Anesthesiology pocketcards

Anesthesiology pocketcards

By Börm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC

Score: 3.5
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The Anesthesiology pocketcards is a concise clinical reference guide with a compilation of scores, classifications, algorithms, and dosage information necessary for the anesthesiologist’s environment. It includes a complete hypothermia treatment algorithm, a pediatric drug dosage table, important vitals as well as the difficult airway algorithm. Furthermore the app contains fluids and electrolytes management, a table of anti-coagulation and neuraxial anesthesia, and special information about cardiothoracic and obstetric anesthesia (hemodynamic values, drugs, risk stratification, and changes during pregnancy). In addition, there is information about peripheral nerve blocks and pain management (PCA Regime). Features · Easy navigation to critical information · Multiple navigation possibilities via TOC view and Classic View · Well illustrated charts, tables, and diagrams · Zoomable Classic View for rapid access · BBiTools section to keep you updated with the latest apps



  • Worst app ever

    By A¥¥#%12
    EXTREMELY basic ....have several anesthesia apps. Really bad.
  • M.D.

    By S. Onstad
    I bought this based on the reviews...big mistake. If you don't already know the very limited amount of info contained in this seriously inadequate app then you have NO business delivering an anesthetic. I give this app a big fat ZERO!!
  • Not ready as is

    By rajohns5
    This is a really good idea but the company should be ashamed to be selling it in it's present incomplete and minimal data form. This app needs a whole lot of development to catchup with many of the others already out there. In these day's when you can have so much information easily available from your smart phone or tablet the pocket card people need to be more thorough.
  • Outstanding!!!

    By Brian Moore M.D.
    It contains very valuable and detail information.I like Classic view. It has covered each and every part of anesthetics environment Update: the update is fantastic. I love the swiping feature.
  • Worth every Penny !!!

    By S. Collins
    It is really a wonderful app. It contains vital and concise information.The tabular format of information is very easy to understand the things
  • Weak!

    By Attending
    Looks like you got all your friends to give you 5 star reviews. Would be a nice app if the information was accurate. The MAC value of Isoflurane is 1.15% NOT 1.5%
  • Top most app

    By Dr.Anne.Blake
    It has top level information which is easily understandable.well researched.
  • Accurate and Acceptable Inforamation

    By littleheart
    It is a resource of accurate and acceptable information. Its professional look satisfies me.
  • Fabulous

    By Doctor David Hogg
    Fabulous in all way Content, Images, Charts ....everything is fabulous.
  • Gives knowledge from basics to advance

    By Emma Thomas
    I am referring this app from so many days.It provides basic as well as advance inforamtion. So it is nice to have all information in one pack.