Natural Cycles, Birth Control

Natural Cycles, Birth Control

By NaturalCycles Nordic AB

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Introducing digital birth control. A natural and effective method that uses a smart algorithm to learn your cycle and identify your ovulation by analyzing your basal body temperature. Natural Cycles is for women over the age of 18. Natural Cycles does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Natural Cycles is only available as a method of birth control in the USA and Europe. In countries outside the USA and Europe, Natural Cycles is intended to be used for fertility monitoring. Natural Cycles is 93% effective under typical use, which means that 7 women out of 100 get pregnant during 1 year of use.* No method of contraception is 100% effective, even when using the app perfectly you can still have an unintended pregnancy. Natural Cycles shows you: ○ How your unique cycle works ○ Daily updates on where you are in your cycle ○ When you are in the fertile phase of your cycle and need to use protection (e.g. condoms) ○ When your ovulation is detected and predicted ○ When your period is coming up and when you can expect PMS ○ The science behind your menstrual cycle Natural Cycles is: ○ The only digital method of birth control available in both the USA and Europe ○ Backed by clinical research ○ CE marked & FDA cleared Pricing Plans: To use the app you need a two-decimal basal thermometer. Yearly plan: 79.99 USD/year. Free thermometer included. Monthly plan: 9.99 USD/ month. Thermometer not included. Free trial: 30 day free trial. Thermometer not included. Precautions: ○ As a contraceptive, Natural Cycles may be less suitable for you if you have irregular menstrual cycles (i.e. cycles shorter than 21 days or longer than 35 days) and/or fluctuating temperatures as predicting fertility is more difficult in these circumstances. Natural Cycles’ effectiveness as a contraceptive is not affected by irregular cycles, but you will experience an increased number of red days, which can reduce your satisfaction with Natural Cycles. ○ Natural Cycles does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Use a condom to protect against STIs. Want to learn more about Natural Cycles? Visit: ► ► ► Subscription information: Natural Cycles offers in-app purchases, allowing users to buy an auto-renewable Natural Cycles subscription with their Apple ID. The payment will be charged to the user's iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renewal is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. The account will be charged for this renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period at the monthly or yearly price described above. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off in the iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Cancellation of the current subscription is not possible during an active subscription period. Before you start using Natural Cycles, read the User Manual, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ► ► ► To use Natural Cycles, you need to understand English or one of the supported languages. * E. Berglund Scherwitzl et al. Perfect-use and typical-use Pearl Index of a contraceptive mobile app. Read more here:



  • Natural cycles freed me

    By Lulucom
    Natural Cycles freed me from the pill and all of its side effects. I looked into all forms of birth control and nothing seemed to give me the freedom from side effects that I desired! I looked into FAM and this app makes it SO EASY. I’m a fertile Myrtle and I’m not pregnant so yayyy for natural cycles! I can’t express enough how much this app has changed EVERYTHING! LOVE IT!
  • Life Changing

    By Tay5084
    I absolutely love this app. It is well worth the money spent. I’ve used it both as a means of birth control and to help get pregnant. Through everything I’ve learned so much about my body. I first got natural cycles as a healthier, natural form of birth control. I had tried several different hormonal pills and the ring and all of them led to horrible pms and drastic mood swings. Since using natural cycles I don’t have to worry about what hormones or medications I’m putting in my body and like I’ve said it’s given me a greater knowledge and appreciation for how my body actually works! Thanks Natural Cycles for the support and all the information that is put into my inbox daily!
  • The greatest app I’ve found

    By Ajschwichow
    Well, like many ladies out there I’m sure, I went through a bunch of different cycle tracking apps before I found this one. I have not looked back since. It’s great to know what my body is doing, and when it’s doing it. I don’t like the idea of putting hormonal birth control in my body, and with this app I’ll never have to. Thank you natural cycles.
  • Great foundation but app is just okay

    By Pumpkywumpky638938383
    I like that this app is highly accurate and FDA approved but as someone who is trying to conceive I think there are equally helpful, free apps out there that are faster, more intuitive and informative. For someone who is using it as birth control maybe it’s worth the money, but I haven’t gotten any information from NC that I hadn’t already from Glow, which I’ve been using for the past eight months just tracking my periods and taking ovulation tests. Glow’s predicted fertile dates have been the same as NC now that I’ve been using them both (I continue to toggle between them to compare and because I find Glow to be faster and more informative) so I don’t know what benefit I’m getting out of using NC. One example of how NC is not ideal, the temperature graph and the monthly calendar don’t have dates AND cycle days - the monthly calendar has dates but no cycle days, and the temperature graph has cycle days but no calendar dates. So I end up going back and forth between those two screens a lot. In Glow, when you look at the monthly calendar and your cycle chart you can see both the calendar date and your cycle day on the same screen. I also find that the symbols used in the NC calendar are cryptic and not immediately intuitive or clear.
  • The best ever!

    By Vegassssssgurl
    I have been using natural cycles for the past four months! It can’t be more spot on! We were using it as a way to not get pregnant and then as soon as we wanted to try we switched the calendar to plan a pregnancy. I do not have normal cycles so I’m so amazed and surprised how well this app worked for us! On the FIRST month trying it worked! I just found out I’m pregnant and we are so excited!!! (: I 100% recommend!
  • Not a good contraceptive

    By SammieMoTown
    Unintended pregnancy within three months of using the app. Was using a different free app for three years prior to this one with no issues. Deleted soon after and reverted to my free app. Thermometer wasn’t great either, I kept getting more variation on the NaturalCycles thermometer compared to one I bought from a different maker.
  • Love it so far!

    By iSharedaJ
    I am a mom of two. I previously used an IUD and have also taken the pill before giving this app a try. I decided to have my IUD removed because it shifted frequently with intense exercise, which caused cramping. I started using the pill again but didn’t like the hormone changes and the fluctuations in my menstrual cycle. I decided that I no longer wanted to be on birth control but I’m also not eager to have another baby just yet lol. So I decided to give this a try. I am 4 months in and enjoy it so far. It’s simple to take my temp every morning. The same time I check my phone, I also check my temp! The app has been very accurate in predicting my ovulation and cycle. I follow the instructions and advice the app provides and this far, have prevented pregnancy naturally. One of the best parts is learning how to understand my body and when I’m ovulating. I personally love it.
  • Still getting used to it!

    By campbellhl1
    So far the app has been helpful! I’m excited about having a birth control option that’s an alternative to altering my hormones. I’m in the routine of taking my temp every morning but have only been a consistent user for about 2 months. Will come back with another review in he future!
  • Education and BC

    By thatsWendy
    I started Natural Cycles after my first postpartum menstrual cycle. I’m learning about my cycle and it’s learning about me as we go. With my cycle being so irregular I’m getting a chance to see where I’m at and will eventually have a clear understanding of my personal pattern. No other form of BC gives you a better look into yourself AND grants you power in your pattern. Knowledge is powerful.
  • So far

    By Suzanna Lester
    I’ve only been through two cycles, but this makes me so happy! It’s fun to learn more, and see where my body is today, and it’s DEFINITELY exciting to having a few days without condoms! (Although, if I wasn’t in a very committed relationship, I wouldn’t have any problem with our rubbery friend, ladies, stay safe! I’m just glad to have this alternative for me – anything’s better than the other crap we do/put into our bodies.)