BitTrader Crypto Signals

BitTrader Crypto Signals

By Catalyst Communications Limited


Bittrader keeps track of the cryptocurrency exchange prices. You can view updates to Bitcoin , Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash prices with live trades in out trademark ticker plus historic price charts and candlestick charts. You can view your Bitstamp account details including account balances ,total balances and orders. You can also place Buy and Sell Limit Orders on your account. TODAY WIDGET: Displays Latest Prices updates every time you view the widget. APPLE WATCH: Displays the current price for the select currency. IPhone Features include: - News Feed - Live Trade ticker of exchange prices. - Create Buy and Sell Limit orders on your bitstamp account - Fast Buy/Sell Feature (Premium only) - Price history chart and candlestick chart - Market data - High, Low, Bid, Ask,and Volume - Bitstamp account balances and total balances for BTC and USD - Notifications for high and low limits. - View Account current Orders on Bitstamp - New Tab based navigation - Apple watch Glance, app and notifications - Today Extension



  • Boo

    By BTC Boss
    Not a fan of this app, poor layout and you're forced to create a new API for your account. I don't like that, and given the setup it's easier to just go through safari.