First Then Visual Schedule HD

First Then Visual Schedule HD

By Good Karma Applications, Inc

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-04-01
  • Current Version: 2.25
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 100.43 MB
  • Developer: Good Karma Applications, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
Score: 4
From 34 Ratings


The visual supports you can create and use with First Then Visual Schedule (FTVS) HD have proven to be especially beneficial for the following populations: Typically developing children Those learning English as a second language People with developmental disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome Individuals with learning disabilities like dyslexia People affected by anxiety or attention deficits Anyone with language, hearing or auditory processing deficits Individuals affected by aphasia after a stroke And many more... So, as a parent, teacher, therapist or adult who could benefit from visual supports you want to try them but may be frustrated by how many different apps you seem to need in order to do so? FTVS HD lets you easily and quickly create and use ALL these visual supports in just one app: First Then boards Visual schedules Task analyses Social stories Choice boards Video models FTVS HD is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere with everything you need easily accessible from within the app: It's universal so it will work on any iDevice FTVS HD gives you FIVE different options for adding images: take a picture using your device's camera or grab one from the camera roll, use the Internet search feature to look for an image, use one of the stock images in the app or access one of 10,000 Smarty Ears symbols. All the stock images and Smarty Ears symbols are searchable by name. Set a timer for either an entire schedule or for individual steps within it. Attach a choice board or video to any step. There are FIVE different viewing options: Look at one single image at a time (great for the visually impaired), view two images in a First Then board format, scroll through a checklist, drag and drop an image to another column once a step is complete or drag and drop an image from a strip and put it in an envelope. FTVS HD makes it easy to create, customize and share schedules. You can copy the templates that come with the app or create your own from scratch. Easily edit, move, delete or hide steps within schedules. You can print your schedules and share them with other users via email. Due to size constraints you can currently only email one choice board and cannot email videos. Good Karma Applications are dedicated to providing apps that are powerful, easy to use and affordable. If you have any feedback or questions in relation to any of our apps, please contact us at



  • Great App, Ugly Interface

    By SomeBohemian
    This app has been useful for me as an autistic adult who struggles with executive dysfunction. I do wish the interface wasn’t so ugly and outdated. Some visual customization would be nice for the older people making use of this thing, so it doesn’t feel so childish.
  • I literally bought an iPad for this app

    By menelly1
    I had been debating a Goally are after seeing them on Facebook for weeks, and a friend suggested this app and an iPad to me instead as a more cost effective and way more fun way to do the same thing and WOW was she right. I love everything (well almost) about this app. It's incredibly intuitive, I love the integration with Google Images so I'm not stuck using childish Images (I'm an autistic adult, so using baby pictures did not appeal to me), etc. A few minor tweaks and suggestions, if I may? I want to switch to landscape mode. Most cases stand up in landscape mode. This is a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. When I print, I want the option of putting the pictures inside the box with the words. Again, not a deal breaker, but would be super nice. And last, but most importantly to me, can you make a way to hyper link the routines? Like, if you have a routine that says "morning routine" that includes 4 steps and one is "brush teeth" you should be able to click on "brush teeth" to take you to the embedded "brush teeth" routine. And when done with that routine, it takes you back to the morning routine, not the front page. Please?
  • Perfect!

    By Antonio's Dad
    This app is simple and VERY effective! I requested a timer with an audible alarm and BAM- it got added! My son uses this app at home and in school everyday. This is for schedules and as a Token Board with his choice of reinforcers.
  • Made this special educators life a billion times easier!!!!

    By Arr2dee2
    I've spent HOURS if not DAYS putting together schedules for my students! I literally bought this app and 20 minutes later I printed out schedules for all my students for the entire day!! Well worth the money! Thank you for making this amazing app! The best part is if a student gets s new service or time in another classroom I can easily edit and print! Omgosh so happy!
  • Life saver

    By Mom of kid with ADHD
    My son is excited to use this app. You can customize your own lists with pictures. (Setting, edit mode. Was hard to find) Would like it if you could change the order of items when creating the lists.
  • Awful

    By Kulemom
    This is terrible! Not even a tutorial. Just a couple schedules that you can't even modify. I can't believe I just wasted my money on this!
  • Needs customizable picture sizes and a separate choice board feature

    By AutismMomAsh808
    *Also want to add to this review whenever I record sound in the choice board, they all come out with the same recording. I tried making a breakfast items choice board, and no matter how many times I deleted and recreated the items, they all say "cereal..." I was expecting an option to go straight to the choice board, but there wasn't one. I would like a separate choice board feature that is independent in and of itself. Something where i could quickly select photos from customizable categories to present 2 choices to my daughter. You could have more choices than that, say, up to 6 or even just one for teaching purposes. The photos need to automatically adjust to screen size. The same is true with the visual schedule. The pictures are too small for us. Needs to be resizable. The option to remove text should be there as well. Would be a great app if those changes were made. A voice activated choice board would be incredible. Sometimes my daughter reaches for 2 food items and id like to just push a few buttons (one, imaginably) to say "blueberry or chip" and the choices would appear as two large images on the screen to pick from. And like once you push it, it enlarges to full screen
  • Amazing App!

    By benmcdorr
    I love this app. I was a little concerned about the price. I wrote to the company to find out if it would do what I needed it to before I purchased it. I needed to make a schedule to help my autistic daughter learn to shower without me in the shower with her. They immediately responded to me. They said that the app would do what I needed. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I decided to go ahead a buy it and hope for the best. It worked better than I had hoped. You can make a schedule for anything. You type in the name of the schedule. You then put in the first step. Then it lets you choose a picture. They didn't have a picture I thought she would understand so I hit the "Google" button. It looked for an appropriate picture for me. Then it will resize the picture so it fits. That is amazing! I love it! Then, you get to choose to record yourself verbalizing the step. This is such a neat app. Definitely worth the money! But, then, I got a check in email from them to find out if the app was up to my expectations and if it did want I needed! That was so great! They went above the call of duty I feel. I am very pleased! This app is definitely worth every penny!
  • Keeps crashing

    By lindalenn
    I can't tell you how many times I have tried to set up a schedule, save it, and then not be able to find it. It's so irritating. I need this ASAP. I downloaded the HD version so I could use it on the iPad, which was a waster of more money because it won't work on phone or iPad. On top of this, I keep getting messages saying that it can't connect to iCloud, but I'm not even trying.
  • Best App I've Found!

    By asbjorkman
    My 4-yr old son has a developmental delay and this app is great for helping him visually see what we are going to be doing or to teach specific skills. I like the video and voice functionality. Also the Google connectivity to add pics is great! I wish it was easier to sync across devices and that I could use the steps I've created in one board for another rather than having to recreate all steps for each new board.