Due - Reminders & Timers

Due - Reminders & Timers

By Due Apps LLP

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-09-15
  • Current Version: 2.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.44 MB
  • Developer: Due Apps LLP
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.3
Score: 4.5
From 2,820 Ratings


Due remembers all the things that you need so you don't have to. Because it repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them, it‘s impossible to forget anything with Due. Fast, simple and effective. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize. What there is however are what that matters: what you'd like to be reminded about, and an alert that is set up in seconds. FEATURES ◆ Updated for iOS 11 ◆ Optimized for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus ◆ Apple Watch support with Complications ◆ Never miss any reminders with auto-snooze. Repeatedly* notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled (every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes) ◆ Set due dates and reschedule existing ones *fast* by tapping on any of the 12 preset and customizable times. No need to scroll through the time picker wheel. Or, use… ◆ Natural date and time parsing. Set due dates by typing or dictating them directly ◆ Reusable countdown timers. Precise to the second, perfect for making the perfect soft-boiled eggs, brewing your coffee and more. Set them up once and reuse them forever ◆ Keep track of outstanding tasks with Smart Badges ◆ Powerful recurring reminders. From the simple daily and weekly reminders to the complex every-3rd-Wednesday-of-the-month kind of reminders ◆ Time zone shifting. Receive timely reminders no matter where you are in the world ◆ iOS Reminders integration: auto import reminders created with Siri ◆ 59 great sounding alerts of varying lengths to choose from ◆ Universal app, looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad ◆ Keep reminders in sync** across your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud or Dropbox. ◆ Undo and redo. Never worry about making mistakes again ◆ No internet connection required ◆ Full VoiceOver support ◆ Full Dynamic Type support (for smaller and large text sizes) ◆ Localized for 17 languages * In iOS 10, auto snooze repeats 5 times, and can be configured to repeat up to 10 times. Whenever you launch Due or act on any of its notifications, Due can then auto snooze any overdue items indefinitely. ** For iCloud syncing, Due must be launched for sync to take place. Due can sync in the background with Dropbox. Sync on Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately) WHAT'S THAT IN-APP PURCHASE ABOUT? If you purchase Due from version 2.0 onwards, there is *no* additional in-app purchase required. You get to use *everything* in the app. That in-app purchase is meant for customers who have purchased Due before 2.0, and would like to unlock the extra goodies in 2.0 at a discounted rate. COMPATIBILITY Due requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 10 or later.



  • Finally found an the app I’ve been looking for since I got an iPhone.

    By G.sirhC
    I searched for years for a repeating / nagging reminder after getting my iPhone, really missed that option on my blackberry and android devices. This does exactly what I’ve been looking for. Constant and repeating reminders until you acknowledge it. Very customizable you can set duration between recurring reminders and are able to change quick snooze from lock screen to different durations (not just 1 hour or tomorrow like the standard iPhone reminder). Haven’t missed a reminder since I got this app. My only complaint here and what stops it short of being perfect is when you snooze a reminder from the locked screen, it clears every other reminder as well, so you have to wait until the next reminder comes to snooze that one. If you have 4 or 5 reminders happening at once this can be pretty annoying. Really hope the developers see this and can correct it. Highly recommend this to any one who is annoyed with the broken base reminder system iOS currently and always has had.
  • Great.

    By Mark WN
    One thing. If I accidentally check off Item and don’t hit undo immediately there is no list of completed to do’s
  • Good app

    By Alon_BR
    It’s a good app, but there is a bug (for a while) that make the badge icon disappear. Please guys, fix this minor issue! iPhone 8 (ios 11.2.6)
  • Alarms stop sounding after a while...bad.

