By IK Multimedia

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2011-10-13
  • Current Version: 2.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.50 GB
  • Developer: IK Multimedia
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 3
From 384 Ratings


SampleTank 2 for iOS is a professional, fully featured mobile sound and groove workstation that brings the sound, power and features of desktop virtual instruments to your iPad and iPhone — without compromise. It is designed for professional live performance, song composition and puts a comprehensive array of world-class instruments, sounds and patterns right at your fingertips. SampleTank gives you 8 multitimbral instrument slots that you can easily layer or split. Choose from a comprehensive, expandable sound collection that covers virtually every acoustic and electronic sound imaginable. Plus, each instrument category includes instrument riffs and grooves so you can start composing and playing in no time. The included instruments and the new sound engine are derived from the desktop version of SampleTank, IK's flagship workstation, offering you unmatched realism, variety of sound and audio performance. For the first time on iOS, thousands of professional sample-based sounds and patterns can be easily accessed, layered and used for playing live or in the studio. SampleTank 2 comes with over 140 instruments and 1,000 patterns including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, drums, basses, guitars, strings, brass, woodwinds, voices, ethnic instruments, percussion and sound FX. What’s more, SampleTank offers an ever-growing library of sounds and are available via in-app purchase: • Elektronika - a series of electronica and EDM-oriented groove libraries and sound collections that make it easy to create hits in today’s most popular styles • Miroslav Philharmonik — the legendary orchestral libraries, now available on your mobile device! Stunningly realistic and expressive samples of a wide range of orchestra and percussion instruments. • SampleTank PRO - the latest and most high-end sounds and grooves available, letting you create professional-grade compositions on your mobile device • Plus additional libraries covering cinematic sounds, the finest pianos, drum libraries from iconic drummers and much more! SampleTank for iOS offers over 2,300 instruments and over 1,200 MIDI patterns — the largest collection of sounds available for any virtual instrument for iOS. Features: • 8-part multitimbral professional quality sound and groove module • Expandable sound library with 2300+ instrument • Over 1,200 melodic and rhythmic patterns • 8-track MIDI recorder with audio export • Totally redesigned intuitive interface • New sound engine derived from SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC • Zones feature lets you easily create splits & layers on your controller • Song and Live environments for composing and playing • Built-in insert effects and master reverb • MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers easy • Plug-and-play compatibility with iRig interfaces and controller • Polyphony: up to 64 voices on new Apple devices



  • Good sounds... 2 bad you can’t use them

    By Clyde Marley
    The sounds are more than decent... unfortunately it seems the developer wants you to use the app exclusively. Too bad it lacks basic sequencer features and has no plug in support. Developers didn’t update to the Audiobus 3 sdk so now all that money I spent on in app purchases (<$100) is practically useless. Audiobus 2 is not even available any more so I’m just stuck with an 80s style sequencer where you can’t even edit notes and that blows. Make it a complete production environment or make it work with other apps otherwise quit!
  • Feel Ripped Off, Buy Korg Gadge

    By Unhappy45678
    140 sounds seems like a lot, but there are so many you’ll never use. And they skimp on the sounds you will use... not enough drums or basses. The bass selection is especially horrible. I purchased another 35 based for $10 (so expensive!!!). The real basses were good in the add on but the synth basses were horrible. This whole application is designed to make you buy more and more sounds. They show you all the sounds you don’t have as you use the app. And the choices for the sounds they give you just aren’t useful enough. More: The timing when you control it with external midi off by random milliseconds on every trigger. It is noticeable on drums.
  • SampleTank is good sounding but aloof

