Santa Video Call & Tracker™

Santa Video Call & Tracker™

By North Pole Command Centre Limited

Score: 4.5
From 2,406 Ratings


Video Call Santa! Voice Call Santa! Message Santa! Track Santa! The only Santa Video Call app with varied and customisable conversation options! Santa actually KNOWS YOUR NAME! On Christmas Eve you can even talk to Santa while he's on his sleigh! Welcome to North Pole Command Center! Here at the North Pole Science Department, our Elf Engineers are always looking for ways to modernize Christmas, their latest creation is this hi-tech Santa Tracking/ Santa Calling App! VIDEO CALL SANTA - For the first time ever, you can now Video Call Santa! This is not a simple video recording of Santa, this is a dynamic, varied, and realistic simulated call. Santa knows your name, he knows things like your favourite colour, your favourite sport and tons more. He also knows when you've been naughty or nice, and he's not afraid to bring it up during the call! The call can even be recorded to kept forever or shared! • Santa's List knows the following things about your kids: - Their Name - Their Age - Their Month of Birth - Where They Live - Their Favourite Colour - Their Favourite Fruit - Their Favourite Vegetable - Their Favourite Sport - If they've been learning a musical Instrument - Recent Life Events • Theres so many call options. Here are a few: - Child has been Naughty: Santa even says what they've done thats naughty! - Child has been Nice: Santa knows when you've been nice! - Tips for getting on the nice list - Santa checks his list to see if they are on the nice of naughty list! - And so many more TRACK SANTA - Using the very latest is Elfish satellite technology, this app can pinpoint Santa's location anywhere on the planet to within an Elfish Micrometer (which is a lot smaller than a regular micrometer!) The app also allows you to run test flights with Santa's sleigh in the lead-up to the big day. Then when the big day arrives it accurately tracks Santa's journey across the globe! • Fully 3D Globe that you can rotate and zoom in or out on! • Sleigh data such as km/h and percentage of presents delivered sent dynamically to the app as Santa makes his journey! • Send Santa on test runs where you can control the speed of his sleigh! • Countdown timer to the big day! • Reindeer data! See what Rudolph and the gang are up to! CALL SANTA - Talk to Santa! Give him a call or have him call you! On Christmas Eve you can even talk to Santa while he's on his sleigh! *Parents can use the Santa Call functionality to keep children well behaved! REQUIRES PARENTAL SETUP* • High-quality voices! • Over 1500 children names! PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL LIST OF INCLUDED NAMES - • Thousands of possible call setups! MESSAGE SANTA - Send Santa messages! Receive messages from Santa! *Parents can use the Message Santa functionality to keep children well behaved! REQUIRES PARENTAL SETUP* ELFBOOK - The latest craze sweeping the North Pole. This is THE social networking site for Elves and Reindeer! SANTA’S BLOG - Santa’s blog is currently in its fourth year! All years are included so if you’re new to the party you’ve got plenty to catch up on! SANTA’S LIST - Santa's Naughty/Nice List has finally gone digital! Check out where you are on THE LIST! NORTH POLE NEWS - Brand new Digital News Feed straight from the North Pole! Now in its fourth year! ELFBALL - The latest mobile gaming craze taking over the North Pole! BEARDIFIER - Want a beard like Santa's but haven't got the time to grow one? WORRY NOT! The Beardifier adds a beard automatically to anyone you take a photo of! ELFIFIER - Add elf ears and hats to your pics! NAUGHTY NICE SCANNER - Want to know if you've been naughty or nice? Simply take a photo of yourself and the naughty nice scanner will check it against the North Pole Database! Basically, this is THE Christmas app for you! FULL LIST OF INCLUDED CHILD NAMES CAN BE FOUND HERE



  • My kids simply love it

    By Hachet
    The developer works really hard adding names to Santa.... thanks. I obviously bought the paid version to support him. Everything works great, from calls to video calls and Santa says their name, nothing beats that light in their eyes. Thank you again absolutely wonderful app.
  • Santa just told my daughter she’s naughty!

    By Beklaboopy
    Uh my 6 year is shattered in tears by Santa getting all the things about her right, her name, her fav color, ohhh then on to the list! Has she been naughty or nice! He says naughty!! I have her clearly marked as nice in her profile. She’s sick in hospital with pneumonia, and I paid 4.99 to ruin my kids Christmas. Any chance to rewind time and not trash her illusion of Santa ???? Thanks guys.
  • Keep

    By KevinJT89
    Happy happy
  • Great App!

    By NjsMomm
    My daughter loves this app - she especially likes keeping track of the reindeer & getting messages from Santa.
  • Awesome app

    By xFairladyZx
    Great app well worth the price. Thank you!
  • Awesome

    By Hyp0xic
    Great for my kiddos. They love it!

    By KittyGirlElla
    It is a great app I can do any thing and I ❤️ Christmas 🎄
  • Kids Love It! But.....

    By Nrsinu
    Gave it 4 stars because it is a bit cumbersome and too many extras to purchase. No, I do not have the lite version. I bought the app for 2.99 and still add ons! Plus, it’s not real kid friendly if your child is under 18. The games are too complicated, the joke generator doesn’t read out the jokes to the kids (so I have to read them to my grandkids) and it makes my grandkids mad because they want to do everything themselves. It has a few kinks but it was worth the price. I just wish they would have thought a few things through so it is actually age appropriate for the ones who it is geared too. You know 0-10 years old that still believe. Sorry for the monologue😂but I used to write policies and procedures and test materials. You have to make sure what you are selling is written correctly from the beginning to the end.
  • Hiii

    By Bonjf
    I LOVE IT I get to see where Santa is and what's he doing and also if I'm on the nice list or not and also get a count down that's goody 😀😀😀😀🌸🌸🌸🌸
  • Love it

    By Alex lockhart
    I love it I have had this game forever and it is so fun