    By carush
    Alarms used to sound until they were cleared - now in version 2.6.1 they stop sounding. So, if you have to go away from your phone and come back, there won't be an alert sound. You have to open the app to check to see if anything is past due. The whole point of an alarm is to sound. This version has ruined the only feature I bought the app for. Went from fantastic to not useful.
  • Utterly indispensable

    By ejball
    Customizable auto-snooze is the killer feature of this app. But an efficient user interface and great watch support make it even better.
  • Not compatible with Siri

    By 4kiddos.sh
    I really want to like this app. I love how it remind me of thing, how I can set custom reminders, etc. However, I have tried over and over to get this to work with Siri and it won’t. I am unable to say Hey Siri remind me to.... she simply says I am unable to do that because Due hasn’t set that up yet??? That is unacceptable. The app is unusable because of that. I don’t want to have to type out every last minute though or reminder I have. That defeats the purpose.
  • Great App...BUT!

    By Brntwood
    NON-existent support beyond a automated response “Thanks for your email, I’ll be looking into it shortly”. I’ve sent (and replied to this email) THREE times over 3 1/2 weeks with NO response. (Disappointing!). Low rating ONLY due to bad support - would rate app 4 1/2 but can’t give good rating with no support.
  • Now an indispensable part of my life

    By freeingmason
    OMG. This app is actually a life saver. It is my greatest life management tool, and I have tried many. I definitely could not live without it at this point, it really has improved my efficiency and greatly reduced my stress by making it impossible to forget things. I have memory issues and this really truly helps me compensate for it and now I function much more like a normal person. The features that made this app better than all other reminder apps: - unexpiring repeating reminders: I have great difficulty remembering things. They often evaporate from my consciousness once I see the notification. The fact that this app will keep alerting me over and over until I deal with it is really what saves me. No other app I found did this, so this is the most awesomely distinguishing feature for me. Also it works well because Due also has... - super fast buttons for scheduling and rescheduling: I have to delay tasks a lot, but typing in a new date in other apps took too long. With Due I just tap-tap-tap the customizable time change options and it's scheduled in less than 5 seconds. It works well with unexpiring reminders because a task will repeat until I deal with it and yes easy to deal with it so I don't just delete tasks. - above feature in lock screen reveal/banner pulldown: I have an iPhone 6s and the sub menu (that I can swipe open when I get a notification on my lock screen or when I get a banner notification) lets me reschedule without opening the app. That's huge. I use it all the time. - natural language processing in quick add: this is killer awesome. Makes adding new tasks even faster bc I don't have to date scroll like in every other reminder app, or punch in numbers bc it recognizes dates and times in English. Those are slow and annoy me in other apps (*ahem* Todoist). - good visuals & easy to navigate: the app is nice to look at! It makes a difference. The organization is tasks and color coding of groups of due dates ("Today", "Tomorrow", Next 7 Days", "Future") is really helpful. I adore this app so much I want to see it get even better! Some suggestions: - PLEASE integrate with IFTTT!!! It would be so helpful, for example, to add my Due tasks to the Pomodoro timer app I use so I can track my progress and time spent on them. I love that app and automate a lot of my life with it. - there's an emoji bug where the font of text after the emoji shows up weird. As a visual person emoji help me recognize tasks more quickly and distinguish similar tasks - integrate with Alexa (but if you integrate with IFTTT then i can do this myself 😉) I cannot overstate how much I love this app! This is my replacement memory and makes me a muuuuuch more functional person. Thank you for fixing my life!!
  • Great app, wish it worked with the Siri watch face

    By user2840457
    This app is great for me, as it constantly reminds me of things even if I missed the first notification. One thing I wish it handled differently was how it removes reminders from the stock Reminders app. If I add something via Siri to the stock app, it shows up on the Siri watch face, but if Due removes it, I only get the notification from Due. A best of both worlds would be to leave the reminder in the stock app and remove/complete it once I mark it with Due, similar to how Fantastical does. It’s very close to perfect otherwise, but this missing feature makes me fall back to the other apps more regularly.
  • Genius app

    By @LK64076007A
    Amazingly good app. Great concept for nagging to do items. Really wish they'd add Siri integration. Starting to feel dated without it.