Skype for iPhone

Skype for iPhone

By Skype Communications S.a.r.l

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Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free*, no matter what device they use Skype on. Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. • Video calls – Don’t just hear the cheers, see them! Get together with 1 or 24 of your friends and family on a HD video call. Watch everyone’s smiles and cries when you tell them “We’re engaged!!!"  • Chat – Reach people instantly. Send messages to your friends, grab someone’s attention with @ mentions, or create a group chat to plan a family reunion.  • Share – Send photos and videos with your family and friends. Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll. Share your screen to make travel plans with friends or present designs to your team. • Voice calls – Camera shy? Make voice calls to anyone in the world on Skype. You can also call mobile and landlines at low rates. • Express yourself – Liven up conversations with emoticons, click on the “+” in chat to send a Giphy or images from the web, and annotate images with words, lines and more. • Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.



  • What is happening?!?

    By Cc1453
    One time at 3 in the morning my iphone called my friend on skype and I didn’t call her at all. My IPhone was off at the time and I don’t know what happened! If Skype can fix that bug than I will be very happy. Overall the app is very helpful and I can talk to friends that I can’t text on normal messages. This app I definitly recommend to people because it is amazing!

    By BY90069
    Why is it so buggy? Nothing was wrong with the previous version. Why is it SO HARD to add people? You enter their name and it doesn’t allow you to select the person you’re adding. Stop screwing the app up.
  • Constantly Crashes

    By skype crashes alot
    It’s slow. And it constantly crashes when I try to use one of its features like taking a picture. Not to mention it takes a long pause to get from one screen to the next. It’s as if the app has too much stuff and it is making everything slow down. The crashing part is seriously annoying.
  • Useful, smooth, and amazing

    By sister1234567890
    I can talk with a group a lot easier than FaceTime or other apps and it is great how you can text and call on this app. The only downside is how every time I end a call it says rate the call I don’t need that. I love how you can send those moving stickers. It probably is one of the best apps I have used for this type of communication. I can easily send things and it is not hard to understand when you first get it. I really find this app useful, smooth, and amazing
  • Awesome

    By wmehok
    I love it
  • Worldwide

    By Puma Pilot
    I use Skype in Korea, Japan, GUAM, Phillipines, Singapore, thailand... works great!
  • when you think it can’t get worse...

    By Crushrrrrr
    Oh, it got worse. It’s extremely frustrating how it seems microsoft is trying to destroy skype more with every update. Now it shows my status as offline when minimized. Not good. I need to appear online seeing as I am signed in and available. What a joke skype has become. Go back to basics. Get rid of the awful and pointless features. Listen to feedback and actually change it for the better because it’s barely functioning anymore.
  • Keeping me and mom connected (5000 miles apart)

    By expat112
    Thank you!!
  • Technical problems

    By Austin_booth
    I’m using Skype on iPhone X but it keeps freezing when I talk to my friend. This is both in Holly, Mi and in Belleville, Mi
  • Dialpad not working during on-going call

    By NPatel6
    Hi Skype, Kindly look into this issue that was working perfectly fine in previous Skype 6,7 And is broken in your current version 8. Issue: During an on-going call like automated teller call or conference call, where an user needs to select options from dialpad to navigate further in call - observes that dialpad is active but not working. It means on-call, response of dialpad is not noticed by automated caller. Observed in: iOS enabled mobile phones, tablets and computers. Issue observed also on Windows PC. Possible Solution: Check precious Skype versions 6 or 7. Cut that code for on-going automated caller dialpad activation and selection. Paste or Integrate that code into your current Skype version 8. Thanks!