    By dataBANG
    It's got good sounds, I'll give it that. But, SampleTank is a burdensome when it comes to user-interface and doesn’t take advantage of iOS audio as one would hope. Pros: 👂Quality sounds and good expression when tweaking the controllers. CONS: 🤬SampleTank is in a world of its own. The app ignores the capabilities of iOS, No AU3 support, NO separate channels for discrete instrument mixing just stereo. 🙈Hit with in iRig "advertisement" splash page at every SampleTank launch. 🙈Cannot read user manual unless you register the product through their website, and only after confirmation. 😾The user manual is nested four button presses deep to find information, and no option to download the documentation as a PDF or separate webpage and no manual available at their support site. 😿The Transport Controls are difficult to see if they are active or not and e.g. The record button is so bright it always appears to be on. 👺SampleTank has sloppy internal MIDI implementation so playing it with the other internal apps can be challenging, and there's no standard MIDI implementation chart
  • Really Like It

    By itsmrdizz
    I’ve been using SampleTank since it first dropped I’m 2001 and purchased the app when it was first available for iOS. It’s been one of m,y favorite apps for nearly 20 years. I would love to see AU3 support and expanded multi timber to 16 channels.
  • Money wasted in the drain

    By Nick45689143
    I spend several dollars $$$$ and this app is very unreliable. No even sure if will be replaced (after namm) soon and I’ll lose all my purchases
  • Looking for Keyboard sounds? This app is #1 by far!

    By Rudabug
    Before SampleTank I was using high end hardware Keyboard/Workstation/Synth/Samplers . Now with a basic $99 midi controller and this Application my life has changed. The sounds are fantastic, rivals all current keyboards on the market, and the expansions are phenomenal. If you are a keyboard player and looking for something to work with live or in studio out of the iPad this is where you need to start. There are similar apps, but most are one trick ponies compared to SampleTank. Sure there are great piano apps, synth apps, organ etc etc, this app covers it all and does it very very well. Create layers/Splits that are phenomenal sounding in any setting. SampleTank puts “Module” to shame on EVERY level. My reason for not giving the 5th star is because OS updates can sometimes cause major problems with functionality, not too long ago the app was unusable for about a month due to incompatibility with new updates from Apple. However once corrected the app is now better than ever. IK you have created an amazing product here, my only request is you keep it a little more up to date for those of us who depend on it. Keep the awesome work.

    By NimbusClouds
    Another reason why I give this app one star is that you people cater more to dance, pop, rap but not enough to us rock and roll fans. Why can’t you guys create pwith classical, blues or metal rock? This would be such a huge plus. Just look at how many electronic sounds you have or synth. You people need to know that there are people out here who love rock so please l think about this.
  • thanks for the update

    By Biznatchio
    works well. the sounds of the expansions are worth the price. when theyre half off $. the pianos offered are substandard. the drum demos wont play in the "shop" menu of the app. and there are no demos on your site to hear. this app has gone up and down in stability. its not cheap. for now its simply the only real multi timbral sampler option. the miraslov orchestra 2 is amazing. and when its half off, highly recommended and worth getting sampletank for, on its own. works incrediblywell in conjunction with isymphonic... the pianos in the miraslov, however, are the worst on the market. easily, the worst. everything else is top notch. don't buy it for the pianos. the stock sounds are average. you need to expand and have space to get its max potential. it'll cost you fifty bucks to do it right. if you know what an "eps16+" is you'll be right at home.
  • Fantastic Library!

    By OjBluzzmn
    From guitars, to orchestras, pianos, synths, percussion, voices. Links nicely with Cubasis, both midi and audio, and Audiobus. Lots of patterns associated with the sounds. Finally, they fixed the ios 12 bugs.
  • Wanna like it.

    By LeakyBrainiac
    Trying to implement a mobile sketch studio using Cubasis and SampleTank. Trying to use SampleTank because it seems to have the best sounds for a basic orch template. But, like another review stated, the integration is a mess. Audio Units compatibility would be a dream. It’s useless as a real mobile DAW on it’s own. Wish ST could integrate like Kontakt does in full DAWs. Actually wish Kontakt had an iOS ver but... Saving the worse for last. I finally came up with a useable template utilizing “AudioBus” only to find that Cubasis mixer does not control ST and of course when I attempt to adjust channel vol in ST it crashes. Known, killer bug that is a over a month old with no fix available.