CFP Mastery

CFP Mastery

By Higher Learning Technologies

Score: 4.5
From 73 Ratings


CFP Mastery will help you pass the demanding six-hour CFP exam with ease. With our app, you'll be able to diagnose your problem areas and develop an action plan so you can stay organized and face the CFP with confidence. Whether you're challenging the exam for the first time or trying again after an unsuccessful attempt, you'll learn the critical skills needed to pass. Our app is built upon the tried-and-true study principles of spaced repetition--saving you time, effort and frustration. Install the free version today and jump start your studying! We have provided a limited free version of the app that you can try before deciding to upgrade. This version includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics. Upgrade to the Standard Version with a one time, in-app purchase that includes access to additional practice questions, tough quiz questions, must-know terminology and detailed progress metrics. Get your best value by upgrading to the Premium Version with a one-time, in-app purchase. The Premium Version includes lifetime access to: ∙ 600+ up to date CFP Certification Exam practice questions with detailed rationales ∙ 600+ key concept terminologies ∙ 225 question Diagnostic Test (part 1&2) ∙ Content based on past CFP Exams ∙ CFP Unit Summaries ∙ 2 Full CFP Comprehensive Tests (200 unique questions in each) ∙ In depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses ∙ Built in timer so you know how long you are taking per question With CFP Mastery, you can learn--anywhere.



  • Excellent

    By Balllikewall99
    No reason to rate this less than 5 stars. This is exactly what you want in an app
  • Will this be updated to 2017 numbers?

    By Lkwest944
    Great content but should be updated to 2017 numbers...
  • Very helpful for passing the CFP exam!

    By Tmanno1
    I used this app the last few months and I'm happy to report that I passed the board exam yesterday. The app's best feature is the questions bank and the ability to flag them red or yellow if you're not too familiar with a certain topic. I revisited those questions to brush up on them and it helped greatly. Thank you for developing such a great app!
  • Great App

    By Jammers411
    The app is great, needs a few tweaks to fix a handful of questions, other then that it is a great tool to ready yourself for the CFP exam.
  • Amazing

    By Ladolcevita0617
    This is incredibly helpful and while I'd like to see the premium price lower, I can understand it and you're investing in yourself anyway.
  • Can't even log on!

    By mkastler
    Just bought this app and tried to set up the user account several times. Each time the app crashed and wouldn't even let me finish typing in my email ID. I'll revise this review once I can gain access.
  • Excellent CFP app

    By Alexsdad37
    Great format, love this app!
  • Not worth it

    By Cfptd
    Just not worth it. Many questions are wrong and formatting can be hard to read. Save your money and either buy the book or get a few different apps instead.
  • Great study tool

    By soleobjective
    Really like this app and being able to run through mock CFP exam questions. Hoping this helps me pass the exam!!
  • Great way to fit studying into your day

    By Susan Emily
    Although it does not ask super-nuanced questions (like the newer behavioral finance topics) I really like this app. It is a great way to study for 5-10 minutes when you just have a short period of time. You can pick a topic and answer 2 questions. Or 32. I find I am studying more often because of this app and learning where my trouble spots are. It could never be a stand-alone way to study, but as a supplement to Keir or other materials, this app is very worth the price.