ICN Food List

ICN Food List

By Interstitial Cystitis Network

Score: 3.5
From 47 Ratings


The Interstitial Cystitis Network Food List App is designed to help patients struggling with urinary discomfort choose foods that will soothe rather than irritate their bladders. Ideal for use when shopping or eating out, it contains a searchable database of more than 250 foods broken out into three categories: bladder friendly, try it and caution. For the first time in any IC food list, wine, beer and spirits are also included. This is the second release of our IC/BPS Food List.



  • Saved my life

    By sama link a loo
    So many things I thought no way would hurt my bladder I learned would. Took the 'freak out' out of my flairs!
  • Basic

    By britdondo
    It gives a basic list of what to avoid and what you can possibly try. Really short list and limited varieties. A ton of food items it doesn’t list so I don’t know if they are ok or not. Needs to expand so much but if you just start out with IC helps with basic food items.
  • Food

    By RiEsKe13
    The app has great intentions but certainly does not have the variety of foods I was hoping for. Definitely falls short......
  • Useless

    By ACoolRandomReviewer
    This is simply a list of foods to try, to avoid, and that are ok. The problem-most foods are in all three lists. Additionally you can track anything. It is just 3 lists that aren't even helpful. I'd like my money back.
  • Not customizable

    By Person909
    I was very disappointed that for the price I couldn't at least customize which foods are in which category for me. All of us who have ic and know how to use the Internet at all can get this much info but to be able to "have tried it" and track the reaction would be much more useful. Every single ic patient reacts differently to any combination of foods you can think of. Personally I can eat some of the red caution foods and can't eat some of the so called "friendly food. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with multiple Hunner's lesions via cystoscope w/ hydrodistension.
  • A necessity for anyone with IC!

    By EllieWan
    Great app! Please update!!!!! Thank you!!
  • Needs updated

    By Jenyee
    Half the stuff don't work and it's really outdated. It would be nice if you could add notes
  • Very Disappointing! - Look Elsewhere!

    By juluniree
    Are you kidding me? They couldn't get more specific? Under beverages "Juices" is in all three categories: "bladder friendly", "worth trying cautiously" and "foods to avoid". Hmmm, I wonder exactly how many juices there are…? Pear Juice is great but what else can I drink?? I hoped this would be good because it's from the Interstitial Cystitis Network!
  • Needs an update!

    By Ittybittybrandy
    I get an error message each time I try to open the four tiles- flare fighting foods, beer wine & spirits, how to use this list & about the ICN. In a flare it would be nice to be able to open the flare fighting foods section for a helpful review.
  • Only half works

    By IC sufferer
    While this app partially works it wasn't worth $.99. There are free lists on the web of foods to avoid and to enjoy. All of the buttons had the error "unable to read" - disappointing!