Mobile OMT Upper Extremity

Mobile OMT Upper Extremity

By Clinically Relevant Technologies

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Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) for the Upper Extremity is a powerful clinical reference and teaching tool for any student, clinician or educator involved in the practice or the teaching of manipulative/manual therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. This essential and comprehensive mobile companion provides manipulative techniques for the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand presented in the context of best current evidence for use in treating upper extremity disorders. Each technique has detailed, step by step written instructions as well as corresponding high-quality video demonstration that includes audio instruction (note: the video files download to your device upon installation and therefore do not require an internet connection). *** This is a large app (due to high quality videos). It may be best to use a wi-fi connection. Or, download on iTunes on your computer and then sync. If there is a problem with the download (app appears to have bugs, doesn't open, etc) then delete and re-download (you won't get charged again). Summaries of the most recent clinical research involving manipulative therapy are provided for each region (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand) with links to PUBmed abstracts of relevant clinical studies. Additionally a brief summary of the history of manipulative therapy is presented, as well as definitions of terminology. OMT UE Features: •Instructions for 50+ orthopaedic manipulative techniques for the upper extremity •High-quality video demonstration for each technique performed by fellowship trained orthopaedic manual therapists •Each video includes two angles of the technique being performed. Therefore, there’s no guessing the important or even subtle details of the techniques performance (pause, rewind, forward within the video) •Each video includes corresponding audio instructions that describe the technique as it’s being performed •Each technique includes common diagnoses or “indications” for which the technique is typically performed •Techniques include high-velocity thrust joint manipulations, non-thrust joint mobilizations, muscle stretching and “contract-relax” stretching techniques •Summaries of the current state of the research on OMT for each upper extremity region (shoulder, elbow and wrist/hand) •Links to PUBmed abstracts of research on OMT for upper extremity disorders (internet connection required) •Easily email PUBmed abstracts of the pertinent studies to yourself or colleagues from within the app •Historical overview of manipulative therapy •The ability to show video out from the app and display the videos on a larger screens or overhead projector (with the appropriate video out cable from Apple) If you treat patients with musculoskeletal disorders with conservative manual therapy management strategies, then this app is the perfect companion for you and your practice! TARGET: -Osteopathic physicians -Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists) -Chiropractors -Clinicians managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions -Medical students, interns, residents, fellows in any of these disciplines -Educators/Academicians in any of these disciplines -Anyone interested in manipulative/manual therapy Complete the series with the SPINE and LOWER EXTREMITY OMT apps! * Note: Need internet connection to access PUBMed links from within the app. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the size of the app is significant due to the large number and quality of videos embedded native in this app.



  • Not helpfull

    By Gbs OOO
    Waste of money. Nonstandard techniques with limited / no discussions of purpose.
  • Great

    By Owl
    This app information that is very useful, precise and well laid out. After searching the App Store for many hours, and finding this app, I am well pleased and thankful that I was able to purchase,
  • Implemented Day 1

    By TGEckard
    I am a physical therapist who is well versed in manual therapy but who has had little practice on the upper extremity outside the shoulder. Recently began working in a clinic with certified hand therapists and bought this app to improve my elbow/wrist/hand manual therapy skills. Learned new techniques for these regions and literally implemented them the next day with success. Well presented logical flow of information from technique description to video to evidence for many techniques. Well worth the money for clinicians who practice or want to begin practicing manual therapy.
  • OMT UE's

    By jd.dpt1
    Excellent, I now have 4 apps from Clinically Revelant Technologies, and each are highly valued, and referenced often. JDavidson, PT, DPT
  • Great Application for Experianced and New Clinicians

    By T Denninger
    Excellent program that details a wide variety of evidence based techniques including thrust and non thrust manual treatments. The format is well designed and user friendly. Video quality is impeccable with multiple angles detailing patient and clinician positioning. Detailed explanations of techniques are narrated in the video as well as written making access appropriate at almost anytime. This is the next generation of education and clinical tools. T Denninger
  • Amazin

    By GPAustin
    This is an indispensable app for both clinician and student that far exceeded my expectations. It is comprehensive (going so far as to include an excellent segment on the Historical Overview of Manipulative Therapy). It is user-friendly, with hi-resolution videos shot from various vantage points with still images of hand placements and excellent audio overlay. The content is well-organized and easy to access for the clinician and student alike. The ability to link to (and e-mail) abstracts of the best-available, current, and supporting evidence is a great feature. This app is a MUST-HAVE for clinicians and students!!! Apps like this will make over-priced textbooks obsolete-I will be including this as a strongly recommended resource for students-it's a BARGAIN!! This app is, after all, Clinically Relevant. Do you and your patients a big favor and download this now!! Gary Austin PS My wife is a PT, CHT and she thought this was an AMAZING APP - I can't keep her away from it!!
  • Nothing else like this for manual therapy

    By EricPT
    This app is a one-stop shop for all upper extremity manual therapy interventions. The associated videos are clear and really do a good job demonstrating each technique. The navigation is a little less than intuitive initially, but once I became accustomed to it, it was no problem. The supporting evidence is included for each region, and you can email PubMed links right from the app, which is awesome. I'd like to see there eventually be evidence in support of specific techniques where it's available. Overall, this app rocks and I will be using it in the clinic and the classroom. Nice job!
  • Excellent Tool!

    By DTeyhen
    They really knocked it out of the ballpark with this manual therapy toolbox for the upper extremity. Every healthcare provider that performs manual therapy should download this tool. The instructions are succinct and well written. The videos are high quality. The link to supporting evidence is the icing on the cake. It is easy to use and very efficient. This is a great tool for clinicians as a quick clinical reference. It is a great tool for both experienced clinicians wanting to improve their skills and clinicians in training as they learn the techniques. All I can state it now!
  • From the App Developers

    By Ben Hando
    For anyone having difficulty loading or opening this app after purchasing: please keep in mind this is a large app due to all the high quality videos. Because of this, you can’t download the app to your device over a 3G network. You must use a wifi connection or simply download it directly to iTunes and sync your device. Even over wifi it may take 10-15 minutes to download, depending on your internet speed. However, after the initial download, all the videos/content will be on your device and will be extremely quick and responsive to run and control. If after purchasing you’re still having trouble, simply delete the app from your device and re-download it. As long as you “purchase” it the second time under the same account you originally bought the app with, you won’t be charged again. If you’re still having difficulty, please contact us directly through our website (see link above for support) and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you. Ben Hando Clinically Relevant Technologies
  • Awesome App

    By Broncosfan07
    This is a great app that is relevant to the busy clinician in the everyday practice. Good descriptive properties and the videos help the clinician on how to properly perform the test. I have used other apps by this vendor and they perform just as well. My only complaint is that they did not come out sooner. I hope you enjoy this app as it is well worth the money