The Weather Channel: Forecast

The Weather Channel: Forecast

By The Weather Channel Interactive

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Get accurate local weather forecasts from The Weather Channel. Easily find all the weather information you need to plan your life with confidence. Rain, storm or shine: plan your day, week or even your next vacation with the right tools and insights at your fingertips. The Weather Channel provides you with the weather information that matters to you, wherever you are, for the next 15 days. The Weather Channel: Top 3 Features 1. Plan your day up to two weeks in advance with hourly & daily forecasts 2. Get your current conditions at a glance with weather data that’s relevant where you are. 3. Stay safe with extreme weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. Plan outdoor activities with confidence. • Planning an adventure? Check the forecast so you don’t get caught in the rain. • Want to catch that romantic sunset or go for a midnight swim? Get detailed information on sunset times, tides, phases of the moon and much more. • Run smart with our Running index! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route. Keep informed on the latest weather news. • Stay safe during extreme weather events. Fom flash floods to hurricanes, we’ll send you live alerts with safety advice, so you know how to be prepared. • Concerned about allergies this Spring? Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beat hayfever. Going on vacation? Check the air quality before you go! Air quality reports are now available for the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, China and India! • Be in the know! Watch our morning show, “The Lift” and join Domenica Davis for your 6-minute fix of all things weather, from stunning nature clips to cool science. Easily access all of the weather information you need on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. • Get precise weather updates, severe weather alerts and more of your favorite features from any of your iOS devices! • Quickly find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen! • Remove all ads from your weather app for a year with a $3.99 single payment in-app purchase. ----- Privacy & Feedback • Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: • Our Terms of Use can be viewed here: If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at



  • It’s decent

    By Thigh828
    The app was better before the update. It used to show the humidity which is very helpful, but this update doesn’t have it.
  • Illegal

    By JimVec
    Look morons, consider this a legal warning :: when I click to close an ad, it means CLOSE THE AD!!!!!! What is so freaking difficult about you idiots understanding that???? If you keep abusing and insulting people with incessant ads, WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR APP, AND BOYCOTT THOSE WHO ADVERTISE ON YOUR APP!!! It isn't that difficult.
  • I think it’s great!

    By Larry5576
    About 80% of the time, they are right on the money and I don’t think that can be improved by humans. Weather is, by is very nature, unpredictable.
  • Enough

    By Soitsme
    What's with the notifications every 15 min all day. Draining my battery. OBNOXIOUS One star
  • What's going on with your app??

    By Kdoob2
    I have used this app for years. Now it's telling me it is no longer compatible with my device!! I rely on it and love the functions!! Help, please!
  • Awesome app

    By Weatherchannelperson
    Get this app gives me every location I need and when there is storms, gives me lightning bolts and tells me where storms are located. If you like weather you need to consider getting this app, this app is the best weather app I had!!!!
  • Slow and bloated with garbage

    By Beebeebee19
    This was my go-to weather app for years for accurate weather forecasting. The last few updates have made it slower and slower. I’m running a brand new IPhone 6 with loads of free GBs and the most current operating system and this app takes about 30 sec + to open. It should open instantly but they keep bloating this app up with videos, ads, news, etc. Its beyond distracting and I don’t want to wake up every morning to seeing the most current world weather destruction first thing. Bye bye... I’m moving on.
  • Annoying

    By BandedEagle
    Do you really think that I am going to sit through a full 3 min ad just to watch one of your overhyped videos that I can easily google. At least put back the skip feature.
  • Disappointed

    By Fitmommaterri
    I have used the weather channel app for years, but have just removed it from my phone due to the predicted weather being mostly inaccurate. There have been multiple, almost daily occasions, where this app was showing nasty thunderstorms precisely where I was standing; however, there were no storms in the vicinity. Yesterday while away on vacation, I was seeing storms again in the area I was staying. If I had planned my day around the app, I would never have planned outdoor activities. As it was, it drizzled, no heavy rains or storms. Very disappointed.
  • Amazing

    By Natalieisligit
    I use this a lot. It is accurate. For everyone who says clickbait. WEATHER CHANGES NOOBS ITS NOT LIKE WE CAN PREDICT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS. this app needs to cut off on adds but other than that it’s great!