War Robots

War Robots

By Pixonic Games LTD

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 4.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.09 GB
  • Developer: Pixonic Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 4.5
From 252,527 Ratings


War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Mighty Warriors! “Saddle up, pilot! It’s time for some mechanized, armor plated, missile firing, machine gun shooting, nuclear powered fun.” - Technologytell “War Robots is a fun online multiplayer zone capture game with energetic robot battles.” -Engadget “This one could break big, so educate yourself now.” - AppSpy “A mechanized MMO battler with some teeth.” - 148apps.com “If you like Robots and real-time PvP battles, the game will be your best choice.” - 2P.com It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle! MAIN FEATURES: – 42 battle robots with different strengths; – more than 40 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose? – many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own play style; – create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories; – join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world; – complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the Best Pilot title. Onward, soldier! Victory is yours! You want to talk about the game or find allies? Then join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots/ or follow us on Twitter: @WWR_by_Pixonic and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WALKINGWARROBOTS Important note: This application requires a stable internet connection. In case of any problems, please contact us at wwr_support@pixonic.com so we can work on a fast resolution. Enjoy the game!



  • Bad investment

    By leavers queue
    This used to be a good game. But now it’s not much fun. It’s the greediest game on the App Store!!! Each update the game continues to decline for the players. The developers are interested in only making money and don’t care what the players want or their concerns. I have one thing to say.......DON’T spend money on this game 👍
  • Great game but...

    Hey Pixonic. I just wanna say this is such a great game I play it normally everyday and I’ve been playing its for a couple years now but I was wondering if y’all could make an exception and put more guns and robots in the shop instead of just components because components are really difficult to get other then that I really appreciate what you’ve done with this game. Have a great day.
  • New modes maybe????

    By sparkelf45
    I have been playing this game for 3 years now it’s graphics are impressive and I love the gameplay but don’t get me wrong there are few suggestions one of them is how about a battle Royale mode about 50 players another one is that maybe you can make it so that there are tournaments and the top 30 or so players will get prizes like 1st place gets a new robot 2nd-15th place get new weapons or coins and gold but if you do read this please take these suggestions and add them to the game if you don’t please continue to update this game It is one of the best games I have seen in a long time
  • I love the skirmish another skirmish pppppllllllllzzzzzzz

    By rockstar 0429
    How do you do it?
  • Great game but favors players with more to spend

    By cvgatlin
    During the seasons it’s hard to keep up with the players that are willing to spend more, especially when the workshop was introduced for all weapons and robots. For a short period of time it cost next to nothing to produce parts for great robots and weapons. You saw too much of a rapid increase in powerful weapons and robots from wealthier players, once ended developers increased the amount needed to produce parts by a huge amount! This left other players stuck and getting destroyed on the battlefield because the robots and weapons they are facing are too advanced for their own!
  • Ruined by money hungry Developer, sadly.

