Forest Park PDX

Forest Park PDX

By The Forest Park Conservancy

Score: 2.5
From 57 Ratings


Explore, navigate, and enjoy Portland's own Forest Park! As one of the largest forested urban parks in the U.S., Forest Park in Portland, Oregon provides excellent opportunities for hiking, biking, walking, running, and simply escaping. Over 80 miles of trails, fire lanes and roads serve 1 million people from the Portland Metro Area. Covering more than 5,100 acres, Forest Park has only grown and flourished since its inception, largely thanks to The Forest Park Conservancy, a volunteer stewardship organization. • About this App • A mobile solution for visitors, this app showcases The Forest Park Conservancy's popular 10-map set, the 'Hiking & Running Guide to Forest Park' in a digital format. The app allows you to: • Navigate the park in its entirety • Zoom in on maps to see minute details and locations of trailheads • Rotate to see fullscreen maps with less visual distraction • Plan a loop, complete with elevation, mileage, and a map • Learn more about the Park and Conservancy PLEASE NOTE: Forest Park PDX is only supported on iPod Touch 3rd gen and above, iPhone 4 and above, and iPad on devices running iOS 6 or above. For ease of use while using Forest Park's trails, no internet connection is necessary to use the app, making it the perfect solution on the go. For support or more information, visit (Developed by Dylan Gattey for the Forest Park Conservancy)



  • Mis-advertised

    By scout374269
    You can't plan loops any better than just looking at a PDF online. It's not interactive in anyway. Total waste.
  • App needs more information

    By Markgreenfield
    It would be much better if this app provided distances between trail intersection and along trails besides the Wildwood.
  • Disappointing

    By Emsoli
    Terrible, not worth it at all. It's basically a pdf and a poor one at that. It says you can "plan a loop", you can't. It has 9 suggested loops but that's it.
  • Kinda want my money back...

    By -1sarebear1-
    Bought this for forest park trail map. Well, it doesn't work. Crummy depiction of major trails only, poor naming, and it is not interactive. Needs to be able to locate you on a map!! Otherwise useless.
  • Very limited

    By HnRSN
    I purchased this app specifically to plan routes to hike. The pre-loaded hikes are nice options but too long for what I was looking for. Sadly there are no other options to plan routes, as the app promised, beside looking at a scan of a paper map. "Planning your own route" is nothing more than picking a trail on the map, with no description or information on elevation gain. There isn't even a way to locate trailheads or parking besides finding nearby cross-streets and driving in that direction. I imagine there are more detailed paper maps located at the park. I would like to see this have gps location, topography, and interaction to plan my own route.
  • Lo-Fi Digital version of paper

    By Kathryn Schmidt
    I wish I had read the reviews of this first. As a digital version of the paper maps, it's fine. But that's it; there is nothing else involved. I was hoping to be able to find smaller routes, or set up different hikes or something I guess.
  • Did I seriously just pay $4 for this?

    By coribrava
    What a joke - and a ripoff. Completely useless app. Why charge so much for what amounts to a shoddy PDF? One of those times I wish I could get a refund from iTunes...
  • Oops

    By hardlylaura
    Agree with many below. This price point is far too high for the functionality. Would love to see someone do FP map right, including easy way to plan routes and calculate mileage.
  • Not worth $4

    By bhancock4
    Junk. Just a handful of static maps and an info section that includes requests for work from the "developer" that threw this non-interactive garbage together. Ridiculous.
  • don’t get it. Get the other one

    By Yoyoar
    i found a forest park app that i like better. With a sophisticated several hundred dollar phone in my hand, I’m drawn to apps that leverage what it can do. This app doesn’t do that. It’s basically low resolution scans of old forest park paper maps that don’t let your phone tell you where you are. The other app maps look better + it shows you exactly where you are. Anytime i visit the wilderness, i like to benefit from technology but don’t rely on it. A paper map can’t run out of battery so it’s good to carry one. But if you use you phone at least use something that provides significant benefits.