly using the Contexts, got lax on my weekly review, and over-committed. Using forecast together with context seems to work best for me. I had to contact support once. Incredibly nice people! They quickly got my problem solved.
  • User of 11 years

    By ryanalvarado
    Great app, great company. The gift that keeps on giving. OmniFocus took many years to master, but each step of the way has made me a better project planner, which has overwhelmingly paid off.
  • Sync Dealbreaker

    By japhethm
    If you add an action to Inbox from Siri (iOS) the action does not sync to desktop and other devices until you physically open Omnifocus on iOS. Complete dealbreaker for me but I don’t see anyone else mention it.. I’m guessing its a limitation of iOS because these guys are great developers. I will update review if things change.
  • Highly effective GTD productivity manager

    By -tmoa-
    I have used OmniFocus for iPad for many years and after trying out other offerings, I have found OmniFocus to be the best way to collect and organize tasks in a highly fluid environment. Recently, I got OmniFocus for iPhone and began to use the iPhone as a mobile satellite for the iPad. (I work in heavy industrial areas where is not always easy to carry an iPad.) Seeing how OmniFoucs on the iPhone and iPad complimented each other, I tried OmniFocus for MacOS and found organizing large projects on the computer simpler than on either the iPad or iPhone. The computer, iPad, and iPhone all work together—via OmniGroup’s server—to provide me with the most effective way I know to collect, organize, and complete tasks.
  • Learn, and then use it. Love it

    By Pedypedy
    Dear All This program helps you to fully plan your time and your goals and life. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks to all the developers, Eventhough i don’t have an iPhone but I will continue buying your products (since MacBook Pro version will suffice, i dont see a reason to buy the ipad app to use the synchronization technology. Love it. Thanks a million times. Parham

    By Blackstarsea
    Hi all, I’ve never written a review of anything in the app store. I’m a film composer and electronic music artist and used this program to collaborate with my managers and agents for many years, several albums and numerous film scores and other projects. It used to work great…until cloud support. The new application is buggy, not well supported and finally they’ve REMOVED colaboration across multiple accounts. It’s a beautiful application, it’s a shame the developers have not accomidated their number one request. Respectfully, _BT
  • I’ve tried others and just keep coming back.

    By ScottNWDW
    When it comes to task management, OmniFocus is the BEST. I’ve tried many of the others out there and many of them have unique features that set them all apart, BUT, I always keep coming back to OmniFocus. Yes it is more expensive than the others Yes it is a little harder to learn, BUT once you do, it is so simple. Yes it is customizable Yes it is GREAT! I was skeptical at first, I mean the cost alone is enough to scare people away, and it almost did me too. Especially when you figure in the iPad and iPhone apps are all sold separately. But the investment was well worth it. All versions have been updated several times and with each upgrade the prodect makes task management even easier. I’ve tried ToDo, Reminders, Toodledo, 2Do, Things, and several others, but as I said earlier, I always stick with or come back to OmniFocus. Never had issues syncing, even though some have said it was a little sluggish, I never experienced that. Allows me to set up projects, subtasks, locations, works with the Notification Center on the iOS devices and Mac. For task management theis IS the GOLD STANDARD. With the recent updates syncing is a lot quicker, almost instant. My only issue, and it’s only minor, is that when you have a task with a start date (deferred date as termed in OmniFocus, it shows up on the start date, but then disappears until the due date. I would like to see the item showing up everyday starting at the start date. Aside from that, OmniFocus is as close to perfect that you can get. I recently tried Things 3 and although it is well done and quite beautiful to work with there are just certain things that I liked better in OmniFocus and I therefore am coming back to it. If I finish a task early I don’t see in Things 3 where I can check it off until it comes available whereas in OmniFocus I can check it off even it occures on a future day just by going to that date in teh forecast and doing so, Things lets me see the task on a future day, but I can’t chek it off inless it was due today or previous. Combined with the iOS apps and the OmniSync Server you have one powerful task solution and it is well worth the money.

    By roxaphi
    I am positive that the measley 6 reviews of this app were made by the company itself! I purchased the app and then purchased the in-app purchase for the upgrade to Pro. My app never upgraded to Pro and I contacted Apple. They refunded my money but said to contact the company for upgrading my Mac app of Omnifocus to Pro. I emailed customer service OVER AND OVER AND OVER and it was completely pointless and a complete waste of my time! I emailed explaining that my app never upgraded. They emailed me back asking for images of the receipts. I sent them. They emailed me back saying they needed a larger copy of the images. I sent larger copies. Then, I got an email replying back saying that if I want to upgrade my iOS omnifocus that I need to do the in-app purchase. I clearly stated in every email saying that I paid to upgrade my Mac app of Omnifocus to Pro and it never upgraded. So, I replied repeating myself yet AGAIN! I received an email back requesting a copy of the receipt showing that Apple refunded me. I replied with the receipt even though it had nothing to do with me asking how to upgrade the in-app Mac app of Omnifocus to the pro version! I received another useless response from the company saying that in order to upgrade my Mac Omnifocus to Pro, I would need to purchase the in-app upgrade. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! IDIOTS! I DID PURCHASE THE IN APP UPGRADE AND THE APP NEVER UPGRADES!!!! I just wanted to know how I can get my app to upgrade! I replied saying that they have THE worst customer service and no longer had any desire to upgrade their stupid app because they are incable of answering the simplest of questions! DO NOT BUY! You can spend WAAAAAYYYY less money on an app that lets you enter your tasks and sends you reminders!