    By JasonM96!
    I will start by saying, I have been playing this game for a year and a half. In the beginning, this game couldn’t have been more fun. I would spend hours each day playing, because it was so addictive. Full disclosure, I spent money on this game. Not extreme spending, but I have never had a problem supporting a developer that puts out a good product. It is my entertainment, so a bit of money here and there is ok with me. When I first started playing, you could easily play this game without spending money if you fell into that category.build times were reasonable, and while the robots were a bit expensive, if you played a lot, you could eventually earn some really good robots and weapons. It used to be nice, evenly balanced economy, is what I guess I am trying to say. Pixonic started making some Big changes in the game, and while I don’t mind changes ( some are always needed to move forward) these decisions were based on one thing, and one thing only. A BIG Money grab. I really don’t understand it either, as Pixonic was taking in about nine million dollars each month, but I guess that’s greed for you. First, all of these robots that we had spent huge money on to acquire, all of a sudden they were too powerful, so the massively nerfed (reduced their power) them. I always thought that’s what the test server was for, but more than that, these robots had been out for over 9 months and Pixonic had raked in tens of millions of dollars from their sales. But now Pixonic had a bunch of new generation robots they wanted to push to the consumer, so the easiest way to do that, is to make the stuff we had bought, useless. It’s the biggest scam/fraud I have ever witnessed in my 7 years of playing app games through iTunes. They then proceeded to completely change the economy of the game. They said, we want to stress quality of play rather than quantity, and yet they changed the build time and ability to get these robots, to where, if you played this game every day 10 hours a day for 6 years, you would be able to completely upgrade a single hangar of robots. Another head scratcher to be sure, but they idea is that you will spend 15 to 25 grand on their game ( that’s per person of course ). It has been very unfortunate to watch the systematic destruction of this once incredible game. There are several other big changes they made that have hurt the game that I could post, but this is already much longer than I intended it to be. My advice to you at this point, is to avoid this game. Unless you don’t mind spending that kind of money on a game, then by all means, do it. You can tell that there has been a mass exit from the game based on the wait times to get into a battle. I just felt that I should let others, that are looking for a good fun inexpensive game to play know, that this just isn’t the game for you. At one time, yes, it definitely was that game. But that time has passed, and it is unfortunate that greed from the developer has reduced this once great game, to nothing more than bottomless money hole. Good luck to you, and thanks for taking the time to read.
  • Deep Pockets

    By General Samus
    I have been playing War Robots for a number of years and initially I rated this app with 4 stars—but within this last year the app is simply not worth it. I will be honest & tell you why you should NOT play...unless you have money to waste. Pixonic designed the game like this: a new person downloads the game & they fall in love...it’s a VERY fun app, but as you get better and gain a better rating, Pixonic begins to match you up with players with FAR greater power than you (especially once a player reaches silver & gold league). The only way for you to compete with these matches, you have to spend (by this time Pixonic believes you’re addicted & will be more apt to spend money). The players you will play against will have enough firepower to destroy your bot in 2 hits. The fun is gone. Now the bots are not cheep. Miniumum you will spend $100 for a good bot (most bots will not take gold) and additionally you need to then purchase weapons to mount on your bot. There will be anywhere from 2 - 4 slots for weapons which cost an additional $100 (multiply that by 4) and add that to your original purchase and you’re looking at $500. Next, it’s time to upgrade. You have to play a lot to gain enough silver or gold to upgrade. Oh and you get 5 bots in each hanger (so multiply that $500 by the 5 bots). Recently they gave players the option to have additional hangers so you could have 25 bots now! That’s like $12,500 & Pixonic continues making stupid, powerful weapons that forces you to make additional purchases. In real life, leagues stay within leagues—not the case in this app. When I was in gold league, I would be matched up with Diamond, Expert & champion leagues (if you’re on the side that loses, chances are you’ll lose -22 pts). If you’re on the winning team, you’ll gain +2 pts...it’s designed for you to spend & spend a lot! Again, Pixonic designed this app to trick you to spend lots of money. Be careful. It will begin exciting and draw you in, but it won’t last. The game is fun. And Pixonic could be making much more if they stopped with the massive firepower that you’re trying to keep up with and simply made an honest game. Currently I play only Skirmishes (because they are unranked battles & you don’t lose pts). The game has wasted too much of my time. Don’t let it waste yours.
  • Too much days for a robot to upgrade

    By Joucjer
    I think y’all should low the days that the dasher when u upgrade then it takes like almost a week or 11days
  • 4.3 update

    By Adamantium#117
    The newest update is appalling. The new workshop may be better but the price for the components, the time it takes to actually obtain the components and how much silver it takes to upgrade the weapons is insane :(. The moment you are finally able to get the weapon or robot you like, only to find out that it takes 100K silver just to upgrade it to level 2 is heartbreaking. I’m pretty sure I will have to pay 20 million silver just to upgrade it to level 8. Ridiculous!
  • Best game

    By Gidsitr
    I loved this game so much I played the game for 3 months