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Turbulence Happens! Luckily, there's an app for that. Whether it's called air pockets or bumps, this app will unlock the mystery about turbulence while giving you greater knowledge and confidence. Turbcast is designed for those with a mild case of fear of flying and the general public who want a better understanding of turbulence. Turbcast coverage works only in the USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Western Europe and limited Caribbean coverage. (Cuba, Dominican Republic, St Lucia,Trinidad) ** Mentioned on Fox News** **Featured in the USA Today Newspaper ** **Rated the best travel app by main street.com** The highlight of the app provides you a forecast for your flight by checking for indicators of turbulence. It looks at aviation weather that pilots look at to give you a realistic prognostic of what to possibly expect. One can see turbulence embedded in thunderstorms as pilots see it. Designed by an airline pilot, it uses a combination of aviation knowledge and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to help you reduce your fear of turbulence. Turbcast is easy to use. Simply enter your departure and arrival airport, time zone and let the app do the rest.



  • One of the best apps for flying

    By Nhdgjyggj
    I am an awful flyer, panic attacks, anxiety, the whole nine. This app puts me at ease and the forecast feature has been 100% accurate every time I’ve used it which is a couple years now. The best.
  • Better Free Apps Out there

    By Leb3k
    I hate that I wasted $1.99. This is a very basic app with the information within it all on google by searching "what is turbulence". I have found other apps that actually show you a flight map with the times during your flight you are most likely to experience turbulence. There is a single video in the app as well which I found not to benefit me anymore than any other YouTube "fear of flying" searches. When you type in your flight information it just gives you a response of "low", "minimum", or "high" for the takeoff, en route, & landing with no additional detail nor does it remember your flight so you have to type it in every time and it doesn't provide you with any updates if the forecast changes.
  • Anxiety Begone

    By Cheryllee@17
    I've been a nervous flyer for awhile, but this app really helps. The turbulence forecast was right on target.
  • Very Bad

    By Agharoozbeh
    It is the most useless application that I have ever seen. The predictor part which is the most important one is not working at all. Very very disappointing
  • Helpful!!

    By Annachristine17*
    I will probably always feel uncomfortable flying but this app helps a lot. The video was very helpful. I haven't used the forecast feature yet but learn a lot from self help tips.
  • Reassuring

    By Kimster17
    A wonderful app to sooth you nerves. I had my first flight & it was accurate so far. Lots of good information I didn't know before.
  • Does not work

    By Jdmhunt
    "Can't connect to server" Do not buy
  • Evidently Omaha, NE does not have an airport

    By Jloftis
    Will not accept airport code
  • Best App Idea In A Long Time

    By Ghfghu
    This app helped my anxiety almost immediately after downloading it! This truly is a magical app...
  • Great

    By MyCropsNeedHarvesting
    I'm a nervous flier who appreciates this app. Thank you!