Undead Nation: Last Shelter

Undead Nation: Last Shelter

By DoubleUGames Co., Ltd.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-07
  • Current Version: 2.12.000
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 338.04 MB
  • Developer: DoubleUGames Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4
From 139 Ratings


[COLLECT SURVIVORS] A wide variety of unique and powerful Survivors to recruit and train! Collect them all and assemble the strongest team to go against zombie hordes! [INTENSE PVP COMBAT] Challenge other players in real-time to climb the ranks! Position yourself to take advantage of the terrain and swing the conquest in your favor! Fight over zombie-infested buildings and take over enemy territory to become the reigning champion of your area! [CUSTOMIZABLE BASECAMP] Upgrade and build facilities to create a basecamp unique to you! Produce medicine, food, and materials to strengthen your base and your crew! Combine rooms, set traps, and fortify your base to defend against being raided by other players! [STRATEGIC COMBAT SYSTEM] Discover what strategies work for you by choosing from a range of tactics that will assist you in battle! Exploit holes in your enemies’ defenses and take control of battle! Endless possible combinations of Survivors and tactics that evolve with your play style! [GLOBAL ALLIANCES] Meet other players and share ideas in Alliances from all around the world! Work together to become the strongest Alliance in Undead Nation!



  • Lame

    By Bryrim
    It’s disappointing that they jacked up the prices for the Christmas update and then made it way more difficult to get the things in game that prices increased on (i.e. DNA samples) Also there are a few aspects of the game that are unbalanced and not just the “pay to play wall”
  • Great game. Better comics.

    By gioeliry89
    The load screen comics are absolutely amazing. If you have made more can you please let me know where they are!! The game is great, it’s a simple upgrade battle campaign grind to win.
  • Good game/Irritating Lag

    By Idyllic_One
    The game is so fun, but the lag is really starting to get truely irritating and I’m beginning to get less enthused about the game. I may need to take a break.
  • New survivors ideas

    By JPF105
    I love this game very much I have so new survivors idea a priest and a nun.
  • It was great

    By ButtascotchBoss
    And then it became impossible to advance without paying. Typical money hungry bull#$”t ruining another cool idea. It’s become apparent most companies care about profit more than quality. Sad.
  • Not bad

    By Lelouch Tomataki
    Ultimately , the game’s summons are just extremely brutal on players (maybe just me) . I have been playing this game for a while now, and still receive the same results. This game requires money to play well and look decent.
  • Failure to open

    By Aelorothis
    The game after the most recent update stops me from opening it I like this game a lot but I can’t continue to do that if the game can no longer open.
  • OP players

    By Flyingcoffin
    Before the update 5 stars...after -1. I used to be able to play this game with ease and after the update I’m lucky if I get passed the first floor on raid
  • Decent Game, needs change in direction

    By Keishkadin
    All in all this is a pretty good game. I’ve played since open over a year ago and despite all the whining about what devs have added i think they’ve done a good job. Regular content updates and overhauls of the game system have made the game better and kept me hooked. There is plenty of ways to stay active and improve your chars at the moment. Alliance wars are almost pointless but besides that most things in game are good imo. The new direction i mentioned above, is the game is insanely skewed towards pay to win/new chars. Originally say every month a new survivor or two came out. You could pay and hope to draw these or after a month they were possible to be made/drew from in game living room using in game currency, even if only for a low grade version you could improve. Currently you can draw 3 a day using in game currency(used to be maybe 8 if you watched timers) and while they say you can drawn any survivor odds are so insanely low i have never really gotten any “newer” survivors. Of course you can pay to draw survivors in a premium draw and have “higher chances”’to draw newer or better ones but in my experience paying only gives you the chance to get angry. I’ve paid in the past, $20-20 at a time and gotten absolute crap for these premium draws. They do give you credit And hey if you pay $200 you can pick one ylu want but thats beyond my ios budget. Granted you will run into accounts with ALL premium survivors so i can only imagine what they sank into it. I dont know how new players Can compete honestly. So long story short good game but unless they add some way of getting better survivors without paying to play the horribly skewed lotto its just going to continue to die. Sad now really how few of the old players are left
  • Cant download update on IOS

    By MCyup
    Help can’t download update from App Store only says open