H9 Control

H9 Control

By Eventide

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2013-05-15
  • Current Version: 3.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 82.28 MB
  • Developer: Eventide
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
Score: 4.5
From 48 Ratings


This is a controller app for the Eventide H9 effects pedal.



  • Awesome app

    By wangm4
    Love it!
  • Functional, but really needs an update to the UI

    By polaris20
    The app does what it's supposed to do. But come on, Eventide. The larger screen iPhones have been out for more than three years now. It's time to update that copy of XCode, and get cracking on a new GUI.
  • Seems to be working OK now

    By Pentatonic145
    UI still needs an update, but it’s very functional and thank God they fixed the BT connectivity problems. It’s really convenient to be able to program your H9’s without having the stoop down and fiddle with knobs forever. This is Eventide’s biggest advantage over competitors like Strymon.
  • Needs multitasking support

    By ericdano
    This app desperately needs multitasking support on the iPad. It’s nice it finally knows where it was when you switch back to it. But needs to have the ability to split screen.
  • Works great!!!

    By Tads Music
    Works great!
  • Recommended for any H9 owner

    By junk126
    The Eventide H9 isn't hard to program on its own, but the app definitely make it easier to make tweaks on the fly. Solid connection and no crashes or problems that I've found.
  • App needs help

    By nxlloyd
    This app needs to be brought up to the same standard of the audio effects in the unit it controls. The H9 sounds terrific but it is a shame the app gets in the way.
  • Works...sort of

    By zseelye
    First off, the H9 is truly remarkable. I've been really blown away by the quality of sound from the algorithms - the sounds produced are very similar to the sounds of the original Eventide boxes. Well done! The app, however, seems an afterthought, even though (based on the H9 boxes' interface) it's so integral to the use of the H9 for more than just living room tinkering. First, no native screen support beyond iPhone 5? It's been nearly 2 years?! Second, my iPhone 6 has serious Bluetooth connectivity problems - it only works when I set my phone on the ground next to the box. Anywhere further, and it disconnects (I don't have this issue on an older iPad). The way I can control the box from my devices via Bluetooth is really awesome, makes the pedal truly beyond value, but it seems like an app was designed two years ago, and never went back to designers for basic upgrades that most apps see as necessary. That's pretty disappointing in today's tech world.
  • Great control

    By Langcaster7
    This app was always good, but since they fixed the save glitches it's a great control app.
  • Works, but could use some love

    By iamryanparker
    I love my H9. I even upgraded it to Max. I wish this accompanying app was given just a little more love by Eventide’s developers though. First of all the GUI could use an update once in a while. The dialog boxes and all buttons in general appear to have not been updated since iOS 6. There’s also an incredibly annoying bug whenever I reorder my device’s presets and save them. Random presets throughout my list end up saved with their knobs all set to 0, rendering them useless. It works fine if you are just, say, swapping one preset for another then saving. The problem happens if you, say, drag a new preset in between numbers 5 & 6, thus moving all current presets from 6-99 back one and it has to move them all. If I’m about to go to a gig and want to save a special preset list to my H9, I shouldn’t have to take extra time to go through everything I just saved just to verify it wasn’t somehow reset along the way. I’ve also posted about this in the Eventide forums, which are supposedly checked often by people who work there, but have received no answer. Eventide, you've created a groundbreaking product in the H9 that no other competitors can really touch right now. Can you just give the app that controls it a little more love, pretty please?