Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

By Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand

Score: 4.5
From 112 Ratings


Whether you're on a short trip to Thailand, working with Thais, or studying the Thai language in-depth, this is the one dictionary you can really use. 195,000+ entries (250,000+ translations), plus a built-in phrasebook with 300+ categories and 12,000+ words and full-text searchable, ready-to-use customizable phrases. Clear native sound recordings for every Thai word—even offline. Favorites screen lets you organize words/phrases in multiple folders. Includes both pronunciation guides (12 different systems) and Thai Script with the Thai and English text as big as you want. Includes a guide to speaking and writing Thai and other mind-blowing features for exploring the Thai language—nothing else even comes close! == Listen to Any Thai Word Touch any Thai word/phrase in any of our 195,000+ entries to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native speaker, not a toneless gravelly robot as found in other software—more than 29 hours of studio-recorded sound included. Long-press to hear 2x/4x slow playback with no change in pitch. == No Connection Required and No Data Charges Works even when you're in a taxi or a countryside street market and not connected to the internet: all entries and sounds are stored right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you will incur no data charges when you use the app. == Big Text and Clear, Clean Layout Make the Thai and English text as big as you want—no more reading glasses! Easily scroll through multiple, complete definitions on the screen at once. Customize layout. == A Dictionary Crafted for Those Learning Thai Unlike typical dictionaries based on low-quality, free internet data meant for Thai natives, our superb dictionary entries are hand-crafted by Paiboon Publishing with your needs in mind: if you're not familiar with the Thai alphabet, you can even look up Thai words by their sound using an easy-to-read pronunciation guide system (12 popular systems are supported). Hear somebody say "sa nuk?" Type "sa nuk" to find out what it means. All Thai words in every section are written using both Thai Script and your chosen pronunciation guide system(s). Unlike dictionaries meant for Thais, we clarify critical shades of Thai word meaning and formality using English explanations, we list crucial Thai classifiers for more than 60,000 noun entries, and we even notate syllable stress. == Built-In Phrasebook Beginner or advanced, communicate in Thai easily! 12,000+ phrasebook entries in 300+ categories like “Language Difficulties,” “Hotel,” “Renting a Place,” “Food/Drink,” “Price Haggling,” “Transportation,” “Health,” “Shopping,” “Sightseeing,” “Love/Romance/Sex” and even “Swearing/Insults.” Two-way conversational format helps both of you communicate. == Introduction to Thai Included More than just a dictionary, our software includes a comprehensive, interactive introduction to the Thai language, including a "Speaking and Understanding" section with clickable sounds and detailed grammar coverage, and a "Reading and Writing" section with all the consonants and vowels in multiple, real-world fonts. == Unique Thai Learning Tools This app is loaded with amazing, industry-first Thai learning tools. You can touch any word to find out which component Thai words it's made from: a great way to learn new words quickly. You can see any Thai word written in multiple real-word fonts you are likely to see on signs and menus. You can touch any Thai word to see a detailed interactive breakdown of how to pronounce each syllable (with clickable sounds that let you compare nearby sounds) or see a detailed visual explanation of its Thai spelling—indispensable for learning how to read and write Thai. Nothing like this has ever appeared in any dictionary software on any platform. == Buy ThaiDict Now! Don't go another day without this indispensable tool! Enjoy free lifetime upgrades as we add more vocabulary and more features. Our website has more screen shots and much more information.



  • Wow, top notch app developer

    By FriedRibs
    This is a super high quality app. Please don't compare the price of this app to other cheaper or free dictionary apps, compare it to the price of the best paper phrase book you can find, and then know that this app is 10 times more useful! The translation database these guys have built is amazing. They've thought of everything; the app even has a full unit conversion mechanism. (For example you an put in the English time of day, and it tells you the time in Thai, which by the way isn't just converting from 12h to 24 hour time, they have a different way of numbering and labeling the hours in Thai.) How many times are you trying to explain something to someone and then have to scramble to do unit conversions on top of translations, this is takes care of both right away. The best part is that every Thai word in the app has a little play button next to it to listen to the pronunciation off-line! No paper phrase book can come close to this. When it comes to tonal languages, nothing beats an actual person demonstrating how to pronounce something. This app is worth at least $50 in my opinion, $14.99 is a bargain!
  • Worth every penny

    By Janakasoft
    I am attending a thai class and this app is a life saver. It is very well designed and customizable. No other app comes even close to this. If you just need a dictionary there some other free dictionary apps. But if you are learning thai get this one
  • Great

    By Me bin Thai
    The best great program good people
  • The best Thai dictionary

    By Kkinloch
    This is my first ever rating and review of an App. I'm not going to write about its features, their commitment to updates, stability, or anything because they are all excellent. I'm just going to say This is the best Thai dictionary I've ever used - well worth the price.
  • Literally The Best

    By Jelkath
    While I'm not familiar with the first version, I can say that I've never come across any better dictionary for Thai, or any other language. I actually use this on a daily basis.
  • Most comprehensive

    By Lynnaswan
    This app is the most comprehensive listing of Thai/English translations I have found. I have been using it for 6 years now, and I am always pleased with it search tool. Highly recommend the investment if you need to use Thai and English language translations on a regular basis.
  • The best hands down

    By hyperzx
    Easily the best Thai dictionary . It's fast has both directions and gives better results then online translators like googles
  • The best! Really and truly.

    By Ukiongs
    If you don't know a single word of Thai this app will get you through just about anything. The phrases that were added in the last update are invaluable. I can only imagine how useful this would be for a tourist. It's like having a translator with you. You can look things up and then let your phone speak Thai. You can have Thais speak to your phone and then read it in English. This is another invaluable tool because Thai is tonal and has many new sounds for English speakers that must be learned. I have lived in Thailand for 20 years and I am told that I speak very well but I will never reach 100%. Thai and English are too radically different, at least for me. Thai people tell me I am fluent but I use this app almost every month. Just browsing through it I learn new words and new ways to express ideas. Only issue I have is that it does not have all the vocabulary that I need. But I do not come across this issue too often. Also the app lets you suggest any words that it does not have. Hopefully my suggestions will be included in the next update. The vocabulary that is lacking is almost always high level language that I need for discussing things with doctors, lawyers, having philosophical or religious discussions and things like that which a tourist or newcomer to the language would not need. It is worth so much more than the price that they charge. You will not be disappointed!
  • Best Thai Language resource App

    By Jimmymacandcheese
    Really is the best all around. Resources are great. Vowels, phrases, etc.. great!
  • Beware of update

    By dmanqrstxyz
    Avoid this update. You will be disappointed with this new version. Cluttered, clumsy, klutzy and confusing. Not just an elegant, simple and easy to use dictionary anymore.