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  • Democratic nonsense

    By Tiffmark223
    Joe Biden did this joe Biden did that stop with the Democratic s
  • Useful

    By JRS3159
    Great for fish.
  • Not really worth it...

    By LovableMisanthrope
    They wanted to charge me $25/mo for Sunday papers and a digital subscription. No wonder it’s rare for people to buy the actual newspaper anymore. This app is mediocre AT BEST. Can I just get the LOCAL news, please?! I don’t need random articles about inane topics, especially since it’s rarely updated anyway and I see the same stories for days and days. And let’s not get started on the ads! The obituaries are infuriating because of them. Just give me a list and then link to or whatever it is. It’s so stupid!
  • A little liberal

    By Don from PA
    After I filter through the fake news and seek several other sources for some semblance of real truth instead of alternate truths, I can enjoy the obituaries. Most the obituaries are hard to fake.
  • Needs improvement

    By claypot
    I like it because of local news. The Android App needs improvement.
  • Lack of balance

    By Tomsalth2o
    Paper has become a rag that is so biased it provides no believable news about the true political reality we live within. Constant and pathetic hammering of our President and everything that does not fit the liberal narrative is boring and unhelpful to our American way of life. I buy it for the comics and the crossword puzzle and use it only to cleanup after our dog has an accident. Certainly not to become informed, since that objective has long disappeared.
  • Meets my needs

    By Arthurw43
    I use it to follow up on notifications that interest me.
  • No search function

    By Why need nickname??
    Compared to other newspaper apps this is terrible. Hard to find articles. No search function. Difficult to differentiate between the latest news and stuff that's a couple days old. This shouldn't be so hard come on let's get it together!
  • Great!

    By Cj1112!
    Great app, high speed as well. Only problem is trying to participate in polls the screen goes blank
  • Really good app for local & national news

    By Kennyraw
    Really solid local news stories. Clean design. No issues